Mommy’s Helper Power Strip Safety Cover

Mommy’s Helper Power Strip Safety Cover

Curious children are always tempted by electrical plugs, outlets and switches. Power strips are now a common sight in many homes, controlling and protecting computers, answering machines, kitchen appliances and power tools. Our Power Strip Safety Cover protects both the children and the equipment from the dangers of curious little hands. Standard single row power strips can be easily inserted into the Safety Cover. After plugging the appliances into the outlets, the cover securely snaps shut with four latches making it difficult for small children to open. For the power strip user, there is a separate latchable door for convenient access to the on/off switch. The interior of the Safety Cover is spacious enough to accommodate many types of plugs including most transformers and heavy duty three prong plugs as well as standard two prong plugs.

Main features

  • Makes power strips tamper resistant
  • Fits single row power strips and surge protectors
  • 2 re useable nylon zip cord keepers for securely bundling up the power cords in use
  • Stick on cord identifier labels included
  • Includes 4 safety plugs to cover any unused stip outlets

Verified reviews


Pluses and Minuses vs. Safety 1st Power Strip Cover

I bought this white cover (model 40896, UPC 3676840896, code on label X0000DM4BB) andSafety 1st Power Strip Coverto compare the two. Unlike that item, this cover is not expandable. Its dimensions are fixed at 14″ length, 2-3/4″ wide, and 3-1/4″ high (except for the 4″ at the power strip cord end which is only 1-3/4″ high). The slot where the cords for the equipment come out is 1/2″ wide and 7-5/8″ long. When closed, the hole for the power strip cord is 1-1/8″ by 1-1/2″. There are no holes for wall mounting, but four outlet covers, two plastic cable ties, and ten cord identifier stickers are provided.To open the 4″ cover at the power strip cord end, you pull up on a single tab; this seems rather easy for a child to disengage, which means that he/she might have access to the outlet nearest the power strip cord end. To open the main cover, you pry open three tabs, then open the unit like a clamshell.The plastic is softer but probably more resistant to breakage compared with the Safety 1st model. I like the fact that you can simply open the 4″ cover to flick the power strip switch on and off. It is narrower and shorter than the Safety 1st model by about 3/4″ in either direction, which may prevent using wider strips or transformers more than about 1-1/2″ high with it.Buy this from! (BTW, about the Amazon photo, the interior is actually white, I don’t know what produced that egg-yolk-yellow color inside.)

Shauna Maxatawny, PA

Won’t fit iPhone/iPod/MacBook adapters!!

The opening on this is too narrow to accommodate iPhone/iPod/MacBook adapters. If the cover were taller, it wouldn’t be an issue because the whole adapter could fit inside, but it’s not. It’s just too short, even for the smallest of the Apple adapters. So I had to return this anyway, but if I’d kept it, I would only have wanted to use it for a power strip that I never need to add/remove plugs on — the tabs to open the cover are a serious pain…and ironically would be easier to open if my hands were smaller.

Robin West Edmeston, NY


This item is useless. It does not keep fingers out and it also doesn’t fit larger plugs. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Valarie Albert, KS

perfect size

I realized that there was a DC-10 power cord (bulky) on my power strip and wondered if this would be able to fit it. This didn’t register until after I had bought the cover. When it arrived I was pleased to find that it was big enough. My boy is only 10 months and has yet to get his little hands on it. I’m confident he will be unable to open this if he finds a cord and follows it back to the power.

Reba Sodus, NY

Great idea but not all plugs will fit

If you have all 2-prong plugs then this will work perfectly. If you have 3-prong plugs or plugs with adapters, be prepared to rearrange your electronics because they won’t all fit in this product. I haven’t found anything better though.

Roberta Middleburg, PA

Protects well

Works as intended at a good price. One drawback is that it is really hard to open even for adults. I wanted to use it on an extention cords with items I often plug in and out. With this device it is only practical to have cords that are infrequently changed.

Martina Herminie, PA

Big but Practical

Other users have lamented over the size of this product, but it really needs to be large in order to fit the power strip and all the plugs. It gives me peace of mind.

Caryn Kellerton, IA

Performs as designed

This does what it is supposed to do – keeps my daughters fingers out of the extra outlets in the power strip. That’s a win in my book.

Althea Thornton, IL

Does the job

This power cord protector seems to be working fine so far. My baby isn’t one to pry her little fingers into the hole on top so that hasn’t been an issue for us. It comes with outlet plugs, which were handy for the empty ones. I don’t find the pieces that hook it together difficult to line up. Many people had commented they were difficult so I actually opened and closed it multiple times to test it out. No problem. It takes some minor concentration to line the pieces up. And it is actually white, not the yellow it appears to be in the photo.

Bobbi Westfield, PA

Does what it says

My charger for my breast pump wouldn’t fit in this contraption, but otherwise it did what it was supposed to do.

Selma Loyalton, CA

It works!

This securely protects the surge strip plugs from little hands. My baby loves to go toward the cords and when she’s grabbed toward them, this holds up. We keep her from them on a regular basis, but on the off chance she’s near them, this does the trick.

Bobbi Noonan, ND

Fine product

This does the job quite nicely, particularly for the price. If a little one were really persistent, he/she could probably dig fingers through the opening, so I plug up the openings I don’t have anything plugged into with the caps they include. It isn’t easy to unlatch, if you latch it well. My only complaint is that I have to unlatch it to plug something new in, but I can’t fault the product-that is just how baby proofing goes sometimes.

Dionne Sault Sainte Marie, MI

So awesome!

Everyone with a power cord and a child should have this. Its simple and amazing! Worth every penny and more!

Daphne Dumont, CO

great idea… but execution needs work

The locking tabs just aren’t that great, functionally. While they do work, its hard to open and close, and it doesnt leave enough room for some of my larger plugs. again, great concept, needs a bit more on the execution part.

Hester Oneida, WI

Works okay but little fingers fit in the cracks

Holds a power strip and plugs okay, but my toddler can still get her fingers down in the cracks where the cords come out and the crack between the front piece of plastic and the longer back piece. Mine is also a white color, not the cream like it appears in the picture.

Liliana Cashion, AZ

BIG product but does the job. Super bulky though

This thing is bulky and me no likeThough they snap and the locks are tightBut it’s huge but I guess that’s okBut won’t be ordering more, it’s not worth it to payOk so this technically does the job but it’s stinking huge and the locks work too well in that it’s a pain to open up to get more things plugged in so I guess it’s best to use it for power that you won’t need to touch for a while

Jodie Perrysburg, OH

Cheap, flimsy, not what I expect from a “safety” product.

I wouldn’t call this much of a safety product. The plastic is very flimsy and the locking tabs aren’t that hard to open. I would expect a better quality product from something marketed as a “safety” item. It’s fine as a deterrent, but nothing I would waste money on again.

Lorraine Jay, FL


I had to put one of these on my computer power strip as my son wanted to push the button with the light on it, this is great and I am very happy with my purchase, you cannot go wrong with buying this.

Jeannette Leeds, AL

Easily fit over powerbar

Daughter saw it once, wanted to play with it. She gave up shortly thereafter when she couldn’t get in. Highly recommended.

Glenna Omaha, NE

saved us!

it doesn’t work for HUGE plugs (like our roku), but will work with every other TV/Stereo/cable/etc component we have! our daughter figured out the on/off button on our power strip, so i ordered this the very next day and it’s wonderful!! she tried to turn everything on/off again and found out she couldn’t and now she stays away from that area! a total life saver and pretty sound product!!

Rosanne Veradale, WA


This is a must have for parents! What baby doesn’t head straight for the power strip? It is easy to use, plesant on the eyes (it is white, not off white like the photo) and IMPOSSIBLE for babies to open!

Verna Las Vegas, NM

I’m unimpressed

This is challenging to get open and closed for the adult in the equation. There are a series of little pegs that must fit into little holes to get it to latch. But they are quite challenging to get to line up correctly and heaven forbid you need to get it back open. Now you would think that that’s the point of the power strip cover, right? Except the hole that allows the cords to come out the top is so wide that my 9 month old just sticks his hand right inside and can put a finger in the socket. It does come w a couple outlet plugs for the extra slots in your power strip, I was just hoping this would work a wee bit better. If all you really need is to prevent your child from unplugging things from your power strip, than this will work for you.

Lynette Augusta, MI

Does the job

This does what it needs to do. It’s a bit ugly, but keeps our daughter from playing with the plugs. We ordered another one already.

Francisca Southwest Harbor, ME

Don’t fit

I have one power strip this doesn’t fit, but I bought a few and it suits the other ones just fine. Check the dimensions before assuming this will work on your strip. Other than that, it’s very secure.

Jennifer Pacific Beach, WA

Very good product

We have a very active 8 month old girl, so we decided to buy 3 of these to cover the connectors, Was very easy to put it on. Covers perfectly and makes the power strip safe. Would highly recommend this product

Martha Petersham, MA

Could not close the door or it would shut the power off!

I have a basic single row power strip, and i couldn’t shut the smaller side door or it would depress the power switch… therefore making this completely useless to me.The snap buttons are hard to open and close, so it would be good to keep little fingers out, but i just couldnt use it for my power strip.The stip i have is SIMILAR to this one,<…>but not exactly the same. Mine is dark color and newer looking with spots labeled “adapter” so you can plug in large plugs and not lose any outlet space.

Trudy Virginia City, NV

gets the job done

Not very easy to open and close, which is great for baby proofing but not good if it’s something you want to unplug frequently. Otherwise it works well and holds a large power strip.

Amy Presto, PA

Very hard to operate

This is a giant pain to apply and so hard to open–which makes it a great baby proofing product, but not very user friendly. Make sure whatever you have plugged into the strip is going to stay there for a long time and isn’t something that needs to be unplugged often. The bottom portion opens easier than the top, also.

Ursula Yukon, MO

Ugly but functional

Easily contains our power strip and multitude of plugs behind the TV. Not the most attractive solution, but it works.

Katina Hope, NJ

Works Great!

I really like how this product hid the plugs and kept my son from unplugging/plugging the electronics. It is very hard however for me to open it, but I guess that’s the point.

Arlene Withee, WI