Mommy’s Helper Faucet Cover Froggie Collection, Green, 6-48 Months

Mommy’s Helper Faucet Cover Froggie Collection, Green, 6-48 Months

The Froggie Collection from Mommy’s Helper introduces the Faucet Cover.

Main features

  • Adorable froggie design
  • Soft, protective cover for bathtime fun and safety
  • Fits most standard tub faucets
  • Easy to install, easy to remove

Verified reviews


Poor design

It is poorly designed and does not fit very well. It also doesn’t have a hole for the shower lift. My son is able to pull it off halfway.

Reba Broxton, GA

My boy got scared of it

I thought it was very cute, my boy didn’t think the same. I am sure it is very safe and we are planning on using when he gets older but there was something about the eyes he didn’t want to take his bath. He tried 3 days and end up buying another one. If u think your child will not be scared, then buy it.

Olga Spanaway, WA

So cute

I love it. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing my daughter wont ever knock her head while rinsing her hair.

Cherie Sunset, SC

Great, Daughter loves it, but had to modify…

My daughter loved this thing out of the box. It’s a good strong material that would help eliminate any bumps to the lil one’s noggin. The flaws i found were the lack of shower diverter compatibility, as well as pooling of water “under the tongue” – I’ll explain later.Fit on my standard faucet was decent, water does come out in an-almost 180 degree spread, and a little water does pour out the back as well, but not enough to cause any issues. The problem was that we could not divert water to the shower head without taking this off… so…(see pics posted)I drilled a 1/2″ hole in the top to accommodate the diverter lever, be sure to mark where you want the hole before drilling. It works, retains full protection and functionality.In regards to the “pooling”, what i noticed was an area under the “tongue” there is an area where water (not a lot) can sit, and maybe after a while may get stagnant?? Not sure if i am over thinking it, but just to be safe i drilled a tiny hole on the lowest point on the underside for water to drain.After that i think i have a great product! If it had the holes it would have been 5 stars!

Rosemarie Hartford, VT

Potential, but didn’t work great

The water not only came out of the mouth, but out of the back too. It had such potential, just fell short of what I was expecting.

Peggy Rockholds, KY

Cute, but no hole for shower diverter

This cute frog spigot cover fits our spigot well and diverts water into our kiddie tub, which is very convenient. It’s also fun to watch the water come out of the mouth. The big problem is that there is no hole for the shower diverter. I think I will cut one out so I can keep the cover on full-time.This worked better than the Boon spigot cover that did not fit our spigot. The Skip Hope spigot cover does not divert water, but it has a hole for the shower diverter.

Elizabeth Goodwin, AR


Not completely satisfied with this spout. Water leaks out the ‘neck’ of the frog wasting a lot of water and it doesn’t spout the water out forward like I expected it to.

Carissa Ava, MO

Okay Faucet Cover

I only gave this 3 out of 5 stars because sometimes the water comes out the sides of the froggy instead of the mouth. But it’s not everytime.However, I like the quality and size of this faucet cover. And my son loves it!

Catalina Maceo, KY

Overall I would recommend

This product worked very well for us. It does occasionally comes off a faucet, but mostly it does stay on and grabs my child attention as well. We bought it since our son is so active in his bath tub and I wanted to make sure that he was protected. This faucet cover offers just that – a peace of mind to child’s parents and a cute accessory in your bathroom.

Jeannette Hallie, KY

loved at first but not over time

This cover serves it purpose perfectly and my son really liked it. But I believe it caused damage to our faucet. In pulling it on and off so often, it loosened the plug, and now the shower leaks from above while the tub is filling. Just use caution removing.

Jody Great Lakes, IL

Works well

I think I read the information on this incorrectly when I purchased the product. Our spout has a plunger for the shower to come one and this does not have a spot for that so I have to take the frog off after each use. I would have liked to have one, which is what I thought I read about it, that had a spot for the plunger. Oh well, just a little extra work. It does a great job protecting my son from bumping his head.

Georgia Chester, SD

Great buy!

This has saved my baby from bumping his head on numerous occasions. Goes well with our frog themed bathroom

Helen Marshall, OK

cute for the money

We have lots of frog toys for bath time so when i saw this i was so excited. It is cute and protects my son from bumping his head on the faucet. I have a large faucet so it has to be pushed very far on otherwise water comes out the back. If you are a family who shares one bath tub do not get this item because you will have to take it off every time you need to shower. I have 2 bathrooms so it is perfect to keep on the faucet in the guest bathroom where we bathe the baby.

Jacklyn Providence, UT