Mommy’s Touch Wet Bag

Mommy’s Touch Wet Bag

Mommy’s Touch Wet Bags are made of a PUL fabric to hold in wetness from those wet diapers or for damp swimsuits after an outing at the pool or beach. Our bags come with Zipper closure to ensure any unwanted smells stay where they belong: In The BAG!

Main features

  • PUL
  • Proudly Handmade in the USA by WAHMS (work at home moms)
  • Super-soft, envirmentally friendly, non-cruchy PUL
  • Holds about 6 diapers
  • Great for soiled baby clothes as well
  • Zipper closure and carrying handle for convenience

Verified reviews


My favorite wet bag!

I have used a LOT of wet bags, as we have only cloth diapered, and never used a disposable diaper. These are the very best. They come in two sizes (I actually prefer the larger size, these days), are super easy to throw in the diaper bag, can squish to fit any corner, and contain the stink. They wash up well, and only after about three years of nearly daily washing, have I needed to order more. They give you the most bang for your buck, come in great colors, and are my very favorite wet bag.

Freda Bluff City, AR

just right

A good size for a few cloth diapers but you can squeeze in more if you try. I like the little handle on top. Washes and dries just fine. No complaints.

Margery Socorro, NM

Started Leaking after 2 washes

We purchased two of these bags for use in our diaper pail. After being washed twice one of the bags started leaking through the PUL (as if the PUL was permeable). I now notice that the second bag is doing the same. I would not recommend these bags since they don’t do what they are supposed to.

Adriana Colbert, GA

great bag!

Great simple bag for storage of wet items- cloth diapers, swimsuits, clothes, etc. (fabric outside- plastic inside). Handy to have in your diaper bag.

Bianca Brunsville, IA

Good product

Simple wet bag, holds about 3-4 of my toddler’s diapers for daycare. Gave 4 stars because I have only used it for a couple weeks and am not sure how it will hold up.

Geneva Jamestown, LA

Save the Money. Buy “Ditty Bags” instead.

This wet bag is cute. It has a zipper. It’s big enough to hold a day’s wet diapers. But, it’s kinda pricey.I need to have at least 5. One for my diaper bag. One for my car and at least 3 to rotate between home and daycare. That can get pretty expensive.If you aren’t too attached to the idea of cutesy prints, check out ditty bags.Outdoor Products Ditty Bag 3-Pack (Colors May Vary)They are the same concept. Only much cheaper. You can get multiple sizes. Some are even big enough to be a pail liner.

Janine Panora, IA

Great bag for soiled cloth diapers!

I like Mommy’s due to the zipper, over the velcro bags. It holds many soiled cloth diapers and liners. No leaks, no smell. Washes easy, and dries very quickly (we hang dry).I wish I had bought more than 1, for clean and soiled diapers.

Maritza Basin, MT

A Good Size for Dirty Clothes in the Diaper Bag

I got the bag for my daughter and her new baby for Christmas. It holds a couple of soiled outfits, a dirty bib or two, and some spit-up-on burp cloths easily. It just keeps the dirty stuff contained and away from the clean stuff and makes it easy to pull it all out for the laundry. The bag feels like a nice quality — not stiff crinkly plastic, but a sturdy weight and soft. It zips shut and has a cute gender neutral animal print. A lot of the reviews for wet bags indicate that the reviewers want to stuff soaking wet diapers into the bags and leave them for days at a time. That’s not what these are made for.

Millicent Cincinnati, OH

Liked it enough to buy another

I have two of these bags now (camo and dump truck). They fill up fast if using all-in-one diapers, so it is nice to have two. I use these at home and when we travel. They wash nicely – I line dry them. These bags are washed several times per week and are holding up well. I also like that they are made in the USA.

Lorrie Clintonville, WI

Nice, didn’t last that long

This was a nice-sized wetbag to use for daycare. Unfortunately, the zipper broke and then the waterproofing peeled off. HOWEVER, we used it VERY heavily and all wetbags wear out eventually, so that’s not necessarily a huge complaint. I continued to use it zipper-less and lined with a plastic grocery bag for a long time.

Elma Trenton, GA