Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count

Mommys Helper 36 Pack Outlet Plugs help protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets. Our extra tight child protecting fit makes sure the caps stay where you put them.

Main features

  • Individual Outlet Caps
  • Prevents accidental shock
  • 36 Pack

Verified reviews


Decent for the price

Product works ok, but if you turn the plate screw in too tightly, it will break the plastic. Also, after repeated opening and closing in a kitchen outlet, the plaastic broke off. So use only for plugs that you won’t use much.

Emilie Accokeek, MD

Outlet Plugs

Any type of these work well, really. I’ve yet to see either of my children pick them off. Though they are kind of hard to get off yourself when you get to get to the outlet.

Imelda Gordonville, MO

Excellent product, excellent price.

I was debating between these and the spring loaded ones. Glad i saved the money and went with these…they’re hard for little fingers to get out (she tried once, failed, and lost interest — story of my life, right?) but i haven’t had a problem either using plug prongs or my fingernails to remove them.I use these in every room of the house except her bedroom, where i sprung for the spring-loaded ones (ha – see what i did there?). I figure when she’s done with her crib and is wandering around the room when she should be sleeping, she’ll have more time to figure out how to remove the little plastic ones.Point: Worth the money for the more-often-than-not supervised parts of the home.

Leila Davis Wharf, VA


These fit wall sockets like a glove and have deterred my sweet "little monkey" from getting into trouble very well!

Bethany Harlingen, TX

What you see is what you get…

What you see is what you get. No complaints. Plug in tightly and don’t overlap the socket beneath. Works as advertised.

Ola Babson Park, FL

Does the job

Fit the outlets perfectly. Hard to remove with just your hand, but I suppose that is the purpose!

Mara Port Murray, NJ

does its job, need to pry open though

Does its job, although a bit tight to remove though. Its a pain everytime I have to use the vacuum cleaner.

Misty Vancourt, TX

good quality plug covers

These work very well. I am not the worlds best baby proffer, but did put in plug covers these fit well and are a little hard to get out- seems like a plus to me in this case. I would buy these again.

Margie Alden, MI

Nice plugs

Good choice. Baby can’t take it off the outlet. It isn’t too hard for mom to remove it to plug in the vacuum.

Becky Evinston, FL


Exactly what I wanted. Simple, plug in to the outlet, no nonsense, barely noticeable, and clear. I bought some for travel as well.

Alison Houston, AK


easy for me to put into the outlets, and hard for the baby to remove from the outlet – at least so far at 9 months.

Malinda Rome, OH

Work great.

They stay firmly in the outlet when ever the kiddos try to mess with them. Exactly what I needed. Would buy again.

Geraldine Mount Pleasant, PA

Work great!

I ordered several of these to use all over the house. The fit very well, and look great. I can now worry a bid less when my baby gets close to an outlet.

Deidra Denham Springs, LA

outlet plugs

they’re outlet plugs, what can I say? I think they fit really nice and snug. For the price they are perfect.

Judith Garner, IA

Does the job

I like these for several reasons. The low price for a large supply. The opaque color that blends with outlet color. The quality of the plastic is sturdy but still flexible.

Genevieve Addison, ME

Hard for me to get out of sockets

Stuck these in all of the outlets that the kiddo can reach. Two seconds to install and at least five minutes to remove. Seriously, figure out if you can plug in things like the vacuum cleaner in outlets that are high up because it takes me forever to get these out and it hurts my fingers. Not complaining, just saying how good this product is.

Margarita Fort Thompson, SD


These do the job: they fit securely into outlets, meaning that little fingers won’t be able to pull them out.

Claire Bradford, ME

Gets the job done

These work well in the plugs. I’ve heard some parents say that their kids take some outlet plugs out of the outlets and stick them in their mouth. I can barely get this thing out to plug in the vacuum, so I’m not worried about that. That makes them more annoying, but also safe which is why you buy them.

Gabriela Keene, NY

Inexpensive covers

Thin plastic outlet covers….they fit tight enough to prevent little fingers from removing. Older little ones might be able to remove them.

Rachelle Long Pond, PA

they work.

They are hard to remove, but i assume that is by design. Nice big pack–plenty to fill all of the outlets at reach-able height in our house. Received it quickly once it was added to our order.

Tiffany Allentown, NY

Inexpense and essential…

Nothing special about these plugs, other than you have to block those outlets!Hopefully the little ones in our home will never be able to pry them off!Will update review as needed.

Rhea Midway, GA

Mommy’s helper indeed!

Outlets no longer exist in our house. My little one started having a particular interest in shoving those chubby fingers into tiny outlet holes so I bought these very quickly. I installed them while he wasn’t looking and viola.. it’s like the outlets never exist. i never had a problem since. the trick is to never touch, remove or install them while your little one is looking. I have exposed outlets all over my house and this works like a charm.

Gabrielle Cowan, TN

Love them!

My 10 month old keeps trying to pull these out of the outlets and has not yet been successful. He’s been trying for about a month now. It’s also nice that they are partially clear because they do not stand out.

Jenny Elgin, NE

Easy to install

These work and they were easy to install. Great for a simple, cheap, quick solution. Inexpensive enough that you can give them away to your friends and family to babyproof their homes before you visit them with your little one!

Martha Clinchco, VA

Three Stars

Impossible for little kids to take out, and very difficult to get out even as an adult.

Irene Snow Hill, NC

works great

these are perfect! they are a tight fit in our 7 year old outlets. they take a lot of work by an adult to get out much less a child. i think maybe the people who reviewed them as being too loose had older homes where the outlets may be different.

Lynne Mantorville, MN

excellent safety product

I would say it is a must buy for every mother. Wonderful product. I am so happy I bought it.

Jody Coin, IA


Works well, and you can’t beat the price… Would have been better if they came with some kind of storage container, but really can’t complain.

Pam Albuquerque, NM

Useful and great deterrant

My 2.5 yr old daughter doesn’t know how to take these off, unlike another brand’s outlet plugs. Recently, my 1 yr old son started to become very interested in outlets, but also does not know how to remove these plugs too. I use these plugs for all the rarely used outlets and then I use the slide-sideways outlet covers for often used outlets. It cuts down on costs this way.

Vanessa Doss, TX

Works well and great deal

My baby doesn’t even look twice at these outlets. They’re easy for adults to take off but not for babies. And it’s a great deal.

Meredith Duck Hill, MS