Mommy’s Helper Step Up Non-Slip Stepstool Froggie Collection, Green

Mommy’s Helper Step Up Non-Slip Stepstool Froggie Collection, Green

The Froggie Collection from Mommy’s Helper introduces the Step Up Non Slip Stepstool featuring a non slip top and feet for safety and stability.

Main features

  • Adorable froggie design
  • Flip up easy release tabs for simple installation and removal
  • Cleans easily

Verified reviews


cute but not quite high enough (for now)!

I love this stool and so does my son ! it is sooo cute and doesnt take much room at all in our bathroom. love that but my 4 year old still cant reach the faucet very well so for now i keep on ending up with a completely soaked son whenever he’s done in the bathroom. he’ll def grow into it!! its a great stool for a great price!

Lana Midwest, WY

Great Little Stool

This stool feels very sturdy but still lightweight. It’s the perfect height (about 6″) for my daughter to be able to get on the potty by herself. The non-skid top and feet keep the stool securely in place even when she starts dancing on it…unlike the one from Target, which starts to slide if she shifts her weight at all. I would definitely recommend this stool and think it’s a bargain at just over $10.One side note: from the photo, I thought the eyes were painted black – but they’re actually cutouts in the plastic, which seems odd to me. Why make a place for a kid’s finger to get stuck?

Michael Grants, NM

Lightweight but sturdy

I ended up ordering a second one of these step stools.It’s very sturdy (enough for me to use it as a stool sometimes) but lightweight enough that my toddlers can carry it around to where it is needed most. They use it as step stool and a sitting stool.I ordered one for the general house area and one for the bathroom (perfect for potty training on the big toilet).

Lola Yates City, IL

Cute stepstool for my 1 year old

He is climbing but still needs help getting on the couch and the dog is always available to climb on! This does the job. It is a nice color and is a cute design. I would have given it 5 stars if it was weighted better. It is too easy to fall over and not as sturdy as the box I used before (but is definitely an improvement in the looks).

Beryl Glen Haven, CO

cute stepping stool

Good price and seems sturdy and cute! This is for my daughter who is only 14 mos but climbing on her sisters step stool.

Helga Coalmont, CO

Too low – not helpful!

This stool does stick to the floor and has good grip but as many other reviewers stated this is too LOW! My toddler is quite tall and it’s still not proportionate! Maybe it will help him when he’s like 5 but he’s 2.5 now and I’m just unhappy overall with this! Other complaints are that the sticker is impossible to get off (so I’ve left it on) and this DOES NOT match the green froggy potty as other reviewers have stated! Completely different greens and in no way matching! Worth $5 maybe – definitely not $9.99. Get a taller stool if you want to use one for the toilet or hand washing.

Lawanda Loretto, PA


I liked it and the color is good and can also be used by the kids as they grow and durable and solves the purpose which i bought it for

Beth Akron, OH


This is a bit smaller than I was hoping. I had to buy a taller one for my toddler so he could reach the faucet. I do love this though. It’s cute and sturdy and non skid.

Tessa Keystone, WV

What a cute frog in my house!

It is absolutely lovable! Easy for my toddler to carry it from one room to another, easy to get up on it, non-slippery, and could also be used as a mini table for a snack while the child sits on couch or an arm chair.I love this bright color!

Tiffany Hampton, NH

Not stable enough

My toddler has fallen a few times while using this step stool. It is not stable enough. It has all but been retired from use in our house after only a few months.

Leticia Caledonia, MS

cute, sturdy, a little short

I bought this stool to help my son with potty training. It sort of goes with the little froggy training potty he has, so I thought it would be a natural transition to the regular toilet. The stool is cute, sturdy, easy to clean and my son loves it, but it is just a tad too short. He has trouble backing onto the big potty. Overall, it is a great little stool depending on what you plan to use it for. However, if you are planning to potty train, you might look for something a tad taller. It works, he can reach it, but it is a struggle.

Alma Beason, IL


Perfect potty stool and my three year old can easily move it back and forth from the potty to the sink to wash his hands.

Leticia Shannon, AL

Cute and very usable

My daughter loves it and carries it from room to room depending on her needs (bathroom, kitchen, even the car when I couldn’t lift due to C-section – she was able to climb into the car and I was able to bend over and pick it up to take with us)I have not had any problems with it tipping over or sliding.

Alexis Bowler, WI

great for 2 y/o

my daughter is 30 months and I decided to get this for her, she loves to play in water and wash her hands all the time. Now she can reach the sink on her own and be more grown up every day.

Selena Gresham, SC

Cute and Practical

It’s cute and practical. The stool is small so it fits in our tiny bathroom and can be out of the way when a little one isn’t using it. My little guy is 21 months and likes to use it because it looks like a froggie so it keeps him from using the slippery toilet as a stool. It’s not quite tall enough for him to use it to climb up and use the big toilet, but he’s not really into potty training yet so that’s not a big deal and I’m always there to help anyway.

Opal Sisseton, SD

Not a safe choice

I loved the look and the quality is fine but this is not safe to use. I bought a variety of stools because I have twins and three bathrooms. This has a smaller width and length than other stools so it tips easily. They may not slide off of it but the whole darn thing is going to tip over at the drop of a hat. We have been lucky they have not hurt themselves significantly. I have it on a flat non carpeted surface so it isn’t due to uneven surfaces. I would not recommend this one bit. I am not even going to sell it at a garage sale because I would not want to endanger another child.

Susie Etters, PA

Cute, sturdy

It’s cute and sturdy. Color portrayed on the screen was accurate. I weigh about 115lbs and can stand on it without it bending or wobbling. It does have rubber grips on the bottom too to prevent it from sliding on hard flooring. The only thing I didn’t realize was that the frog’s eyes are not black, they’re cut out. Not a big deal and actually probably looks better that way. I’d buy it again.

Letitia Grulla, TX

Nice product

I use this as a multi purpose in my house. We use this as a step stool when he uses this bathroom. I also use this when I give him bath. Sit outside of the tub on this stool and give him bath so that my knees does not pain. Excellent product who have kids at home.

Leona Cromwell, OK

Best stool for the money

We have 2 of these. They are nonslip on the bottom and the design is very stable. It seems impossible for it to topple over. It’s light weight and my young son frequently moves it on his own with no problem. To the potty, to the sink, then to the fish tank to look in… It has been a life saver with potty training and I definitely recommend it.

Bonnie Croton, OH

Inexpensive and works okay.

I got this for my toddler to reach the sink. It doesn’t quite get her there so it’s not useful now. She’s used it a few time and tipped off of it, scraping her legs with the under edge of the stool. For the price (ten bucks), its fine. Good grips on top and grippers on the legs. The eyes are actually holes which make it easier for my daughter to pick up and move it.

Maryellen Willsboro, NY

Slippery base!

It does have a rubber lining of the base but my son still slipped on it while trying to stand on it and hit his head!!

Nadine Cle Elum, WA

Works well

This stool is great for many reasons. My physical therapist has us use it with our infant son to help strengthen his legs (he can sit on it and his legs reach the ground). It’s a lovely color and it sturdy, yet padded on top. Works well!

Carlene Kremlin, MT

sturdy but short

very sturdy and lightweight. my daughter is able to move it where she wants it. it is really short, though. it’s not tall enough for 2 of our bathrooms.

Cora Ace, TX

Huge hard to remove sticker on the side of it!

Ok I know this is only $10, but a step stool like this should be priced no higher. It’s cute…except for the super huge hard to remove sticker on the side of it! Usually companies use an easy to remove sticker. I had to soak this in the sink and scrub it with a steel pad leaving scratches all over the side of it (because it was so darn hard to get off!). I can’t believe this wasn’t in any reviews. Total pain, had I known I would have definitely ordered a different one!!!!

Janell New Pine Creek, OR

Works for my granddaughter

My 3 year old granddaughter has used this for a couple of months to use the potty and then the bathroom sink. Here is why I like it.1. This is lightweight and easily portable. My granddaughter can position this herself.2. This is sturdy. Unlike the experience of another reviewer, my granddaughter has never tipped it over when using this.3. It’s just the right height for her to use the potty and then the bathroom sink.Bottom line: This works well and is not an expensive item to help a small child with some important daily tasks.Update February 25, 2014: My granddaughter prefers using the Graco Transitions Step Stool- Green. It lets her reach higher when using the sink. I now have two of them in my house (one each for the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms).

Jacqueline Ester, AK

A little small

It is smaller than I thought it would be. It does seem to be sturdy. We haven’t had any issues with it slipping around.

Maria Cloverdale, MI

Great step stool for new toddlers

Stays in place well and my 16 month old has no problem stepping up on it or using it as a seat. Lightweight enough that she can move it on her own.

Madeleine Guttenberg, IA

very cute stool

very cute stool and my daughter loves the design and color of it. I do with it were a little bit taller. We bought this for the bathroom. She is 2.5 years old and its not tall enough for her to rest her feet on it when she goes potty which makes her feel unsafe. But overall we are happy with the purchase.

Cara Storm Lake, IA