Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper Cover

Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper Cover

Airflow covers fit Mother-Ease diapers.

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So soft, NO leaks

I LOVE the Mother-Ease fitted diapers, but resisted getting these covers for a long time because they just didn’t have enough pizazz for me. However I finally decided to give them a try and I have to say I REALLY like them. They are very soft, softer than any other PUL covers I have, and the leg gussets are very gentle. The whole cover is made in a way to fit a little bit looser so that it breathes more- it’s not supposed to be skin-tight. So it initially looks quite big but it actually smooths out very well under clothes, and I NEVER have leaks with these. I mean NEVER. So these are great for any time of the day or night, and you can adjust the snaps for babies with a smaller waist and chubby thighs, or vice-versa. It’s very adjustable. I DO wish Mother-Ease would jazz up their covers a bit, get some funky prints, but the pink and yellow are nice colors. GEN-Y makes similarly styled covers (side snaps) with darling prints that I also really like. But I have to give props to these covers because they are the most leak-proof and very soft.

Kayla Glasco, KS

My new FAVORITE cover!

This cover is by far better than many of the other popular brands in terms of fit, comfort, and effectiveness in containing blowouts. I thought these would be a big fit and didn’t seem customizable like the Thirsties where you could adjust the rise, as well as the waist. These are actually a better fit because there are three size settings for the thighs and two for the waist. Most diaper covers don’t have that. Only for the waists are they adjustable. Being able to better adjust the thighs to your baby’s size makes it less likely that there will a blowout. The PUL is extremely thin and softer than the other brands, but great at containing leaks and messes. These are the first pair of covers that didn’t leave red marks on my daughter’s thighs. She could also be in a sitting position a lot easier with these on than the other covers because there was more room in her butt. The only guilt that I have with cloth diapering is that it’s a lot bulkier and cumbersome for my baby. But these covers keep it pretty trim.

Jeanette Fort Washington, PA

Leak free, hassle free

I LOVE these diapers, I got the size small for our newborn and they still fit at size 15 lbs. We’ve never had a leak. Fantastic covers! I highly recommend!

Monica Fairmont, NE

The best diaper system

Leak free, easy to clean and the covers last 2-5 diaper changes. they can be sprayed off with vinegar and just wiped clean. Awesome system. You could probably just pack old t-shirts in these things and have better diapers than most pocket or AIOs. The best part is that they don’t pretend to fit like disposables, so they come down the legs enough to seal in turdles and pee.

Sherri Saint Joe, IN

Doesn’t wick moisture to the outside!

I have tried just about every diaper cover out there. The problem I always have is moisture being wicked to the outside. These ones don’t! They have a mesh fabric around the legs that doesn’t wick the moisture to the outside. I have some covers that have been through 3 kids. The mesh fabric around the legs is pretty worn but they are still leak proof. I have NEVER had a daiper leak out of these covers. They are AWESOME! The Mother-ease one size diapers are pretty awesome too. They are more absorbant than anything else I’ve tried. Yes, they are bulky, but I would rather have bulky than leaky.

Shelia Elgin, OK

My new favorite

I’ve been looking for new covers for my toddlers (ages 1 1/2 and 2 1/2). I have a couple of the Thirsties and the Bummis whisper (both velcro). Thirsties velcro is already fuzzy and will not stay on very well and the Bummis covers are so thick, and it seems like they get soaked along with the diapers, even though they are almost brand new. I love the Mother Ease covers, they fit both of my kids, and they are thin and contain a wet diaper really well. They are also loose enough that they do not make marks on my babies’ legs. I love these!

Serena Cantil, CA

Free shipping if ordered from 9G HealthFoods website. Orange color not as pictured.

I wish I would have realized I could have gotten free shipping on the single cover that I ordered if I had ordered it directly from the shipper’s website (9G Health Foods). Could have saved $2. I ordered the orange Savanna 2 cover and it’s not nearly as cute in person as it is on the website. The orange color is more fluorescent and patchy colored. It just looks way different than pictured. Otherwise, this is my 6th Airflow cover and I’ve been using them for awhile and love them. I love Mother-ease one-size fitteds and covers. You can even put them on when your baby is flipped over on their belly.

Marissa Saranac, NY

love this!

I have a 3.5 year old that still is in diapers. Luckily we use cloth to help with our land fills… anyway getting off point. She’s 3.5 and 35 pounds, this cover works great for her. She prefers this one to all of them because this one does not hurt her anywhere. Also we have plenty of room, it is as tight as it goes on the top and she is very comfortable. She is on the middle snap in the legs, and very comfortable, no lines or creases on her skin from it. Plenty of room to grow (hopefully we wont need it!) anyway we love this diaper, hope you will too!

Tasha Alcester, SD