Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok — PACK OF TWO

Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok — PACK OF TWO

The Mommy’s Helper Lid-Lok helps keep your children and plumbing safe! The Lid-Lok helps prevent curious toddlers from accidentally falling into the toilet and helps protect little fingers from being hurt by heavy seats and lids. It also helps prevent active babies and toddlers from throwing toys and household items into the toilet – hence, protect your children and your plumbing! The Lid-Lok installs quickly without tools to help keep your baby, your valuables, and your plumbing safe, and is easy to release for adults and older children.

Main features

  • Quick and easy to open. The one hand release operation is easy for an adult hand, but difficult for a child
  • Easily attaches to all types of bowls and lids
  • Simple to remove when not needed
  • No adhesive required and you don’t have to un-bolt the seat to install
  • 2 pack

Verified reviews



These worked great for us and we didn’t have to worry, but our adult guests could never figure out how to use it so it kind of broke after a few tugs on the seat top. It’s still a visual distractor for our 18-month old so even though it no longer really locks well, he thinks it does… Great product. Thank you.

Jaime Wilmer, TX

Works well & does the job.

On one toilet I only need two spacers, on the other I have to use four. On the toilet with only two spacers, my daughter can’t get in it. On the other, she can if she tries hard enough but it takes her enough effort that I have time to intercept! lol. The one with more spacers doesn’t fit as tightly and it can slide around to the front which is enough to release it. It does it’s job well though, I don’t really see a way of making it better unless they came in a size one and a size two (for narrow and wide rims) so only one or two spacers are necessary. It is super-easy to release and lock when trying to open the toilet. Basically, it does the job and unless you have a really narrow rim on your toilet (like one of mine is) it should work really well. It works best on my toilet with a wide rim though.

Dena Turtlepoint, PA

Durable and easy to use

These locks installed easily and are durable. I’m sure that there will come a point when our daughter can figure these out, but for now, they’re just what we need. They’re also not too annoying for adults to unlock before using the toilet.

Debra Rion, SC

works great

It did the job. Kept our toddler out of the toilet and now he just stays away from it all together.Very simple to install, lock and unlock.I keep it unlocked at night since I usually run to the bathroom in the middle of the night and don’t have time to unlock it, even though it is very simple for an adult to unlock, those are very precious moments for someone with a very weak bladder!

Flora Perryopolis, PA

Have 2 toilets and it only worked on one

I think it’s the type of toilet it is. It just didnt have a tight fit and my son (22 months now) could pull it off no problems

Marilyn Dickens, NE

These are the only ones that Last with my 2 year old twins!

Super easy to install. Have lasted over a year with my curious strong twins, best toilet lock IMO- and I tried several that failed. This one never failed.

Carey Croton On Hudson, NY

Work fine

These seem a little chinsy, but actually adjust well and work well. So far our boy has not figured them out.

Reva Chatham, NY

This works very well.

Your cleaning person and company will not know how to remove it to use the toliet, but this thing wokrs! And its actually very easy to install and use.

Annette Duncansville, PA

Great safety gadget

These are awesome! So easy to install, and even easy to remove and adjust. My husband changed out our tiny toilets and we were able to remove these and reinstall them on the new toilets. They definitely keep our little one out of the toilet, and they are easy for adults to use, so they do their job well!

Rosalia Whitehall, MT

Easy install, works well

Despite mixed reviews for this toilet lock, I purchased two to fit relatively standard toilets in my home. Installation took under two minutes, and I didn’t have any problems with reaching into the toilet to complete the installation. You shouldn’t have to get dirty, in the water or otherwise too up close with gross. Besides, a little soap and water can go a long way if you aren’t unreasonably squeemish about poopies (if you have kids and you aren’t over it yet. . . you may have a problem with OCD).I am sure that in some situations the lock would break if it was subjected to repeated or significant force, but my 13 month old cannot open it. I try to prevent her from playing near the toilet anyway, through parenting rather than gadgets, but the lock gives me peace of mind that she won’t make a mess or get hurt if she gets by my watchful eye.I am only giving 4 stars on account of the perceived chance of the lock failing or breaking under ordinary use (like if a guest tries to opent the toilet without unlocking it) and the fact that my plastic toilet seat has been slightly damaged on the bottom by the lock. There are several chips and dings around the edge of the seat where parts of the lock are sandwiched between the seat and the rim of the bowl with some force when people sit down on the toilet. Please don’t comment that I am being unduly harsh. I say that the product is a steal for what it costs, but it isn’t perfect, and 4/5 seems fair to me.

Rosetta Ridge, NY

OK for now

This does not fit perfectly on our toilets, but it has done the job so far. Since they move a bit, my toddler is starting to figure out that if he pulls hard enough, they will come off eventually.

Raquel Matlock, IA

Cheap and flimsy

It’s okay. But the way it’s designed you can still lift the lid an inch or so. I tried to rearrange as best I could and there was no way around it. I ordered two and will be returning the unopened one!

Desiree Rumely, MI

Dont buy it

Save your money with this, and add a few dollars more and get the Safety 1st ones, this product is bulky, difficult to install, the directions are very hard to understand, as a result, going back, lesson learned on this one.

Patti Asherton, TX

very easy to install and use / very babyproof

These are super easy to use, and definitely will keep baby out as you need two manipulate two levers at the same time.

Enid Nickerson, NE

Hit Or Miss!

This product can be workable or not. It works OK on our upstairs toilet, but for some reason, it will not work on our downstairs toilet–and they are the same models! It definitely keeps our little one out of the toilet, but there have got to be better designs out there. It’s a bit bulky and rather loose-fitting which is disappointing.

Jane Pilot Station, AK


We love this product! We have a 10 month old who will be walking soon enough and knowing the toilet lid is locked makes us feel safer. We heard recently on the news about a toddler who woke up in the middle of the night and fell in the toilet head first and could not get out by himself. Unfortunately it ended in tragedy. We love this product. Easy to unlock for adults but rather difficult for little ones because you have to lift both levers at same time. When company is around we get a chuckle because we have to show them how it works! They even comment how it would keep toys from being flushed!

Myrtle Centerville, KS

Works as expected

Easy to install. Durable. Withstands plenty of pulling and tugging from our 1.5 year old. Works as intended to keep toddler out of toilet.

Marissa Hayes, VA