Mommy’s Helper Perfect Feeder

Mommy’s Helper Perfect Feeder

Feeding is made easy at home or on the go with The Perfect Feeder. Use at home without the snap on top or when on the go simply snap on the lid and place the baby food jars inside grippers for stability. The Non slip bottom keeps bowl securely on the table freeing up your hands or you may use the Comfort Grip to hold the bowl securely with one hand. Also includes a heat temperature sensing spoon to let you know when food is too hot for baby.

Main features

  • Snap on snap off top
  • Comfort grip helps you hold the bowl securely with one hand
  • Non slip bottom
  • Includes heat temperature sensing spoon
  • Easy to clean

Verified reviews


great product

Great product but I wish they also made the square container version for the square baby food. Love the space for the spoon.

Jocelyn Montebello, CA

Best to feed twins at the same time!

This is one of the best little things I’ve found to feed my twins at the same time! It can hold two jars of baby food, or homemade baby food containers or you can use it without the lid, and the bowl has two compartiments that can hold a little bit more than 6 oz each.Totally recommend it!

Lucille Sugarcreek, OH

Love the spoon

I order this because I figured it would be helpful when my son started eating more baby food. He is still just getting to the point of eating a little bit, so I haven’t had a chance to use the double bowl holder. I am not sure it will be that helpful now because most of hte baby food I buy is Gerber in the square packaging. However, it does allow you to pour the baby food into it, so that might be a great way to still take advantage of it.I love the spoon, its takes the worry away from food getting to hot. I do serve at room temperature and put the left overs in the refrigerator. I warm them up in the microwave for 5 seconds, stir them and can let the spoon sit in them to make sure there is no hot spots. I have tested it with hot water and it does turn white so that you can notice it.

Cleo Grant, NE

Great for diaper bag.

I really like this feeder. Nice spoon for infant. Great to keep in the diaper bag. Easy to hold and clean. So far it worked for me.

Magdalena Barnum, MN

Nice addition to homemade baby feeding

I liked this little feeding system for the few months we used it. Because I made my baby’s food, I used small Tupperware containers with lids instead of baby food jars and they worked great. We will use again for the next baby and probably for crafts when the babies all outgrow.

Judith Plainview, NY

Great for infant feeding

I never used the orange lid that holds jars of food in place, but I used the blue separated bowl every day. I should have bought a few more! It works so well for feeding your baby two different foods at the same time, or cereal on one side and fruit/veggies on the other.

Gracie East Marion, NY



Jewel Foosland, IL