MoomooBaby Soft Self-Adhesive Baby Proofing Foam Cushion Tape

MoomooBaby Soft Self-Adhesive Baby Proofing Foam Cushion Tape

MoomooBaby Safety Strips is a versatile tool to kid-proof your house. No more painful bumps into corners, furniture and door frames. Stick the self-adhesive tape to cover these hard surfaces to protect your precious little ones. Adhesive is strong enough to make sure the tape stays put on, and yet easy to remove without leaving a sticky mess behind. Generous width and length let you custom cut it to the size and shape just for your need.

Main features

  • Self-adhesive, plush tape can be put on any hard surface to protect your kid.
  • Cut to any size and shape to custom fit your need.
  • 2″ wide. MoomooBaby strips are wider than most competing brands. Provide a firmer grip on angled surfaces.
  • 2 yard long.
  • Made of recyclable, ozone-friendly PE foam. Free of CFCs.

Verified reviews



I stuck this to the edge of my side table which is metal with tiles set in the top, and curved it around the two sides. It seemed to stick well when I affixed it, but by the next day it had all unstuck and was falling off. I then tried to secure it with tape, and put the tape under the tiles. When my baby started pulling herself up on the side table, she ripped it off effortlessly. It was a waste of money. It doesn’t stick well at all, at least on metal. I am ordering the Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard w/4 Corners which I have on my coffee table (same type of table) and has so far stood the test of my 9 and a half month old (although I don’t know what it will look like when it is removed). This item is a lot cheaper, but in my experience not effective and useless.

Edythe Deckerville, MI

Not the best choice, though.

I attached it to the crib’s rails. My baby has managed to chew the thin layer that covers the tape. My baby has only 2 teeths. I was worried that he might’ve swallowed those tiny vinyl pieces. Who knows?If he bangs his chin against the rail, the tape is not so soft to cushion the bang; it still hurts. Ever since I placed it there (replaced the blankie that my mom managed to cover the rails with — so nicely), my baby chews on it.I wish I bought some silicone-made type of protective layer.Oh, and this one is extremely expensive for the bit you get. One long side + one short side of a regular crib.I checked the baby r us store, and they sell this with a dollar more.I also found some sort of rails made of plastic.Which means I still haven’t found what I need to protect my baby’s teeth, head, chin, forehead.

Iva Haskell, OK

Doesn’t stick, alright if you don’t mind gluing it down

Like other reviewers, I haven’t been able to get this to stick well. I held it on for nearly a minute when first applying (and re-applying) and it seems to stick, but in a few hours it’s popped off again. I’m just going to glue it on because it’s going on the poles of a bouncer that I don’t mind being permanently modified, but that obviously doesn’t work for most places you’d put it. Would probably stay fine on a flat surface, but not much point to that.

Jewel Leamington, UT

versatile – gives me peace of mind

i am paranoid, so this allows me to safety proof my house. it is quite sticky but on rounder corners, you may need to hold down for a few seconds.

Kathryn Rimersburg, PA

Good for wall corners

I bought several packages of this to cover the corners of our walls. Each roll is long enough to make three strips that I figured were long enough to cover the corner between crawling-height and toddler-height. The foam is soft and thick enough to prevent my daughter’s head from getting cracked if she runs into the corner – so now I’m not worried about that at all. On several of the strips, parts of it came unstuck from the wall, but in all cases the majority of the strip was still attached, and the strips were definitely not falling down. So I’m still happy because they’re still protecting the corner itself. When my daughter gets older, she might be able to grab at the parts that are unstuck, but that remains to be seen.

Michael Morganville, KS

this tape is great for akward areas. .

But not so great when you need to remove the sticky stuff in the back won’t come off the metal legs of our table. But was the some scrubbing and soap I’m sure it will come off just fine. So there stars only for the bad removal.

May Prairie Home, MO


It works well as a buffer to sharp surfaces…. however, you have to watch out and make sure the baby doesn’t start trying to chew and suck on the texture. I had to keep distracting my son from trying to put his mouth on it. It breaks down into little bits of white material with saliva—watch out..The adhesive is inconsistent. In some places, the adhesive failed and became unsticky. But months later, I tried to take the cushion tape off of an end table– it was impossible to get it off, so most of it is still there… what I was able to remove also pulled the varnish off of the furniture. Don’t use this on anything nice.

Madeline Waddell, AZ

jus wat i expected !!

My toddler ‘s bed is by a sharp edge wall i wanted something thats inexpensive at the same time gives a cushion aganist the wall . this was all that i wanted .

Marianne Salvisa, KY