Mommys Helper Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers Standard, White

Mommys Helper Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers Standard, White

Safe plate is an attractive and convenient way to help protect children from potentially dangerous electrical outlets. Safe plate protects instantly and automatically, sliding into position the moment you remove a plug from the outlet. Fits standard outlets.

Main features

  • Helps protect children from electrical shock
  • Sliding outlet covers close automatically
  • Energy saving thermoseal gasket included
  • Easy operation
  • Fits standard outlets

Verified reviews


Does not fit any of our outlets: only has center screw

We ordered this because of all the good reviews only to realize that all of our electrical outlets have screws at the top and the bottom of the outlet plate and not at the center. This product only has a screw to fasten it to the outlet in the center with none for the top or the bottom (which is exactly opposite of what we need). You should check your situation before you order this outlet plate; it is unusable for us.

Merle Blomkest, MN

Excellent, but check your screws

This products works exactly as expected. There is one potential problem. before you buy, make sure you unscrew your existing plate and measure the length of the screw. It should be at least 9/16″, or else when you put on this plate the screw won’t reach the threading. I found that some screws in my house were long enough and some too short, so I had to go to the hardware store and buy a set of extra screws to use these. Otherwise, the product is great.

Sharlene Rampart, AK

like the product, hate the price

This price is a LOT for something that youll have to buy many of!!!! this comes with just one, and if you multiply the price by the amount outlets you have, youll be spending a lot of money. I do however recommed these,

Susanne Arroyo Hondo, NM

Good outlet cover

I like the design of this outlet cover that replaces a standard outlet plate. I think what’s better about this product over the plastic plug-ins that you insert into the plug is that if there is something plugged in, and a toddler unplugs it, this snaps shut so the outlet is protected. You can never have an open outlet using this outlet cover, and you never have to pry out one of those plastic plugs. We’ve had a couple different brands of these, and this one seems to be a little more cheaply made (plastic bends more easily at the screw, slides are looser), but it still works just as well.

Tamra Standish, CA

Didn’t fit my outlets

My house is all upgraded and these didn’t fit any of my outlets. This requires the old outlets that have the screw in the middle. The modern upgraded outlets have screws on the top and bottom only. Back to Amazon these go!

Mildred East China, MI

Order from Amazon, not other vendor

I bought some of these and also the KidCo Universal Outlet Cover to compare them. These worked much better for me – they fit up against the wall better, they’re sturdier, and they come with the foam gasket to help make a seal against the wall. It’s easy to insert a plug, but the cover snaps closed as soon as the plug is pulled. And, even though it has nothing to do with safety, I just liked not having the two loose “buttons” on the KidCo cover that would have popped out to fit a decora-style outlet. But order these from Amazon, not Quality Deals — the Amazon purchase came with each cover in the original packaging, and had the foam gasket. The Quality Deals purchase was a loose cover in a plastic bag, and didn’t have a gasket.

Doreen Dudley, PA

Doesn’t fit well and slide doesn’t always close

I decided to try these out since the positive reviews out-weighed the negative and I really need an outlet in each room where I don’t have to deal with the plastic plugs for things like the vacuum and iron. I faced several issues and will be returning these.1) The width and height are smaller than the standard outlet cover. While they covered the hole in the wall, they did not cover marks from the prior cover and missing paint so the wall around each outlet cover I replaced would require touch up. I took a chance since other reviewers had already mentioned this and unfortunately I had the same issue.2) they didn’t lay flat against the wall so they could be twisted left and right and it looked bad. while little fingers couldn’t get into the space between the plate and the wall, little hands could try to shove stuff down there. Or if they did twist the cover they could turn it enough to create an opening.3) when trying out a few plugs in the outlet when I’d remove the plug the cover didn’t always slide back into place leaving the plug holes exposed. I tried 5 times and 2x the cover didn’t fully retract.

Reba Saint Lawrence, SD

Screw hole is in the center

Wanted to use these, but my electrical plates have screws on the top and bottom, not in the center. So I had to return them.

Lorie Staples, MN

size and screw

one person posted that you need a new screw size as the plate is thicker than standard – this is true but mine came with the longer screw.

Lilian Conway, AR

Best covers we’ve found

I have bought a number of these outlet covers now and am very happy with them. They are easy for the parent to slide but the child cannot get into it. Also it gives me peace of mind to have these around and they are better then the covers that just plug into the socket since those are a pain to remove each time. I use the safe plate cover in areas where we use the outlet constantly and it has been a great move to purchase these. Although they are a little pricey, they are worth the safety and convenience.

Dana Cambridge, MN

Attractive and Safe

I purchased the white ones. I think they look good, and I love that the cover slides closed when you remove a plug. It is thick so you need to use a long screw, and it comes with one so as long as you don’t misplace it, you are good.

Martina Greenleaf, WI

Great concept but not effect for every outlet

I like the safety of these outlet covers, but the casing is too thick so plugs will not work unless it is perfectly flush with your walls. We live in a 20 year old home and these outlet covers work on 1/3 rd of our outlets.

Jillian Westminster, TX

Easy to install and so far working perfectly

I have read some other reviews that indicated that the screws that came with these weren’t long enough. That was not the case for our home. I purchased five of these for my infant child’s play room and my wife and I had them installed in about 5 minutes. I will never take them off, and as a matter of fact, if i were building a home, I would put these on every outlet. It just makes sense. They are very easy to use and cause no inconvenience. If they stand the test of time, they will be an even better buy, but five stars is the most you can give!

Annie Frederick, MD

So much better than the rotating kind!

I bought some outlet covers at Lowes that were the rotating kind, like this:;=1ZRRBYQ38MHFS52XZMM3These sliding ones are so much better! The rotating kind can get stuck in the open position (they usually do not spring back to their closed position). Additionally, they will not fit all cords – for example, an iPhone charger does not fit in the rotating kind.THESE sliding protectors are so much better because they always spring back automatically to the closed position when you’re not using the outlet, and they accommodate all kinds of cords (every electrical plug will fit into these).I bought standard electrical plugs too, like these:, I recommend putting the cheap, standard kind in most of your outlets, and only splurging on these sliding covers for your frequently used outlets, unless cost is not a factor for you.

Constance Underwood, IN


Stumped my 2 yr old daughter. Easy to slip the plate to match the outlets. The plates quickly spring into place when appliance is unplugged.

Janine Granbury, TX

Great Alternative Outlet Cover!

These outlet covers work great! They were easy to install and are very easy to use. We now have them on most of our outlets. Great buy!

Ashleigh Barneveld, WI

Excellent product.

Excellent product. My son can’t figure out how to get into the outlet and can’t take off the cover, so it does what it says.

Luann Atlanta, TX

Hard to keep things plugged in

These install really easy and do a good job of covering the outlet so the kiddies don’t get their fingers shocked. However, certain plugs have a hard time staying in. Our vacuum and breast pump now have to be plugged in around the corner because they won’t stay in with these covers on the outlet. So if you plan on frequently using whatever outlet you’re covering then you probably want to look elsewhere.

Millie Greenacres, WA

Great Product!

Easy to install and does exactly what is stated! It was even difficult for my in-laws to figure out until I told them the trick! I have to say the spring holding the cover in place is very strong, thus little fingers will have an almost impossible time to open them up.

Geraldine Ludlow, MS


Easy to install. Very good for keeping little hands and fingers out of sockets while easy for adults to plug/unplug things. Our daughter is only 14 months, so I don’t know if an older child could figure out the sliding technique, but I imagine it would be difficult. Generally a good product for the price.

Helga Stanley, NM

Best outlet covers out there

We had a professional baby proofer come to our house and this is what he used. They are well built, easy to install, and look good. To use, you slide the plate over and push your plug in. It’s a lot easier than removing a plastic plug and then finding a place to put it so it’s not lost.

Kimberly Lemoyne, PA

Great way to protect in-use outlets!

I love these outlet protectors. It eliminates the removal of those horrible plugs in order to use an outlet and protects the outlet even if the baby pulls out the cord. No brainer for baby-proofing a house!One drawback – you have to turn off the electricity to install. Guess it is better than getting electrocuted! Otherwise, very simple to install.

Laurel Lancaster, IL


My 17 month old hasn’t figured it out yet, but I don’t like the way I have to play with our nightlight every night to get it to stick in this outlet correctly.

Latonya Bristol, CT

Perfect solution for outlet protection

My husband was able to install these in under a minute each. We use them in all the areas where we frequently plug and unplug appliances at ground level. Much easier to use than the "plug-in" style outlet covers that are always getting lost or stepped on when you need to plug in a cord. Plus, they don’t draw the attention of curious child because there’s nothing stuck in them.

Robert Gordon, TX

Love these things

We only bought three of these for the outlets that were within reach of our child and that we frequently plugged things into (i.e., one on the kitchen island, one where I charge my phone, and one right outside the master bath were my wife does her hair). We just used the cheap plastic plugs for all the other outlets. These outlet covers have been great. Now instead of pulling out those plastic plugs multiple times a day so I can plug in the coffee grinder or mixer or whatever, I can just plug and unplug stuff effortlessly. It was really a small inconvenience, but it’s nice to have eliminated it.I’d recommend a few of these for every parent of young children.

Janine Waldo, KS

Perfect for outlets you actually use

We have put this on 3-4 outlets in our house that we commonly use – vacuuming, small appliances, laptop powercord – that the baby can also easily reach. It’s so worth the money and not having the hassle of misplacing and fighting with those cheap plastic buggers (only to have the dog find one and eat it!). For all of your non-use outlets buy cheap, plug them up and never look back, but if you have outlets that are low and you use more frequently – invest in these.

Mayra Star Tannery, VA

Different than expected but works great!

The product itself is great! Works like it’s supposed to and my little one is unable to put things into the openings if she takes the plugs out. Matches my trim color nicely, not noticeable at all.The only qualm I have is that I expected both plates to be center screw style (as stated) and I received one center screw and one decora style (two screw). It’s fne because I have both in my house but I was looking to cover specific areas and now am short one. Sigh.

Eliza Rhodhiss, NC

Like them.

The good thing about these is if your child pulls out a cord that is plugged in, the holes will immediately be covered by spring action. Make sure you check your outlets for single or dual screws and order the correct ones. The only downside is they are thicker than most covers and as such the plugs must be seated well in order to get power, but this minor issue is worth the peace of mind to us. They look decent and are easy to use. Recommend.

Ashleigh Trenton, FL

Better than others of this type

I’ve tried 3 brands of the sliding switch plates. These are the best. Our son pulled out the other types of outlet plugs. So we needed something more secure. Ours came with screws that were longer than typical outlet cover screws. They need to be longer since these covers are not as flat as regular outlet covers. Other reviewers had issues with the screws for some reason. These covers are large enough to cover any paint imperfections on the wall…they hit the wall in exactly the same place as a standard cover (not oversized cover). And once tightened, they do not warp or bow out in any way. Other brands did that to where our son could grab and pull on the corners of the cover and pull it. These do not do that. They lay flat and tight on our walls.

Ingrid Westminster, CA

No plugs or caps to deal with!

These outlet covers are not cheap but they are one of the few baby safety products I think are worth the money. There is no way that your baby can open these, even when a toddler. They don’t look any worse than normal outlets, I don’t think we will change them back even when our child has outgrown the need for them. Like others have said, make sure you know whether you need the outlet with one or two screws. I think this product is a great investment.

Cecelia Rosedale, MD