Mommy’s Helper Nursery Essentials

Mommy’s Helper Nursery Essentials

The Nursery Essentials kit is the ultimate grooming kit from Mommy’s Helper and includes all of the baby care items you will need. The 14 piece set includes storage case, nasal aspirator, infant gum massager, digital thermometer, medicine spoon, medicine dropper, comb, brush, fingernail clippers, emory boards and Boo Boo pack. It also has a convenient storage case.

Main features

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  • Includes all of the baby care items you will need
  • Includes storage case, nasal aspirator, infant gum massager, digital thermometer, medicine spoon
  • Includes medicine dropper
  • Convenient storage case

Verified reviews



No se si solo me paso a mi pero no he usado todos los productos, generalmente los medicamentos traen su dispensador, los peines si son muy buenos, el corta uñas lo he usado por 1 año y medio y ya hay que cambiarlo, lo que no pude usar nunca porque cuando lo necesite no servia fue el gel para congelar, ya estaba como vencido y no tenia consistencia de gel

Stacy Panora, IA

Don’t buy it,don’t take it not even for free!!!!

i was looking for a good priced effective product for our newborn,if u r looking to throw your money in the trash it would be easier than buying this product,the thermometer came without battery and stopped working within the first week of use,the nasal suction is big even for my nose(30 years old)and u won’t be able to use it on an infant,the only thing that works is the comb.bottom line spend few more dollars and get a decent set

Camille West Danville, VT

you dont use everthing that comes in there

Being a first time mom I wasnt sure what all I would need and so bought this. However, you wont need everything that comes in there. I why do you need so many emery boards. Also I like to use a temporal thermometer. and most of the things like thermometer, bulb, medicine dispenser you get those at the hospital.

Jerry Hays, NC

Just okay

There are some useful things in here; we use the brush. The thermometer seems really slow to me and the "cold pack" contained mostly air, with a little gel around the edges. Useless. We did use the little emery boards at first, but have found that we get more done with a regular-size one. We haven’t been successful in clipping her nails without pinching her, so we don’t use the clippers. As a new mom, I wasn’t sure what all I would need, so this was fine. It wasn’t too expensive. But if you know what you want, you might be happier buying each item separately.

Leticia Delaware Water Gap, PA

Great little set

This is a very handy to have product. The nasal aspirator(snotsucker) is surprisingly good. A must have for every mother!

Cleo Nunica, MI

Good as a Back-Up

My daughter is now 4 1/2 months old, and I honestly haven’t used most of the products in this set. The brush and comb are fine; I really like the clippers (even though most people wouldn’t like them because they are small to hold on to); and the bulb aspirator is far too large to use on my daughter’s little nose, so we just use the one the hospital gave us. Other than that, we haven’t used anything else in the pack yet, but I do keep this set as a back-up/travel set in the diaper bag, which is pretty convenient.

Serena Hartford, KS

Overpriced, poor quality

I was not satisfied with this purchase and thought the kit was over priced and poor quality. It looked a lot better online than what actually came. I also didn’t like how when it arrived some of the pieces were all jumbled around, I hope it wasn’t a return! I would not recommend getting this kit, I think that you can find better quality kits around the same price or less at any baby store.

Dale Freedom, PA

Not worth it…

Everyone says these packs are a waste of money but as an expectant mom I REALLY wanted one and had to have one. Just something about feeling prepared I guess. This feels flimsy and poor quality and they gave us better things to take home from the hospital with us than came in this set. The nasal aspirator has a very wide opening that was too large to fit in my daughter’s nose. If you buy infant medicine for your baby you can go to the pharmacist and ask them for a syringe, which is much more accurate and is also free. We did use the thermometer and it worked well and we like the comb and brush okay. The nail clippers broke after a few weeks of use. I ended up using this package to store my own things and tossing a lot of those that came with it.

Twila Bluff Springs, IL