Mommys Helper Flip ‘N Flush Potty Seat for Standard Toilets, White/Blue

Mommys Helper Flip ‘N Flush Potty Seat for Standard Toilets, White/Blue

Flip ‘N Flush Potty Training Seat makes it easy for you and your child during potty training. Easily flips down for your child to use and just as easily flips up for adult use. The Flip ‘N Flush fits securely on top of existing toilet seat ring, and includes a soft built in deflector shield.

Main features

  • Easily flips down for child, up for adults
  • Includes soft built in deflector shield
  • Fits securely on top of existing toilet seat ring
  • Easy assembly
  • Fits most standard toilet seats

Verified reviews


Potty topper seat that goes into your toilet lid

We just moved into an older home and I didnt even consider the toilet being an older model or a new model….luckily this one fit perfect. I dont know if the back of the toilet where it connects to lid is standard or not but it took a little force to get it to fit. I wasnt sure it was going to work or not but it sure looked snapped into place and works like a charm. I had no idea my 4 year old would benefit so much from having she doesnt have to drape into the potty while using toilet. Im very happy we bought this!

Juliana Bryn Mawr, PA

Doesnt fit my toilet nor my toddler

The hole for the kid to sit on is too small. It’s useless for boys as they will spray all over the floor (no pee shield!)

Georgette Connerville, OK

Your child can go potty, but an adult can’t without difficulty.

I love that this attaches to the toilet. However, the lid will not close. That’s fine, even for a germaphobe like me. But when I have to sit on the toilet, I lift this little seat and it falls to hit me in the back. My hair gets trapped between my back and this seat, and that’s disgusting. A man would have to hold the seats in order to pee. I’ll be returning this seat and the other one I bought (by Safety First).

Deidre Lakeside, MT

Guess my toilet isn’t standard

I thought I had a pretty normal toilet seat, but these don’t fit. They are cheap plastic (no surprise for the price) That would be fine for the short time of potty training. I ordered 2. One of them had a burn mark or something melted into the plastic that was brown in color…it just resembled poo too much! I would be embarrassed having people think I just didn’t clean it.

Kellie State Farm, VA

So convenient!

I love this seat! We have been using a Baby Bjorn potty chair in our small bathroom, and it is always in the way. Plus, my daughter always complained that her bottom hurt after sitting on it – I think the opening was too wide for her tush. And even though some reviews said this seat didn’t fit every toilet, I went ahead and ordered it. Luckily it did fit our toilet (we have a standard round Kohler toilet) – but I can see where it would not fit some other models. Also, some reviewers said it always flopped down when an adult needed to use the toilet. This has not happened to us. That said, my daughter LOVES this seat! It is much more comfortable for her. And I am relieved to not face the possibility of potty training twice: once on a potty chair, then again on the real toilet. And now we can get the potty chair out of the way! Highly recommend!

Lynette Narrows, VA

Good for the price

I have a two year old son who is very petite. This potty does the job for him, but the opening is really small. He barely fits in it without spraying eveywhere, but for the price it does what it’s supposed to. I just hope it works for my younger son who is a little bigger.

Felecia Bellefonte, PA