Mommy’s Helper Slide Latch

Mommy’s Helper Slide Latch

Mommy’s Helper Slide Latch Cabinet Safety Latch. Loop the cabinet slide latch over the door knobs, or through the handles on the cabinet then slide the quick release latch and the cabinet is secure. Spring action quick release slide is easy for an adult to push and remove to enter the cabinet.

Main features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits over most cabinet handles and knobs
  • Spring action quick release slide
  • 2 latches per package

Verified reviews



This latch was completely useless on my cabinets. The handles went completely through, and the plastic itself is flimsy enough for a strong toddler to break it anyway (even if it fit). It’s not worth returning it and paying for shipping, so I ended up throwing this out. Too bad – great idea, horrible execution.

Katy Oaks, OK

Great for SOME cabinets – not ones with knobs 🙁

I bought these specifically for our entertainment/tv stand and that is the cabinet it DOES NOT work with (see pictures), but it is GREAT with the right kind of cabinet that has handles rather than round knobs – easy to open and close (I have it on our kitchen island cabinet and our microwave cart) for an adult but seems great to keep a little one out (our son is 7 months and has been crawling EVERYWHERE for the past few weeks but isn’t opening cabinets YET). I would buy it again, just not for a cabinet with round, smaller knobs.

Amparo Norwich, CT

This is the best around

Over the past month, I’ve purchased five different cabinet locks and none of them seemed to work. Either they didn’t fit my cabinet knobs correctly, they broke with a little pressure or they were too diffucult to get unlocked for daily use. I purchased these and I really, really like them. They’re easy for an adult to get on and off, but not for a infant/toddler. Unfortunalty, they still didn’t fit my stupid cabinet knob (I’m using this to lock up my the cleaning supplies under the kitcjen sink). So, instead of searching for new lock and one that might not neccesarily be as sturdy as this one, I just replaced my cabinet knobs! Cost me around $3 at Home Depot ([…]) Works like a charm and took me seconds to swap them out.

Susanne Arcadia, NE

Don’t believe the negative reviews. Product is Great!

My wife and I bought about 8 packs on a whim after reading these reviews. We were worried they would be “flimsy” or easy to break by a “strong toddler” or “not good for all knobs”… the flimsy reviews are bs. The product really is great, and super cheap on the price. As for not fitting all knobs… that’s why you would buy 1 and try it out b4 buying any more. Really great product!

Janie Vanndale, AR

Maybe, maybe not

The product looks and functions more or less as expected, well much more like less. Unfortunately, the plastic is weak and overly flexible, whereas it should be strong to resist bending it off. Also, the locking mechanism is too easy. The product doesn’t work well on straight knobs that don’t have anything to hang on to. I don’t recommend this product for a cabinet you really want to keep secure. If a child is incapable of removing this then it also means s/he can’t open a door either, because it is so easy to remove, so don’t get it.After using this product for over a year as an infant has grown into a toddler, my opinion of it has gone down further. The plastic is so flexible that it is very easy for a child to take it off. If anything, this product is more of a toy than a barrier. I have tried it with several kinds of drawer knobs and it doesn’t work with any of them.

Kate Alturas, CA


We originally uses the loop latch which are a pain. These go one and come off very easy and keep baby out great!! Definitly recomend !

Esther Nageezi, NM

Works but Sort of Ugly

I have mostly installed inside latches for most of my drawers because otherwise my son loves exploring what’s inside all our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Although I encourage his investigations, I got worried about dangerous kitchen gadgets and also got tired of washing all my spatulas and tupperware all the time. And as he got older, he got more curious and motivated to go looking for snacks. The inside latches can be a real pain to install- even for my patient and handy husband. So we tried to take a shortcut and order these for the cabinets that had handles next to each other. They work, don’t need to be installed, and so far my son hasn’t completely figured them out. But they are ugly. They sort of stand out and say, “A toddler lives here”. Maybe I shouldn’t complain about the appearance but I think that’s a reason I don’t like them. Another thing is that with the latches inside the drawers you can’t see them and you can quickly shut them too- the ones we installed correctly slide back shut and relatch on their own. These slide latches can get annoying- they take just a bit more effort but if you’ve got an impatient toddler on your heels, these things matter. They do work though- so maybe I am not being fair, but this is my rating with all things considered.

Rosella Atwood, CO