Momo Baby Skid-proof Silicone Placemat, Green

Momo Baby Skid-proof Silicone Placemat, Green

Skid-proof silicone placemat relies on its self-adhesive properties to keep small articles in place, preventing from slipping and vibrating. The placemat can be attached onto any smooth surface without leaving any sticky residue. Attach and remove multiple times without loss of tackiness. Mat is non-toxic, odorless, and hypo-allergenic.

Main features

  • Self-adhesive
  • High and low temperature resistant
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy to clean

Verified reviews


Smaller than expected

The product description did not have the dimensions of this product, so I took a chance. This placemat is smaller than I had anticipated (it is 10×14). However it does have some nice features.Pros-It is difficult for our little one to move their plate around. (obviously, it doesn’t stop them from picking the plate up though!)-It stays in place and won’t slide around. It sticks to the table.-The plate kind of sticks to it.Cons-Small (lots of area for the little guy to splatter food that isn’t on the mat)-My son likes to mold it and pick it up. (not really the company’s fault though)-sticky properties don’t work on a table cloth (which is kind of to be expected)Overall this is a good product, but it really needs to be bigger and the product description really needs to let people know the product size.

Lea Spencer, IA

Not as sticky as I hoped.

Not as sticky as I hoped it would be. My little man can still slide his plate (and food) around. It is small but perfect to fit on a high chair table. Might be better as a travel mat for restaurants.

Bernadette Frederick, OK

Super Sticky

This thing works great, super sticky and stays put. My 11month old son has not figured out how to remove it from table as it sticks down to smooth surface very well and this is the best selling point, plus it rinses easily. We keep it rolled up like a burrito in our baby bag and use it when we go to restaurants (who knows what on those tables or on the rags they wipe them down with) Anyway the only flaw I have is when we used it on my grandmothers antique table it removed some of the stain from the table, I think her table is over 125 years old so that could be the reason and it was not noticeable on her table on little flecks of stain on the backside of the mat? Washed off easy. It does attract hair so if you have a hairy situation at your home expect a lot of clinging, almost impossible to remove without rinsing under water hair on there. Good product works great for us.

Rhoda El Cerrito, CA

It is skid-proof

You can move it just by bumping it – you actually have to peel it off the table (which my baby can do – we just ask him not to). It does a good job of protecting our table and we wash it by hand after every use and occasionally on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Manuela Maize, KS


I just bought my 4th one of these mats. I use two at my house, I have purchased one for a friend, and one for my house. PERFECT FOR TODDLER DINNING!

Elvia Newfoundland, NJ

Like ok but too small

This product is ok. It takes my child a little longer to peel it off the table than most other mats. I like the silicone – it is harder for her to slide stuff off the table. The cons are that it is not very transport-able and it is a wee small for my taste.

Berta Philadelphia, MS

Small but doesn’t move at all very skid -proof

The mat is small I should buy two and place them side by side. It doesn’t skid on our counters or on the wood table. It is a weird gel material that my son is fascinated with. He likes poking it with his fingers. It is easy to roll up easy to place on the table and doesn’t move. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it is simply too small. Seams better for restaurant or occasional use then a daily thing.

Christina Hanlontown, IA

Great product

I like the color and washes up nicely. I like the slight sticky surface which keeps it from being pushed around on the table. I would recommend this product.

Madelyn Auxier, KY