Mommy’s Helper Safe-Lok Cabinet Door and Drawer Lock

Mommy’s Helper Safe-Lok Cabinet Door and Drawer Lock

The Safe Lok’s patented Trap Slot design helps protect children two ways. First, it allows a cabinet door or drawer to open only about 1″. Then it locks in place so your child’s fingers can’t be p”ed by the closing door, while it remains easy for an adult to release. This contains 6 locks.

Main features

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  • Allows cabinets and drawers to open only 1″
  • Prevents cabinets and drawers from reclosing on little fingers
  • Easy installation
  • Contains 6 locks

Verified reviews


Not worth it

These locks did not install quickly, my husband had a difficult time aligning the separate pieces in a way that allowed the magnets to operate properly. One of the drawers won’t close unless I press hard on the direct spot where the lock is located. Another issue is the magnet ‘key’ which I wouldn’t have known to order had I not read it in a previous review. If you don’t order the four pack of locks you must order the key separately! Overall, a lot of fuss and we end up leaving them unlocked because they are a nuisance.

Adrian Cherry Tree, PA

great idea and works for awhile

bought a lot of these to toddler proof my kitchen. Not to hard to install but not “easy” at all as it takes time and drill skills 🙂 Anyway the reason why I am writing this review is because these have been in my house now for a year and used daily, they are hard to open even by an adult, after a year the catch plastic is bending and missing so some drawers open or close on fingers, ouch, 2 have broken the catch as this is the weak point. Good idea how it catches and doesn’t let slam on toddler fingers but after a year of toddler abuse and adult abuse @ 5am they are bending,breaking and just missing or not working. Overall good design at first but with use becomes flawed.

Sierra Westerlo, NY

Easy to Install

These are really easy to install if you line them up how you want them and mark where you need to drill. I like them because they stay in place, and if installed properly its easy for adults to open the cabinets, but too difficult for babies.

Sherrie Tokio, ND

Work great

These work great! We also bought those stupid magnet key ones for the cabinets and they are all going back. These are awesome though. I will be buying more as soon as I get done with this review. My favorite thing about them is that they prevent our son from pinching his fingers in the drawers anymore. They are easy to install and easy to open the drawers still. Great product!

Marquita Mount Prospect, IL

Great product. Will require a drill to install

Works great in locking the kitchen cabinets. Our 13 month old kept trying to open them for couple of days after I installed them and now has just given up :). I had to use a handheld drill to make holes in the wood before inserting the screws.

Lesley Chama, NM

Poor quality and had to install

The installation template is crappy, the screws are flimsy and one of them shattered into pieces within a week of installing. Would have been a really bad thing to have my son swallow one of the small sharp pieces of plastic. Stay away.

Jewel Sheffield, IA

Good for their purpose

We got these for our kitchen drawers so the toddler would stay out of them. They were a pain in the butt to install in the drawers but every drawer lock is a pain. They do what we wanted them to do but if the drawer just gets pulled out some of the way, it stays that way. I know that’s so fingers don’t get smashed but it’s just irritating for an adult.Overall, it does what it’s meant to do. I’ll just be glad when we don’t need them anymore!

Latonya Benton Ridge, OH

do their job

kind of a pain to install but do prevent our toddler from getting into cabinets. stiff at first but with use become easier to push down to open a cabinet.

Maggie Liberty, KY

Pain to install, but they do the job.

These are a pain in the butt to install correctly, but once you do, they definitely do the job you got them for: protecting your little ones from the dangers under the cabinets.

Queen Ivanhoe, NC

A pain to get open sometimes, but worth it.

I’ve seen kids figure out cabinet locks, but not these. They don’t have the strength to push them down and unlock them. Totally worth it.

Jeannine Bradenton, FL

These are great

Great product that hold up well over time and keeps the kiddo from getting into things and even prevents pinched fingers.

Natasha Crown King, AZ

Very Hard for Adults to Open.

We installed these on our kitchen drawers and we had a very hard time opening them ourselves. I had to take a butter knife to pry them down after install to even get them open. I then took them and bent them up and down several times to loosen the plastic. Had them a couple of months now and they have gotten easier with some bending and working.

Abbie Yale, MI

Love the reclosing protection feature

My 11 month old twins get into EVERYTHING. These cabinet locks work for us, in large part because of the reclosing protection feature that actually keeps the cabinets slightly open about an inch and a half (depending on installation). This means everything to me, as the twins working together have still been able to get their little fingers caught in hinges and cabinets with other locks. With the Safe-Lok, I actually always leave our cabinets open that inch, so that they can never open OR close the doors on each other. I just make sure to never have anything in the cabinets that could fit through the small opening, which is pretty easy to remember.As for installation, it took my husband a half hour to install locks on all 8 bottom kitchen cabinets. He definitely used a ruler, pencil and drill to do so, but with a modicum of engineering smarts these were no problem at all to install.

Rae Williamson, NY

Broke within days…probably good for under 12-14 month olds

I installed 8 of these initially and within 2 days, my 16 month old girl had broken one. There was just enough play in the lock to allow enough momentum for her to swing it and break the lock catch completely off. My girl is in the lower 20% of her weight class (according to the pediatrician) so this was a bit of a surprise at how easily this was done once she figured it out. At that point, she thought it was a game and made it her goal to break the others off! haha! I believe this is a good product for under 12-14 month old children, but any older, you may want to invest in something more sturdy or try some sort of strap system rather than a clip-lock system. I gave this product 3-stars because it does seem like it would work with smaller/younger children, but marked it down because it does not have an age/size limit and it is definitely breakable by toddlers.

Kristine Erwinna, PA

Good but may not work for you

These locks are inexpensive and have the nice feature of locking but preventing pinching of little fingers. The instructions are somewhat lacking as far as being really clear about which way the latch piece should face, but it’s not hard to figure out. However, they are difficult to install in drawers! I added these to my kitchen drawers, but there are cabinets below. Because of the cabinet framing, you can’t get a normal sized drill or screw driver directly underneath where the latch is supposed to go! This would be true for any drawer that wasn’t really deep, so everything ends up going in at an angle. They still work well, but that is just something to keep in mind.Also, if you have very small drawers, these probably won’t fit well. The locking piece has to sit pretty far down into the drawer space, and because it is so long, it can limit what goes into the drawer! These worked fine for our large kitchen drawers, but won’t fit into smaller drawers such as those in our bathrooms.

Christian Schuylerville, NY

Difficult to install

I wanted to keep my child out of a few of our cabinets. Since we unfortunately don’t have knobs on most of our cabinets I needed to go with an internal latching device. I didn’t want to use a magnetic one and have to worry about losing the "key" so I purchased these.I like that it prevents the cabinet from slamming closed, though that has not been a big problem (yet) on our other, unsecured cabinets.These are a little bit tricky to get used to, but once you do they’re not too bad for an adult to use. The major issue with these is that they’re kind of difficult to install. Even using the template, I found it difficult to get the latch to line up with the hook portion and I found myself drilling extra holes just to get it to the point where the latch would "hit the target" when I closed the cabinets. It would be better if the part that it latches on to was longer to give you a little more horizontal leeway when installing.

Latonya New Cumberland, PA

The best at keeping kids out – but keeps adults out as well

We have used a few different brands for childproofing cabinets and drawers – this is definitely my favorite.Why its good:- Kids can’t get in even after they have figured out the mechanism (it takes a fair amount of finger strength to press)- The lock open feature is great for preventing smashed fingers. With twins even the other brands that keep them out of the cabinets do nothing to prevent accidental finger smashes.- Easy to install, better than other brands on alignment- very sturdy over timeWhats not so great:- people who visit the house always complain about how hard it is to get into anything. I don’t think it is so bad but I use them on a daily basis.- the larger tab size cuts into your usable drawer volume as it needs additional clearance to disengage the latch. Drawer inserts, full drawers may cause additional difficulty opening.Despite the flaws, this is the best set of childproofing locks I have used out of several types and brands.

Araceli Huntington Station, NY

Child proof…and maybe adult proof.

So far, I’ve installed one on our knife drawer. It can be quite difficult to open the drawer, but that’s kind of the point. If you open the drawer a little and get your fingers in before the lock engages, it’s not too bad. Once you pull the drawer past a certain point, it won’t open or close without some finagling. If you have a larger than normal counter overhang, these might be unusable because you won’t be able to get your hand in to open the lock. I can’t imaging dealing with these things on every drawer and door in the house, but they’re definitely toddler proof, so they’re a good option for the few high-security places where you keep things like knives and toxic chemicals.

Sofia East Nassau, NY

Keeps little fingers safe…and drawers closed

Definitely does what it claims: keeps baby from opening drawers and smashing fingers. It does take a little getting used to since it’s hard to unlatch the lock when you do have to open the drawer. Regardless, it’s a small price to pay if you don’t want to see your child crying in pain from smashing his/her fingers. Ouweee!

Maggie Sandy Springs, SC