Mother-ease Sandy’s Cloth Diaper

Mother-ease Sandy’s Cloth Diaper

Our Sandy’sTM cloth diapers come in two main sizes: small for 8-20 lbs, and large for 20-35 lbs. We also offer Newborn and Toddle-ease cloth diapers which offer a custom fit for newborns and a larger cloth diaper for toddlers. These cloth diapers are made from our same soft stretchy terry cloth using the same quality of workmanship, but they have an extra layer of absorbent terry sewn to the inside of the diaper. The fit of this cloth diaper is slightly roomier. Elastic at the waist front and back as well as the leg openings, together with the snap closures at the sides create a clean pant-like look. A serged edge finishes the diaper. Our large Sandy’sTM cloth diaper is one of the most absorbent cloth diapers ever, and holds 15 oz. When used together with our Sandy’sTM Diaper Liners it makes an extravagant nighttime cloth diaper.

Main features

  • 2 Size Fitted Cloth Diaper System
  • Small fits from 8-20 lbs., Large from 20-35 lbs.
  • Ultra absorbent – Extravagant night-time diaper
  • Plush fabrics supported by soft yet durable elastic
  • One of Mother-ease’s Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems

Verified reviews


Love them!

Cute, cute, cute! I let my little boy run around the house it these and they absorbent, but don’t feel “dry” to him like a disposable will, which helps him know when it’s time to go to the “potty”. I much prefer him in cloth diapers when I can find one that actually fits him, but it’s tough to find any diaper (cloth or disposable) to fit him.The side snaps on this diaper make it much easier to adjust for a baby like mine who has always grown faster, and has a larger bottom and thigh area compared to other babies his age, but still has a regular sized waist/hip area. This diaper has separate adjustments for waist and leg, so it’s perfect!

Frieda Esom Hill, GA

Sizing off

I have yet to use this product on my daughter, because it seems to be way bigger than her size. She was 8lbs 2oz at birth and this thing looked gigantic compared to her. At first I thought I got the wrong size, but the tag definitely says small. I have no idea where they are getting 8lbs as the size of the smallest baby to fit. She’s just over 11lbs now and it’s still looking huge compared to her. I plan to keep it and use it when she gets bigger. It feels super soft and seems absorbent. I can’t wait until she finally fits into it.

Catherine Mccall, ID

great diaper

These are big butt diapers, but with lots of bulk comes lots of absorption. I am a cloth diaper collector, I have one of just about every kind you can imagine,but nothing could last my heavy wetter through the night without leaving a terrible diaper rash because of the wetness. I happened upon a used set of these diapers at a consignment store with the extra inserts included, and decided to try it in combination with a large thirsties cover. It was amazing, it may be huge but for the first time ever I can put my son down in a cloth diaper and not wake up to a diapering disaster. My son is very thin and narrow in all areas and it still fits, but I liked how the leg could be adjusted if he were a chunkier baby. A good diaper cover also makes up for any little loose areas that occur because of my son’s stick thin frame, so if you have a thin child go for a cover with good gussets just in case the leg ends up being a little loose. Fitted diapers can be expensive, but I would definitely say it is worth it to invest in 2-3 of these so you can use one for every night of your diaper laundry cycle. During the day I use mostly pre-folds of various types, I tried my hand at some fun pocket diapers which almost always means using polyester, but I’ve found that I prefer cotton. If I could afford it my son would sport the big butt look all the time because I would make my whole stash mother-ease!

Kitty Gladwin, MI


Use everynight with my 5 mo.old with a bamboo or microfiber doubler and thirstier wrap!! Been using about a month now with only a couple of leaks but those were very heavy wet nights pretty sure nothing would have handled! !And she sleeps thru the night for the most part (about 9 hrs in diaper) def getting more when she hits weight maximum for these!

Rosalia Farmerville, LA

My Favorite Fitted!

These are my favorite fitteds. I use the bamboo at night for my little guy who sleeps 10-13 hours. Even the cotton with a bamboo or hemp booster works well at night for us. I recommend them to everyone. They’re one of the few fitteds that has fit my long-waisted and chubby baby well. They do run a tad large, IMO, so I’d recommend sizing down if your baby is between sizes.

Adelaide Angie, LA

By far one of the BEST diapers I’ve used

I bought this in size lg for my almost 9 month old 25ish lb son. He is a chubby boy and fairly heavy wetter. I pair this with the thirsties duo cover and it fits wonderully underneath. It’s somewhat bulky but not terrible. Very soft and comfy. I wear this on him for sleeping, naps, long trips. It works great. Holds in everything and haven’t had any leaks yet not even with his massive poops. I could probably wear a size down on him on the largest setting but this size works wonderfully on the smallest. Working on saving money to add more to my stash. Hands down wins over all the other (many many many) brands I’ve tried. Mother-ease sandys and kissaluvs contours are the BEST diapers I’ve ever tried. Would definitely recommend. Definitely worth the price.

Fannie Clovis, NM

One of my favorite diapers!

I love to use Mother-ease Sandy’s cloth diapers! They are my favorite diapers, along with Little Lions, and so absorbent! They are especially great for tall/long babies because they have a nice high rise. I have the unbleached cotton and the bamboo and both are so soft and fit very nicely, and work well with my Bummis covers. I can’t wait to buy more!

Patrice Miamiville, OH

Soft, but not my favorite

I had been highly recommended this brand by many others who cloth diaper. It seems to have a following of fans, however, it wasn’t quite right for what we needed it for (overnight use). This is a fitted cloth diaper which will need paired with a cover. We use ours under wool covers. It’s very soft, and rather absorbant, but I wouldn’t recommend it for overnight use if you have a heavy wetter. Our dd has become a heavy wetter, and this diaper holds up fine during the day, but can’t hold enough overnight or during naps, causing overflow and leaking. It’s also very bulky. Even though the size I got is for 20-35 lbs, it’s huge on my 20 lb girl. Additionally, I wish it had a pocket or something, to throw in some extra hemp inserts for absorbance. We always have to put the hemp insert on the outside of the fitted, between the fitted and the cover. Overall, since I’ve heard so many rave reviews from my friends on this product, my recommendation would be is that if you are interested in this product, get one and try it out first, before you buy anymore. It may meet your needs, especially if you’re just looking for a daytime diaper that’s soft and gentle against your baby’s skin.

Willie Industry, PA

Another winner from Mother Ease, so great for nights

Mother Ease are one of my all time favorite diaper brands. They are so soft, super durable, and great at containment. I love the one-size and these Sandy’s fitteds. The large size can easily fit a trifolded Thirsties hemp prefold, and combined with a wool cover it’s the Fort Knox of nightime diapering. The bamboo is sooooo soft. I love how the sides are so stretchy and the elastic is super gentle. You can adjust the snaps to a looser setting if you have a baby with super chubby thighs. I love Mother Ease, I’ve literally never had a single leak with them.

Jill Bledsoe, KY

Great price for good absorbtion

There are a lot of products in the cloth diaper world these days. So much so that its hard to know which one to choose. Every CD mom has to figure out what works for her. I bought this diaper to accommodate my heavy wetter for overnight. I have been very pleased with this diaper. I put it on before bed and I put a cover (usually best bottoms) over it and I don’t change it til morning. The diaper is usually soaked in the morning but as long as all of the cloth is covered by the diaper you wont have any leaks.

Lila Maple City, MI

Favorite Cloth for Mom of Three, One and under

I own the Small size for the organic cotton, two pink cottons, and two bamboo. While the bamboo “looks” the best after being in the wash, the organic cotton is definitely the best absorbency wise.Fitteds are my favorite diaper for infant poo and solid chunks. (I didn’t use these for my oldest when he first started solids because the poo was hard to get off. Now we just dunk it in the toilet).Anyhow.. my girls, they’re currently 14 lbs. We’re using size 3 pampers when we’re out and about. At home, I use this diaper without a cover. Yeah, it gets a little damp, but I don’t let them sit long in a wet diaper of any variety, so not the biggest deal during playtime.I have the M/L cover for naptime. I also like the microfiber insert that this company makes… It’s actually pretty darned absorbent.The only downside for me is bulk. This is a bulky diaper, especially when you add the cover. I like that it airs out the diaper area. I like that it’s soft. And I like the side snaps that are more like a disposable diaper and not at all confusing or complex.Having so many in diapers, I like being able to put these in the wash and the dryer. Organic cotton dries well.

Lula Arcadia, WI

True love

I can’t believe these diapers aren’t more expensive. I have the organic cotton small for my 14 pound baby. They give her a big soft squishy butt and I use a Thirsties cover. Never a leak, ever. And when I take off a wet diaper, her skin feels dry so it is wicking away moisture, I guess because of the fabric’s texture. I have tried other fitteds and these are my favorite! I have zero complaints about this diaper. It’s easy to put on and does a great job. Yay!

Sophia Uniondale, NY