Mommy’s Helper Door Knob Safety Cover

Mommy’s Helper Door Knob Safety Cover

Deter curious children from entering rooms or closets that might contain a danger. The Door Knob Cover will simply spin loosely around the door knob when a child tries to turn it. But by squeezing the two grab tab buttons, the door knob turns easily. The oversized grip design makes it hard for youngsters to get their hands around the knob, yet is easy for adults to grip and squeeze to open the door. Lock cover tab protects against accidental lock outs by covering the door knob lock. Un snap the cover tab to access the lock.

Main features

  • Deters curious children from entering rooms or closets
  • Fits all standard door knobs
  • Lock Guard covers the door handle lock protecting against accidental lock outs
  • Contains 2 door knob covers
  • Easy to install

Verified reviews


Doesn’t work

My two year old popped this off the knob in under 2 seconds. If your kid is clever or persistant, this product won’t work. Sorry.

Cristina Newcomerstown, OH

Door knob covers: no challenge for your toddler!

My son is 2 1/2 and had no trouble ripping these door knob covers right off! Pretty sure a monkey could defeat them. I will say that the actual mechanism for squeezing and turning the knob is good; he can’t do that. What he can do, however, is pull the two halves of plastic apart and take the knob cover clean off. But, since these were so inexpensive, I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much. A little home engineering and I have gotten them to work for us: duct tape. Taping the cover around the knob keeps it from being popped apart and removed. Now it is securely on the knob, spins when he tries to turn it, and has the little tabs that I can squeeze through the tape and open the door.In short, if you don’t mind having to alter the product a little, it can work. But, if you’re planning to put them on every door knob in your house, I wouldn’t recommend them.

Ingrid Dillon Beach, CA

Great for my sleepwalker

My 8 year old is a really bad sleepwalker and I needed something to keep her in her room at night. I originally bought the open kind but she figured those out right away (even while sleepwalking she could work them). So I bought these and they are muuuch better. It’s been 5 months now and still does the job. I have the small tulip shaped door knobs. It is a tad difficult for me to work but I only need one on her inner door knob so I don’t have to encounter it often. I don’t let her touch it during the day because I don’t want her knowing how it works in fear of having to find another alternative so if she accidentally locks herself in during the day she just knocks when she needs out and I come and open the door. There has only been one incident where she had hit it around, it fell apart, and she got out but that’s one incident in the 5 months we have been using them so I say they work great! We know when she is trying to get out at night because we can hear the cover spinning and hitting sounds but that’s better than waking up to her walking around the house. After trying a while she usually just goes right back to bed.

Ma Desoto, TX

Works good but is a pain for adults

2 stars is a little improper of a rating as this thing does it’s job, as it makes it impossible for a toddler or small child to twist a door handle and escape. The problem is it works too well, as I find it a total hassle to open a door with this thing on the knob. And if you have wet hands (like after giving the little one a bath and trying to open the linen closet), forget about opening that door. Therefore, don’t be a nitpicky jerk like me and you’ll be fine with these.

Cora Arvada, WY

Can’t find a good set!

I just can’t find a good set of knob covers. The lock access for these is so small you only want to use them if you have a push button lock system on the door, or just a deadbolt. They didn’t work for us at all.

Jeanne Ripley, OH

They work great on certain knobs!

As other reviewers have mentioned, they don’t work on all knobs. But that’s been my experience with several different knob covers we’ve got. They work great on real round type knobs, and on some kwikset/flat sides. I found that if i put some cut out cork pieces on the inner pads it gives it much better ability to grip on the kwiksets. My only problem with them is how easily they seem to split the two sides off. My son cant turn the knob, but he can take apart the two sides pretty easily. That’s remedied easily with some super glue, so not a big deal either.

Dona Belmont, VT

Do the job

These do the job and are reasonably priced. The only complaint is that they easily come apart when trying to open close the door, even if securely snapped. They might work better if they were a more pliable material.

Rachael Parkers Lake, KY

They do the job but feel super cheap

My baby isn’t quite to door knob opening stage yet, but we started baby proofing. These definitely do the job but the plastic feels weak. There are probably better quality options out there. This does the trick though.

Leticia Clarksville, MD

Prob works for some doors but not ours

We have standard kwikset doorknobs. These are just too deep. They are a good diameter for a smaller knob but way too deep. The rubber grips are at teh very end of the doorknob so it barely grabs the doorknob and 90% of the time doens’t work. Also, you cannot get your two fingers into the hole to turn the lock b/c he lock is prob an inch deep into the cover.We also got another type of doorknob cover (Safety 1st). It is just as deep at this one but the rubber grips that you squeeze are much larger. So it does grab our doorknob. However, it is also impossible to turn the lock and so we cannot use it on any exterior doors.The search continues…

Alexandria New Baltimore, NY

Keep looking, better knob protectors out there

It is a cheap piece of plastic knob cover that my child removed from the knob in just seconds. Waste of money

Alyce Birmingham, MI

It does the job, keeps my 3 year old in the house

This does work. It keeps my 3 year old from getting out. But locking and unlocking the door can be a hassle. And I think after a while he will figure out how to take it off the knob anyway. Worth the price and would recommend but like a lot of these things not perfect. Since he was going outside by himself the extra hassle with these is worth it though. His safety is our biggest priority.

Louise Kettlersville, OH

My 2 year old figured this lock out in less than an hour.

I purchased two packs of these locks. They took over a week to arrive with 2 day shipping. Besides the delivery issues we had.. I put them on my “problem doors” and found that they did not fit on all but one knob that was perfectly round. I decided to leave them on the doors until i could find replacements as i did not want my daughter digging through my closets for another day… I vry soon found out that they where useless in EVERY way as she promptly removed the cover from the door all together and went rite in! She is only 2 and a half.

Yesenia Hastings, NE


These work, as advertised, but I do admit they were hard for even me to open the door! So in that sense they are a bit of a hassle. I would probably try a different one next time- but if you need something REALLY effective, this is the one.

Mitzi Patterson, GA

Order only one package to test if they work on your doorknobs

If they do, buy more. But if they don’t, you’ll feel silly with 16 doorknob covers lying around.These barely work on our doorknobs, but our doorknobs are slightly oddly shaped. I find the tabs on the sides frustrating to use, but that may be due to the odd doorknob shape as well.The one thing i really don’t like about these is that the little tab to cover any locking mechanism has become my toddler’s new favorite toy. He’ll stand there and play with it for ages. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the point.

Lina Bristol, SD

Good Safety Covers, but hard for me to even open doors!

I bought these because my 2 year old son has figured out how to open the front door. They work great.Cons:- If you have to lock and unlock the door often, it is hard to get to the lock- I have a hard time opening the doorPros:- Child cannot unlock the door- Child cannot open the door himself- Easy to installOverall this is a good product, but might pick a different knob if I had to do it over again.

Charlene California City, CA

Door Knob Covers

I first got these to keep my son from walking in on people in the bathroom or waking up his younger sister.He soon figured out that (if you place these on the back of a door) if you push the door forcefully enough, they will pop off.Overall I think they work really well and would recommend them to anyone trying to child proof their doors.

Aline Alma, KS

Think I could have found a better one

The price is right, but is a little difficult at times for me to open the doors, but I guess that even better when you have 2 toddlers running around, so I am not complaining too much, but I do remove it when they are napping lol!

Tamera Delong, IN