Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs 12 Pack

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs 12 Pack

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs help protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets. Our extra tight child protecting fit makes sure the caps stay where you put them.

Main features

  • Reduces the hazard of open electrical outlets
  • Semi transparent opaque color
  • Exceeds the safety standard for children’s choking hazard
  • Easy to install
  • contains 12 individual outlet plugs

Verified reviews


Work just like they should

These plugs are very useful and are not quite as hard to get out as I remember from when I was a kid. Pretty cheap too, so not too worried about losing them.

Chelsey Nebo, KY

Cheap good plugs

Those plugs are cheap and good plugs. The color is good for white outlets covers. I do recommend buying them.

Mindy Bladensburg, MD


These plugs are easy to use and they do what they shoukd – protect. They have perfect size so it is not easy to remove them so even I have to put some efforts. My daughter never interested in plugs so she never tried to remove them but I feel safe as even if she will one day, it will be very hard for her and absolutely sure not quick so I can notice that.

Cleo Central, AK

they work

cheapy looking but they work fine, havent had a problem in a couple of months we’ve had them. the baby has no interest in the outlets.

Michele Flanders, NJ

A simple solution, nothing fancy but these work fine.

I bought these for travel and to cover unused outlets throughout the house. We have a 10 month old and so far she has not been able to remove them. I’m not using them for outlets we use regularly, so I’m not sure how easily they come out with frequent use; but I have have used them in hotels and been able to pop then right out when we leave.

Vanessa Quanah, TX

Does the job!

Does the job, covers the outlets. Our son has not tried to pick them off or anything. We also don’t have any issue removing them easily to plug something in. Good product, decent price.

Cassie Unionville, IA

Five Stars

Simple and good. Difficult for little fingers to remove and, perhaps more importantly, they don’t attract his attention because they are small and neutrally colors.

Terri Bowmanstown, PA

is useful

This product is great! I was worried that it would be too easy for little hands to pry out, but it takes me a min or so to get it out so I know it is too and for my son and nephew to do it. I feel safer knowing the outlets are guarded and my little ones can get hurt by them!

Sarah Clintonville, PA

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs 12 Pack

These are way better than those bulky plugs my son tried to take these out but he couldn’t. I totally approve of these.

Chelsea Burbank, OH

Great price!

These covers are not as thick as some others on the market, but just as functional. Definely worth it to skip the pricier ones.

Faith Woodsville, NH

Thumbs Up

Not much to say, except these do the job. While my toddler likes to pull out plugs, he hasn’t been able (or tried) to pull these out.

Deborah Iowa, LA

cheap and really works

My toddle likes to put her hands into any small hole. I bought this and it really works. Good for the low-position outlets.

Phoebe Blountville, TN

Perfect fit, low price

Such an easy and low cost way to protect your little one from the harms of electrical outlets. My daughter is obsessed with outlets and these cheap and easy fixtures just pop right in, and pop right out when needed and it keeps her from playing around and putting things in the sockets.

Kaye Mc Allister, MT