Mommy’s Helper Tip Resistant Furniture Safety Brackets

Mommy’s Helper Tip Resistant Furniture Safety Brackets

Use these Furniture Safety brackets and straps to help prevent furniture tipover. When a junior mountaineer starts exploring the tall dresser or book shelves, parents will be glad to know the award winning Tip Resistant Furniture Brackets are doing their job in keeping the furniture upright. Industry Award Winning Products.

Main features

  • Helps stop furniture tip over
  • Straps furniture securely to wall
  • Detachable for moving furniture when cleaning
  • Contains 8 brackets and straps to accommodate up to 4 pieces of furniture
  • Easy to install

Verified reviews


Good product

Overall, I am very happy with this product. I read the previous reviews as well. I never had a problem with the straps becoming brittle, I installed these on some large cabinets and removed them two years later with no problems. I do however agree that the screws do strip easily, and you have to be careful with that. I was able to get around it by putting a lot of pressure on the cordless drill and making sure to use a low torque setting.However, I like the design of these brackets better than any I’ve seen, so I would still recommend them even if you buy better screws to install them with. Other anti-tip brackets need to be unscrewed to be able to move the furniture to get behind it, with this you can just undo the zip-tie and put it back when you are done.

Diana Goshen, UT

works great on my bookshelves

I secured two open style bookshelves to our wall with these – they work GREAT! I would recommend them for sure

Martina Rich Square, NC

Easy to Install, Seem Very Strong

Thank goodness we have had no reason to "test" the strength of these brackets. However, with installing and doing a slight tug on the dressers and shelves we used them for, they seem very strong. We prefer these to the other furniture straps we have found on Amazon, and we use them for five short dressers and two Ikea Expedit shelves in our home as we have a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old.These are our favorite shelf/dresser safety measures, and I recommend them to all parents of young children.

Dianne Cheshire, MA

Don’t use the hardware that it comes with!

This is a great idea and works great, but the screws that it comes with are terrible! After two broke while screwing them into my (family heirloom) bookcase, I used my own screws with excellent results. Very happy with this product overall.

Phyllis Toccoa Falls, GA

as pictured

We used this for our great room shelf to protect our 17 month old daughter from pulling the shelf of DVDs over. It looks a bit cheap but does the job.

Kerri Roach, MO

Great product

These hold my 9 month olds toy shelves very firmly in place!! She loves to pull herself up using all her toy bins that are connected to a shelf. These straps hold it securely in place and we have no worry about it tipping.

Margery New Boston, TX

My favorite safety brackets

I’ve tried a couple different safety brackets for furniture, and these are my favorite. They are very easy to install (although they do require that you screw them into your furniture). I would definitely recommend them!

Adele West Dummerston, VT


I was disappointed in the quality of this product. The straps themselves are nothing special and the included screws are very poor quality. In one case the screw head was stamped off center, making it unusable. As indicated by other reviewers, it is pretty much impossible to use these screws without stripping them, even if you use a hand screwdriver and a pre-drilled hole. I ended up having to use some leftover drywall screws, which fit through the opening in the brackets almost perfectly.Since you will have to replace the screws, you are better off just purchasing the brackets and your own zip ties.

Katrina Dennis, TX

A life saver!

Something so small and simple could very easily save your childs life! After we took our son out of his crib and gave him free reign of his bedroom we had to make sure that if he did happen to climb on the bookshelves in the night (he loves to climb), that these would be there to hold it back, and they worked! I screwed each one into studs, you could possibly mount in drywall but I wouldn’t if at all possible. There’s no sign of frail or worn plastic that may break, or any real potential failures (installed about a year ago). My only complaint was the small screws it came with for attaching to the furniture, was really soft metal. So when trying to tighten down the screws they just kept stripping very easily. I ended up using some different ones I had for most of the furniture. I don’t really think the soft metal heads on the screws would anyway effect the functionality of the product, as long as you were able to tighten them down properly, it was just more or less a pet peeve of mine.

Maritza Lamont, OK

Interesting product

This item is basically a tougher version of those sip tie holders with the sticky backs. instead of sticky backs, you get two screws to screw the item into a wall. These work GREAT! For optimum safety, be sure to screw these into studs. Where studs aren’t available, make sure to get yourself some good anchors. This has helped keep a shelving unit and a light fixture in place. My niece has tested these and she can tell you they hold items well. Just a note, be sure that the item you want to secure can either have screws screwed into it or has some kind of bar the zip ties can hold onto. Otherwise, this may not be the product for you. Quakehold makes a couple of Velcro based items that may help in situations described above.

Magdalena Custer, WI


Not hard to do and I used to make sure a book shelf would fall over on my child. I have to say these are great, but if you dont drill into a stud, they only hold as much as drywall so keep that in mind.

Consuelo Cache Junction, UT

Great problem solver

I’ve had these installed on my son’s dresser and bookcase for almost two years. They seem very strong and I’ve pulled on the dresser with all my weight and they’ve held. The great thing is that you can remove the zip tie style connector without having to cut anything (meaning they are reusable). I’ve found it’s not that easy to remove them because I have my furniture very close to the wall, so I don’t have much clearance, but I’ve had to disconnect them a few times when my son throws toys back there. Very good product that keeps my son safe.

Jo Fairport, NY

Plan before you drill

It took me a few tries to install these properly. The product itself is simple and straightforward. I recommend taking the extra time and planning. The biggest issue I had was installing the wall bracket too high above the furniture. The ties that connect the furniture to the wall are not as long as they seem.

Kim Connoquenessing, PA


These are great! I love the way they attach to each other. This way you don’t have to be perfectly lined up (a bonus since my bookcases are over 10 feet tall), they are strong, come off if you ever need to move them and were very easy to install. I feel 100% better know my super tall bookcases are attached to the wall and wont tip over (and believe me I tried!!). I recommend these to anyone, especially with young children who love to climb!

Tammy Barnegat, NJ

great buy

i have only used this once on a very tall and unstable bathroom cabinet. This product was easy to install, does take some time though. Have not had any worries of this falling over and hurting my daughter. thanks

Dona Waldron, MI

Screws are terrible

My husband says the screws that came with this product are the worst he’s ever dealt with. They don’t go in straight and they strip. He had to go to the hardware store for replacement screws in order to install the brackets. Other than that, the brackets and zip ties seem fine.

Aileen Barnet, VT

Must Have If You Have Small Kids

The nursery set I bought came with a tip resistant strap for the dresser but it didn’t seem very secure. It was basically a nylon strap with a washer and a screw and it ripped out when we tested it before we had our first child.I bought these instead and they installed easy and work well. My kid is now a rambunctious almost-three-year-old and I have caught him opening all his drawers to use as steps to get on the top and this strap has held the dresser from tipping. If there’s better proof than that, I don’t know what it is.

June Skowhegan, ME

Great Product

I have two small children and bought several different types of tip resistant furniture brackets, these were the best value, easiest to use and seem very sturdy. Tip brackets are only a precaution, children must still be watched at all times, but I feel a little safer knowing that the furniture is attached to the wall.

Alice Tippo, MS

Second time to order

I really like these furniture anchors, and this is my second time to order this product.The pieces that attach to the wall and the piece of furniture are the same, so you don’t have to worry about putting the "right" piece in the right place. They’re not too big, so I’ve never found a problem attaching them to furniture, even the storage cubes from ClosetMaid. The "zip ties" that attach the anchors are strong, but can be released so you can use them again. I also like that you can adjust the distance allowed from the wall. We end up with cords and plugs behind furniture, and it helps a lot to be able to adjust for those things.The only thing I don’t like is the screws. The heads seem to strip very easily. But we’ve moved a lot the past few years, so mine have had a lot of wear and tear. I’ll keep using the same brackets, I’ll just end up buying a box of screws at the hardware store to replace the ones that came with this set.Overall, I’m very pleased with this product – I’ve purchased two sets – and the only reason I couldn’t give 5 stars is the screws.

Betty Belgrade, NE

Great to hold up light, not-so-dangerous things

Looks flimsy but it did the job. I have a toy rack (light shelf with lots of plastic bins) that I needed to secure, so I was able to loop the strap to one of the bars that hold the bins). It’s a good product to tie things that you can’t screw into. I wouldn’t attach anything heavy or anything that would be deadly if it fell on your child. But for a little plastic bin shelf that you want to keep from plopping on your kids head? These brackets work fine.

Keri Thomasville, GA

Use your own screws and these are perfect

We are on our second set of these brackets, having used them at a previous residence for a couple of years.I never had any issues with our brackets becoming hardened and breaking, although living in Southern California, I imagine we don’t experience some of the temperature extremes people do elsewhere (even though it seems we all probably run our air/heat and keep inside temps relatively the same, no?)Yes, the screws are made from a cheap metal, which really makes little sense because they’ll pop in two in stud. After initial frustration when I first bought the brackets I ran down to the home improvement store and picked up a package of small screws and used those instead, and drilled lead holes, and have had no problems.As far as holes in your furniture are concerned, I figure it’s a small price to pay for safety. We’ve also used these straps to loop around items so we don’t have to drill into them, with great success.Personally, I do NOT use these brackets on anything truly heavy. They’re great for smaller items, particularly those you might need to move from time to time to clean underneath, vacuum under, etc. The brackets are hard enough to get off that my children have never been able to remove them, but easy enough that I don’t avoid moving our nightstands, toy organizers, dollhouse, etc. in order to get the area nice and clean.If you’re looking to secure something mid-weight, I highly recommend the KidCo furniture straps. For heavyweight items I love using the Quakehold! furniture straps (which don’t have to be screwed into your furniture, but can be if you prefer).Growing up in SoCal and living through several big earthquakes and as a mother of three children (one of which seems to be part monkey) I’ve found that there’s no single product that is going to secure everything in your house, but I definitely keep these brackets around as part of my furniture securing “kit”.

Francis Whipple, OH

Great product

Great child safety product, easy to install, not noticeable behind furniture. Great price for the great product you get. Would recommend to any one even bought some for family.

Estelle Belmont, WA

I like that the beige color blends into our walls

I bought this to secure the coat rack in our foyer. It’s a heavy, wrought-iron and I feared my toddler would pull it down. I used two of these to secure it and so far, it has worked like a charm. I like that you don’t really notice it’s there because of the subtle beige color. I would buy this again.

Janet Beaufort, SC

Love these

I had previously purchased a different brand of furniture brackets and found the bulky style made the brackets stand out and draw attention to them (hence making my toddler fiddle with them). These brackets are sleek, and still do the job without drawing attention to themselves. I haven’t had a lot time for them to be put to the test by my toddler, but so far so good! I did notice in the directions that the plastic zip ties said they needed to be replaced with time, and they provided a phone number to order more. So that is the only downfall in my opinion, but well worth it in my opinion due to the sleek style of these brackets.

Jo Harrisburg, MO

Nice product!

I researched all kind of furniture brackets before deciding on these. They work well and do the job. I can unhook them to vacuum behind the furniture, but they are secure and keep our daughter’s dresser in place when installed. Nice product!

Amanda Hortense, GA