Mommy’s Helper Panda Door Pinch Guard

Mommy’s Helper Panda Door Pinch Guard

The Mommy’s Helper Door P” Guard is a useful safeguard against the hazard of slamming doors, and can also help keep youngsters from accidentally locking themselves in a room. Made of durable EVA 45 material that will remain soft and flexible, it will easily work on every door in your home.

Main features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Attaches easily to any door to help protect little fingers from p”ing
  • Panda’s head also serves as a doorstop keeps doorknob from hitting wall

Verified reviews



I really like this door stopper. It works really well and my son thinks it’s cute and likes to tell me to put the bear on his door when he wakes up, etc. I don’t know about the longevity but I’ve had it for about a month now and it seems to be holding up.EDIT March 5th, 2010:The little bear is still doing it’s job, keeping my little boys’ fingers from getting slammed in the door. Also keeping them from opening and closing the door over and over again. I would still recommend this.EDIT2 March 17th, 2010:I had another one of these in storage to use on my front entry area door for during warm weather. I got it out to use because it was 70 out and this bear was a lot less dense than the other one I have have. Seems like it could possibly break easier? I guess they changed their formula or something for making it. It still does the job but I’m a bit more concerned about it’s longevity. I still think it is a good buy. The price isn’t too bad and it looks much better than the type from saftey first.EDIT3: September 23rd, 2010The new type door bear split the other day from normal use and the older style one finally broke when my kid kept trying to close his door. So, it can be useful depending how badly your kid wants to close the door. I wish I still had it because I now imagine one kid slamming the other kid’s fingers in the door. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anything to replace it.

Merle Warda, TX

Great product

My 15 month old, LOVES LOVES LOVES to shut the door behind him. This door stopper is awesome – it stops the little bugger from closing the door and causing trouble :o). Fits on any door. We love it!

Winnie Charlottesville, VA

Works, and it’s cute!

My son loves to push doors closed and I was afraid he would catch his fingers- not anymore. This fits perfectly on his door, keeps the door open just enough, and looks cute, too!

Angie Old Forge, PA

Cute and effective

My daughter went through the “slam the door” phase and I was afraid she was going to take off one of her fingers. These are much cuter than other solutions I’ve seen and they are very effective at keeping the doors from shutting. Plus when I take them off my daughter thinks they are fun to play with. They are made of some sort of foam so they can break apart so if your kiddo plays with them (or bites into them!), keep an eye on them!

Marla Bath, OH

Work well

These door stops work very well. They stop the door with enough space so that little baby fingers don’t get caught.

Lorie Silverstreet, SC

If your child likes open and close the door this product is not going to last for very long. It cracks so be careful and watch it so your child does not hurt themselves.

Leta Sheldon, IL

Cute and works well

I bought this for my 15 month old who loves to shut the door. It works great and is super cute! I did not know there was only one door pinch guard in the package when I ordered but still a great deal!We have used ours for a couple weeks now and it is holding up great.***UPDATE*** We have been using this for almost 3 months now and it is still holding strong! I am going to purchase more because I love it so much!***UPDATE NUMBER TWO – August 9th 2011***Okay , so it broke. It lasted long enough that I think it was worth the cost and now I am buying a new one (or a couple so they will last a while) I still really like this product!

Callie Cicero, NY