Mooma Nursing Necklace

Mooma Nursing Necklace

The Mooma Nursing Necklace is the perfect way to keep your baby entertained while nursing. Just slip it on like a necklace, and you’re ready to go. The wooden ring is made from natural birch, and is just the right size for babies to grasp. It’s sanded completely smooth, oiled with organic olive oil, and rubbed with beeswax before being attached to the adjustable organic cotton cord

Main features

  • Perfect size for nursing babies to grab onto
  • All natural materials

Verified reviews


String very scratchy

The wooden ring is pretty and my baby definitely takes an interest in it, grabbing it and pulling it and swinging it around. Problem is the string around my neck is rough and scratchy so as she is whipping it around, it’s pretty uncomfortable. I’ll try it again after I change out the string for something else.

Shauna Swisshome, OR

Great Value

Every nursing mom needs one of these. Keeps baby entertained and blends in with most casual outfits. I highly recommend.

Maggie Clinton, WI

Good for Nursing Moms

My 4m old kept grasping to hold on to something while he was nursing and I remembered seeing this so I thought I’d give it a try. Overall it’s pretty good. He seems more content when he has something to hold onto and it’s better for me that he’s not tugging on my shirt or grabbing at my hair. My only complaint is that it’s a little thick for little hands to hold onto. As a result he doesn’t always want to hold this, I think because it’s a little uncomfortable for him to get his hand around. Often I’ll give him my finger to hold instead and hold his hand. But overall it does what I wanted it to do and works well.

Harriett Texhoma, OK

Could be better

I liked the thought of finding a nursing necklace made of natural materials that I would also be comfortable letting my baby chew on. The ring was larger than I expected. It measures about 2.75 inches in outside diameter.While the description stated that the ring came on a cotton cord, the one I received had a leather cord. The leather cord was not very durable and didn’t last long before it broke. I’ve since replace it with hemp.My baby didn’t find it extremely interesting at first, although now that he’s teething he likes to chew on the ring – or anything else he can get his hands on!There are probably better nursing necklace options if you’re planning on using it for teething, such as silicone; or if you just want something pretty for your baby to hold on to you might consider Baltic amber or a gemstone nursing necklace. However, if you don’t mind the natural wood look and having slightly clunky jewelry, then this may be a good necklace for you.

Essie Wingate, NC

Mooma Nursing Necklace

I think this is a great product. It does exactly what it’s supposed to–keeps my 5 month old’s head in one place while nursing. He is at the stage where he has trouble concentrating on nursing because so much else is going on around him. When I wear this necklace, he can focus on nursing more because the interesting ring is right in front of him.

Ora Rochester, KY