Mother’s Lounge Carseat Canopy, Maddox

Mother’s Lounge Carseat Canopy, Maddox

The Maddox black, white and grey boy print creates a modern, masculine feel reminiscent of one of your favorite sports teams. Royal blue minky dots interior. Made for year round use the fabric is not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter. We’ve got your baby covered. The Maddox Canopy fits all makes and models of infant car seats. Adjustable attachment straps allow for a custom fit. Machine washable, hang dry. Car seat Canopy products are made for year round use fabrics not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter. Each one of our canopies has bold, fresh, cutting edge prints on 100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors. We’ve got your baby covered.

Main features

  • 100% cotton outer/100% polyester minky inner
  • Imported
  • Each canopy fits all makes and models of infant car seats
  • Adjustable attachment straps allow for a custom fit
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Cute and functional

This carseat cover is beautiful and functional. First off the material is thicker than it looks and really darkens the carseat area if baby is taking a nap, it also can withstand some sprinkling rain without baby getting damp. One great thing about this is that although it appears to attach with buttons there is actually Velcro attaching the canopy to the carseat. We keep this on our carseat at all times and use it daily to shade baby.

Benita Kaktovik, AK


I was looking for a good quality unisex cover for my little one, and I’ve found it in the Regan! It is long enough to cover but not too long so as to get difficult to manage. It is thick enough to be of good quality and to block out sun, wind or light rain, but not enough where baby would overheat. It is awfully dark in there, though. So great if baby is napping, but I can see some fits if he is not ready to be shut out just yet. Wish it had a window flap. But overall, very nice.

Sierra Lawrenceburg, IN

Great price and style!

I get compliments on mine all the time! At first I was bummed because the buttons shown in the picture are not how you fasten it. There is a very small velcro strip. I thought for sure it would be an issue. I have now owned it for a month and not once has it come apart! I bring my new baby to work with me so I literally use my car seat every day. Its winter so I can be sure that she is protected in there. The top part is so stylish and under is a very soft velvet material that has bumps, so it has better grip (I think). The price is great! A MUST have!

Marlene Rutherford College, NC

A few tweaks would make it “perfect”

This products works well for what it is designed for, but there are two things that would make it perfect. 1) The fabric needs to be a bit bigger. Maybe about an inch bigger (length/width) to ensure complete coverage. 2) The two straps that attach to the cat seat handle, the Velcro need to be a bit more to allow for different size handles. The straps keep sliding down (to the left or to the right). If the Velcro ran the length of the strap I could tighten it more.

Lelia Lebanon, MO

Seeing these everywhere

I am seeing everyone with these. They are really nice and seem to work fine for what you are needing it for.

Leanne Ben Lomond, AR


I recently had a baby and the Carseat Canopy is awesome. They did not have this 17 years ago when i had my other son. In those days we would use bulky blankets to cover the baby from the elements, but this has made it so easy to travel with the baby and not worry about the sun hitting the baby’s face. This is every mom’s must haves.

Reyna Lincoln, IA


Does what it says it does. Keeps the sun out of his eyes, and prevents strangers from touching baby. Love it!

Ilene Andover, ME


I wish I had bought this sooner! So lovely and what a sweet way to protect my baby! The cloth is super soft and we love it.

Lupe Tatum, NM


This was a great cover for our Graco car seat. It kept the wind and rain from the baby. I love this product!

Dee Lorimor, IA

Three Stars

needs more velcro on the straps, it falls off

Carrie Castle Creek, NY


It’s not real fitted and wasn’t as unisex as I thought. It’s more of a pinkish lavender and I thought it was more lavender blue from photo.

Hester Saint Marys, GA

I love this Canopy

I ordered the JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy and hated it. The Velcro was annoying and it didn’t fit the way I thought it would.This is by far the best canopy! really great. Easy to open and close (just lift). great color. There is a wide selection of colors to choose from.

Diana Bowden, WV

Great cover!

Love this cover. My little girl was born in Nov and this was awesome to have to cover her up in the cold winter weather.

Mia Hargill, TX

Very cute!

Product exactly as described! SO cute and feels so good and soft!! Wish there was an option to make the Velcro that goes around the handle tighter but all in all a great product!! Keeps the sun out of her eyes and keeps her from the weather!

Pearlie Chester, MD


This is probably one of my favorite things I bought for my babygirl!! It keeps all the weather off of her!!and the designs are pretty too, and matches her room! 🙂

Dorothy Nicholson, GA