Mommys Helper Juice Box Buddies Holder for Juice Bags and Boxes, Colors May Vary

Mommys Helper Juice Box Buddies Holder for Juice Bags and Boxes, Colors May Vary

Juice Box Buddies Holder for Juice Bags and Boxes. No more spills and squirts or messy strollers, car seats or play areas. FIt is both juice bags and boxes.

Main features

  • Juice bag and box buddy
  • No spills, squirts or messes
  • Easy for small hands to hold
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors may receive, you may receive it in either of the following colors: green, orange, blue

Verified reviews


okay product

I thought this product would work better but my 22 month old just takes the juice box out of it defeating the whole purpose of it. Also, it is a bit on the large size so it works only with the really big juice boxes. I only buy the 4 ounce juice boxes and this container is too big for it.

Young Farmville, NC

Good Product

This is a good product for juice boxes. You need to teach your little one to not tip it though. But easy for a toddler to hold on to.

Elba Cumberland Foreside, ME

Doesn’t fit Trader Joe’s juice boxes

Bought this thinking it may work…they don’t fit Trader Joe juice boxes. I guess they may fit another juice box.

Renee Boulder Junction, WI

Great party favors!

I got these to keep the kids juices separate at a party- I wrote each child’s name on them with a little picture, so they could tell them apart. That, and the colors, it was perfect! No spills, no messy wet tee shirts… and the Moms loved that they could take them home.Sadly they’re a little big for the Hansen’s juice water, and too small for the Horizon milk squares, but we use them with the Hansen’s water anyway – my daughter is fine with it having extra room.This is a fabulous product and I don’t know how I lived without it!

Dominique Moose, WY

Does the job

Nothing fancy or expensive, just does it’s job, aids and doesn’t get in the way. Happy dad of juice lovers.

Marsha Huntington Mills, PA

A complete waste of money

This holder is a complete waste of money. If they did something at the top, to help hold the juice box in the holder, it would make more sense. A child can simply dump it over, or pull it out. Save your money!

Krista Arbyrd, MO

problem solved

I bought this for my 23 month old. She loves to drink Capri Sun drinks and squeezes them every time. My problem is now solved. I haven’t tried it with box drinks yet, but think it will do fine as long as they are not the smaller ones. My child can now drink a bag drink without squirting it everywhere. The Capri Sun drinks fit very well into the bag. They aren’t too lose or too tight! It’s a perfect fit. I wish you could choose a color. I got the green one…it’s just not a pretty color to me!

Myrtle Monroe, NE

Good idea

This is a great idea, but I cannot get my 2 yr old to use it. She looked at my like I was crazy when I gave her the juicebox in this. She prompty took it out and handed it back to me and said thank you lol. So right now it isnt being used at all lol. But it did seem to work well

Gilda Belle Vernon, PA

Good drink box holder

This holder is easy to use and is easy for my young son to hold. The only problem is it is very easy to simply take the drink box out the top of the holder. Overall works well and was pretty cheap.

Nichole Plymouth, WI

I love it–juice and “pouch” foods

With a baby who can’t help but squeeze things then squeal with delight at the effects, I can’t help but fall in love with any device that saves my floors. Juice boxes and store bought pouches fit well–they have weathered the dishwasher just fine, as well.

Elinor Fleming, OH

Great box holder

Delivered as promised. I got a nice looking orange color. Easy to hold for the toddler and a great gadget. No more boxed that gets squeezed and therefor no more wet shirts

Lacy Rushmore, MN

No more squeezed milk!

Love this gadget the only 1 that fits horizon milk boxes…perfect for little hands! will be taking this out for a spin soon so hopefully will last.

Lindsey Fairplay, CO

Deceptive Photo!

Absolutely love the product. Never had these for my 4 year old, because she is very careful and tidy. But my 2 year old boy? VERY GLAD TO HAVE IT FOR HIM!! I was shocked the package only had ONE holder, but he can only drink on juice at a time, so it’s all good. I just figured I’d let everyone else know…read the fine print! 5 star for product. 1 star for deceptive photo. Average: 3 star

Teresa Clarksville, FL

No more wet clothes!

Love giving my kids juice boxes when we’re out and about – don’t love them squeezing the juice all over themselves and their car seat. This totally did the trick and saved the day. I have 4 of them and keep them everywhere, just in case. They make it way easier for little hands to enjoy their drink. I’m not sure what someone was complaining about with them chipping, etc. I’ve had mine for ages and throw them in the dishwasher and they don’t have a mark. Don’t throw it off a cliff and it should be fine! For $2 you can’t beat it!

Evangelina Earlville, IL

Great but wish there was a top for it….

East to hold, it’s thick and sturdy but I wish there was something that prevents the juice package from coming out…

Candace Bassett, VA

Broke within a week

Had it for less than a week and it had a crack in it already. Not even worth the few dollars it was. My daughter used it one time.

Kristin Loring, MT

Ok, for price, but not ideal.

Great little juice container for the price, but wish it had something to actually keep the juice box IN it! My 20 month old takes it out about 1 minute after beginning to drink. Needless to say, very rarely does juice stay "contained".

Katelyn Wheatland, OK

Juice Saver

We bought this juice box when our kids started learning to drink from a straw on recommendation from a friend. Our kids kept squeezing the juice box and causing juice to squirt everywhere. With this holder, they are able to hold the juice box without making a mess. Love these.

Rhoda Littlestown, PA