Mommy’s Helper Stor-a-Stroller

Mommy’s Helper Stor-a-Stroller

Say goodbye to the mess an umbrella stroller can make of your cargo area. With Stor-a-Stroller Umbrella Storage Solution you can keep your stroller handy yet free up space on cargo floor. Blue color.

Main features

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Installs over existing backseat headrests
  • Can also be used to store bulky items such as folding ‘bag’ lawnchairs

Verified reviews


Doesn’t fit all cars

If your headrest poles are thick, this product may not work for you. It didn’t fit on my chunky VW headrest poles. Too bad, seems like cool product!

Valarie Amanda, OH

For Umbrella Strollers ONLY

When I purchased this, the description did not state that it was for umbrella strollers. I bought to use with my Contours stroller, but it is not compatible. The fact that it is for umbrella strollers is clearly written on the packaging, though (again) not on the description.Also, since my vehicle has a deep trunk area, my arms are short (I am 5’1) it is not a comfortable reach. I think if I had one of those small crossover SUV’s, I could try to make do. As it stands, not useful to me.

Eva Colby, KS

Make sure your headrests come off before buying

I am giving this product four stars because it’s an awesome idea and the product itself works fine, as long as your headrests are actually removeable. I assumed mine are but they are not. Just a heads up to checks yours before buying this.

Constance Pruden, TN

Just what I was looking for!!!

I have a Baby Jogger City Select stroller and although I love it, I do not like how bulky it is in my trunk. I drive a Ford Expedtion but leave the third row folded down. Thanks to another tip about the Carabiner clips, I was able to use the straps an alternative way. I did not want to have to climb in my trunk to get the the second row headrests so I attached a carabiner clip (which I already had from a travel bottle of baby sunscreen) to the hook in the back for hanging clothes on. I attached one Stor-a-Stroller strap to the carabiner clip and looped that through my stroller while it was on it’s side and it stays upright that way. This is exactly what I wanted! I will post a picture when I get a chance!

Tania Jackman, ME

Great product!

Keeps my stroller from rolling around the back of my car. I like that it can hold chairs and things for when we are past the stroller phase.

Lakeisha Palm Desert, CA

Need to buy additional hardware if your headrests don’t come out

LOVE it. Works perfectly. I can’t remove my backseat headrests, so I bought two S-clips at Home Depot that work great. Would give five stars if not for that fact. I use this on the shortest setting and it is the perfect size then.

Claudette Michigamme, MI

So Great!

I love this. It’s so great to have your stroller out of the way. Mine would always fly around in the back and break other things that I had in there with it, but now it stays put and no problems getting it in and out for our shopping trips. A must for the SUV owner!

Mellisa Frannie, WY

Great idea

This has saved me so much frustration from having to put stuff ontop of my strollers and from having to use one hand to stand up a stroller while I load stuff in my trunk with teh other hand

Leila Raritan, NJ

works great-includes tip for those with non removable headrest

My van didn’t have removable headrests but I used zip ties to secure it to the poles of my seat. Works great. It even works for my bulky Chico stroller that came with the travel system.

Myra Ahoskie, NC