Mother-Ease Cloth Nursing Pads

Mother-Ease Cloth Nursing Pads

These nursing pads are available in your choice of Organic Cotton Terry, Bamboo Terry or Cotton Terry with a StayDry layer. The Stay Dry layer quickly moves moisture into the cotton layers below and prevents the nipple from sticking to the fabric. Regardless of which nursing pad fabric option you select, each has a breathable moisture resistant layer which helps prevent embarrassing leakage while allowing the sensitive breast tissue to breathe. All are contoured to be comfortable and discrete. All are machine washable and dry-able. Packages of 3 pairs.

Main features

  • Reusable, washable, natural, comfortable, absorbent, contoured, discrete.
  • These nursing pads are a must have for leakage protection while breastfeeding.
  • Machine washable
  • Packages of 3 pairs
  • 5″ diameter

Verified reviews


thick and soft

They don’t stay in place but they are nice and thick and soft. I am glad I bought. They’re a good investment.

Frances Pleasant Hill, OH

Quality breast pads were SO worth it!

Good, absorbent breast pads made such a HUGE difference for me after my son was born. I had battled mastitis twice in 4 weeks and was trying to figure out why it kept recurring. Turns out, the disposable breast pads I had using meant I was just sitting in damp milk with caused an infection in my cracked nipples and didn’t allow good airflow to aid in healing. I also had Reynaud’s Phenomenon and being able to cover quickly with something that would wick moisture away helped ease the pain greatly as well while I was being treated.

Darla Comfrey, MN

Great cloth nursing pads

These things are great. I like that they are contoured. You cannot see them through my shirt. I’ve never had a leak using these. I highly recommend these to nursing mothers.

Lorna Greenock, PA

Do their job

These do their job, though I wish they had a bit more structure to prevent bunching under your bra. That being said, still better than all the others I’ve tried out there.

Estella Galva, IL

No complaints!

written by David’s wife 🙂 I was hesitant to choose this nursing pad as there were only (2) reviews at the time I purchased. However, I needed a reusable pad because the disposables were making my skin break out. I’m SO glad I made the leap of faith though because these nursing pads are fantastic!! I’ve never leaked through- even overnight. These pads are super absorbant (I purchased the bamboo material pads). With a thin "shell" in a nursing bra you can’t see the outline of the pad. Nice, bigger size so that I’m always covered, even when tossing and turning through the night. I bought 2 sets so I don’t have to laundry as much 🙂 MUCH cheaper, in the long run, than disposables.

Lauri Corinth, KY

Soft, comfy, and seem to hold a lot

Honestly I’d give them more of a 4.5. After experiencing unpleasant thrush I had to find a pad that was comfortable and did not allow yeast to flourish. These worked great for that! The bamboo is more hygienic and the cloth allows for more air flow. The softness of the bamboo was also nice on my poor sore nips! They do however bunch up a little hence the half a star.

Terry Hartford City, IN

Sucks up that milk like a towel!

Sure, they are bulky but these pads are so soft, large and totally take care of my leaky boobs. I wish I could wear them out of the house but they’re too thick. They hold up great in the wash.

Gayla East Liberty, OH

Love them!

Love these! They are so much more comfortable than the disposable ones. I only need them to catch letdown when I pump or nurse so I can’t vouch for the absorbancy if you leak a lot. They are also very large which I love, it makes them more comfortable and easier to conceal, plus the little dart helps them sit correctly. However, the size may be too big for some. If you are below a D cup your bra may not conceal them.

Desiree Danvers, MA

These are wonderful!

Sooooooooo much better than wasting money on disposable nursing pads… soft and hold up great over time!! Do yourself a favor and buy them. NOW 🙂

Antoinette Frankford, WV

Best cloth nursing pads out there

I read many reviews of cloth breast pads before settling on these. They are better than any others for two reasons:- The little dart allows them to conform to your breast more than a plain piece of fabric would. Because they’re a little thicker than disposable ones would be, they would stick out without the dart (as other brands do).- The cloth on the back (that would face your shirt) is of a different material which keeps your shirt/bra dry. If they were pure cotton or bamboo, you might get some leakage on your shirt.They are bulkier than disposables would be, but it’s really important to let your nipples breath especially when you first are nursing and unless you are wearing a skin tight white tee shirt, you really can’t see them. Definitely worth the price. I bought two backs.

Joyce Langley, AR

THE best nursing pads

I’ve been experimenting with nursing pads for months now. I’ve purchased a huge range of pads and none have been just right — too small, too bulky, too thin, oddly shaped, etc. So, I was resigned to the fact that there wasn’t one brand that would do the job, and I made due. And, I would often wake up un the morning soaking wet, or at the grocery store with a wet shirt, because the bulkiest pad still couldn’t manage. The most absorbant pad was the Bamboobie, presumably because it had bamboo fibres, but because of its awkward shape (and resulting small surface) I didn’t wear them too often.Although I was no longer actively shopping for pads, I saw these at a breastfeeding supply store in Canada a few weeks ago. I noticed them because they’re really BIG — definitely bigger than anything else I had seen to date. And, they’re bamboo, so I thought they might work well. After trying them out for a few days, I must say that these are AWESOME!! They are so absorbant, lasting through a full night and even into the day. They also cover a much larger surface of your breasts than the others so are less noticeable and are smooth and soft (and hold up really well in the wash).Really a superior product to all the others. Wish they were a bit cheaper, but I’ve invested in a few sets anyway because I have a really hard time putting up with the others now that I know how much better these are. Wish I had these from the start!!

Muriel Bloomingdale, OH

Love these pads, but…(EDITED)

I’m glad I decided to go cloth on nursing pads– I have saved so much money already! These are really pricey, but are almost always my favorites (I also have bamboobies and uddercovers). They are big, but the way they are shaped helps to cup around your shape, so there isn’t really any bulky bunching. If you wear a padded bra, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about– no one can see it. It is super absorbent, and usually comfortable, but lately I have noticed that there are times that they are SUPER ITCHY. I look for hair, I look for lint, and I can’t see the problem. And it’s not every time, either. It’s super weird! So 4 stars for the random itchiness, otherwise it would get the full 5.Edit: Changed to 5 stars because it was the cream I had been using that made me itchy! So it was my fault the whole time. When I stopped using it I stopped having problems.

Katie Belspring, VA

BEST cloth nursing pads!

These are my FAVORITE cloth nursing pads. I am a HEAVY leaker and these are great for daytime use bc they are the most discreet cloth nursing pads I have ever used. I also have the bamboobies overnights, which are great, but definitely bunches and looks like obvious nursing pads. I ordered both at the same time and wish I only got the mother ease now. They’re pricey but well worth it.

Enid Harlowton, MT

Tried a few kinds – this one is my favorite

I tried a few types of washable/reusable nursing pads (specifically EPiBi and Bamboobies), and have found these to be my go-to ones. They are soft/comfortable, I feel like if I leak a bit I don’t have to automatically switch to a new pair immediately, which cuts down on how frequently I have to do laundry (always key as a new parent, since I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry), and the contour helps it lay better under my bra/clothes. So I do think that their claim to stay-dry is accurate. If I do have a heavier leak, it will feel wet and I swap to a new pair for sanitation and comfort, but only once so far (been wearing them for almost 3 months now) have I had it actually leak through the pad and onto the tank top I wear under my shirt. I feel as though even small leaks feel uncomfortable a lot more quickly in other brands and types of pads, even some ranked as heavy flow/absorbency nursing pads. Hope this helps other soon-to-be new moms trying to figure out what type of nursing pad to get 🙂

Ashlee Lane, KS