Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack

Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack

A unique breastmilk storage system designed for freezing or refrigerating breast milk, providing a safe alternative to plastic bags for storing and freezing milk for your baby. The storage rack is designed to allow 10 BPA FREE 5oz. bottles to rotate so that the milk is used in a “first-in, first-out” basis. Each bottle includes a cap plug and screw on cap to eliminate leaking. The bottles universal thread size allows the bottles to be screwed directly to most breast pumps to be used as breastpump collection bottles. Bottles may also be used to feed the baby with a universal nipple and collar. Set includes 10 bottles, 10 plugs, 10 caps, freezergrade labels, and storage rack. The storage rack is made from heavy duty wire and powder coated in white. Powder coating is a highly durable painting process. The bottles are manufactured using polypropylene plastic. This material meets the Food and Drug Administration requirements of 21CFR 177.1520, conforms to USP XXIII Class VI requirements, and is Kosher certified.

Main features

  • First In – First Out Breast Milk Storage RackTM – durable powder coated metal storage rack, allows bottles to roll forward, holds up to 10 5 oz. bottles
  • 10 BPA – free, 5 oz. bottles (fill to 4 – 4 ½ oz.) with graduation marks to keep track of how much baby has eaten
  • Dimensions: L 13 1/8″ x W 4 5/8″ x H 6 ½”
  • 10 bottle cap plugs (to prevent leaking)
  • Bottles work with most major brand breast pumps including Medela® and Ameda®

Verified reviews



Sort of pricey for what’s here. I am going to use these but I am sure that regular storage containers (sold in the same familiar dept stored we all shop at) are just as good.

Abigail Monterey, CA

Its okay

I bought this system as well as two extra sets of bottles after being extremely frustrated w/ leakage from breastfeeding bags. I encountered a few problems though1) They are marketed as 5 oz bottles. While they hold 5 ozs, the markings on the bottle only go up to 4 oz, and if you put 5 ozs in them and freeze them than the bottles warp.2)If you truly have a large supply you are going to need A LOT of bottles. I typically used 10 or of these bottles a day. I still had to go and buy lots and lots more bottles.While there are things that I would improve on w/ the system, I would probably purchase it again (a little earlier though).

Marian South China, ME

Great, only wish the bottles were made of same material as medela bottles

I have used these bottles for about a year, and am getting ready to wean. I used them for the first 5 months for storing frozen milk (I wasnt rotating them), then when I went back to work, I rotated in the frozen milk and started using the bottles with the rack to store milk in the fridge. Like most others have said, this is certainly more cost effective than bags. My daughter wasnt ever a big drinker, so I would use from 2 to 3 and a half a day, so stored about 3 or 4 days of pumped milk (with BF for the morning, noon and night feedings [daycare was next to work]).This also worked with my medela PIS advanced pump without any problems. I didnt find cleaning the separate caps an issue, though Im not sure why they designed them this way to begin with.The one thing they could improve on would be to make it from the same material as the medela bottles. I think they are both polypropelene, but for some reason, the fat on the medela would come off a lot easier than on these bottles. Maybe because these have some texture to them? Anyway, the reason why this is a shortcoming is that, because these are stored horizontally, there’s a much larger surface area on the top of the milk than if they were stored vertically (which wouldnt work in the rack system, of course). Because all the good fat rises to the top, then it takes a while of sitting on the counter and swirlling the milk to get this fat to off the sides. It can take something like 20 minutes or so to get all the fat off the sides, versus with medela bottles where it may only take a couple minutes.I would definitely buy this, but recommend to the product managers to make this out of the other material.

Mabel Goldsmith, IN

Perfect! Honestly can’t find anything wrong with them

I’ve been using these for over 2 months and have not found a problem. I love them. I bought the extra storage containers too. I have not frozen these but I like that I can freeze them if I want to. My system that works for me is that I pump into the bottles for use the next day. I typically pump more than my daughter eats, so at the end of the week I freeze any leftover milk (except for what I pumped on Friday, which will be used for Monday). I use Honeysuckle bags to freeze. I originally didn’t want to use bags to freeze, but I realized quickly that would get expensive very quickly.- Sterilization is easy. I boiled everything (bottles, plugs, caps) for 10-12 minutes and experienced no melting. I also sterilized the extra bottles I bought.- You don’t need the plugs for refrigeration. I stopped using them after about 6 weeks just to see if they were necessary. They are not. I’ve never had a leak and now it’s one less thing to wash. I’m not sure if they are necessary for freezing.- The bottles only fall out the back if you “push” them into the unit quickly. Gently let them go in the rack so they aren’t going high speed, and they won’t come out the back.- I never had a bottle pop out the front. But I let my bottles go into the unit gently.- I’ve had a bottle go out of alignment on the unit and go down diagonally a couple times, but only because I wasn’t looking and put the bottle in crooked.- If you take a bottle out the front and need to put it back, you can put it in the front and push the other bottles up. Make sure the unit isn’t full.- They screw on to my Medela PIS Advanced pump perfectly.- You can store a lot more bottles of milk in this rack than just having them on a shelf in the freezer. It really saves a lot of space.- If anything, I wish it was a bit longer because my refrigerator is deeper than the unit, but I can’t store anything in front or behind it.- Medela bottles KIND OF fit in the rack. They end up getting crooked so they don’t really “roll”, but they do fit. 4 oz. Doctor Browns bottles are the right diameter, but the ones I have are too tall to fit in the rack at all.- You can use standard collars and nipples with these (like the ones that go with the Medela bottles). However, my daughter had problems taking ANY bottle until we tried Comotomo brand so we still use those. Since the Comotomo bottles can’t be pumped directly into, I pump into these bottles and use them purely for storage. Since my daughter is doing well on the Comotomo bottles now, we might try one of these with a standard nipple and see how it goes. If your kid will take a regular bottle, this is a HUGE plus because you can pump into, store, and feed all from the same bottle.To the people who’ve mentioned that they’ve had the bottles (especially caps) crack when dropped while frozen… that’s a given. Every plastic bottle will have this problem. I have 2 sets of the Medela freezer storage bottles and I’ve had caps crack when dropped. The reason I don’t like those is because they are only 2.5 ounces. You can’t buy those caps separately either – I’ve tried. I even called Medela and asked for replacement caps but all they could do was send me a new set of 12 bottles and caps (which I very much appreciate, but my point is you can’t just get the caps).

Tasha Green Pond, AL

Great system

Easy way to keep bottles organized in the fridge. I was worried that the rack might be cheaply constructed, but it is a substantial, heavy-weight metal. The bottles attach to my Ameda Purely Yours pump with no problem. While they aren’t the quality of the Ameda bottles, they get the job done. Haven’t tried them in the freezer yet, but if they work as well there I’ll be buying another set.My husband was excited to see this in the fridge and gave it a big thumbs up!edit 2/3: working great in the freezer and holding up well. Use these when I pump at work and no problems with bottles leaking in transport like others I have tried. Since they are designed to store sideways they are pretty much leak proof.

Bettye Nellis, WV

Careful Sterilizing

I got this product and boiled it as directed to sterilize. I now have 10 bottles that are partially melted, same with the caps and the little inserts. Worst part of it is that I now have melted plastic on the bottom of my good pot! I am still using the bottles to store milk, but not really happy with the product.

Lawanda Ridgefield, NJ

Good for keeping things organized

Once you start pumping milk and storing it, you quickly realize bottles and bags take over your freezer.This little rack is very handy for keeping the ‘next to use’ bottles ready for dispensing, which is great. However, you’re limited to bottles for it’s organizational benefits.I ordered extra bottle to be on the safe side, but I ran out and started using bags, which are now in the middle of the ‘first in first out’ rotation, so I have bottles simply standing about in the freezer.The bottles fit perfectly with my Medela Pump-in-Style pump parts.Cons:~If the back of the rack isn’t against a flat surface, it’s not too difficult for a bottle to roll off in the back when you’re trying to shift things around.~If you mistakenly remove the front bottle and then decide you don’t want to defrost, forget about easily putting it back. I had a fiasco which resulted in a cracked bottle of frozen milk.Overall, decent product for storage purposes, but probably better used for organizing refrigerated-only milk. Bottles are great for warming up, though.

Jane Saluda, SC

Works great

I love this product. It works great. I would recommend purchasing 2 to have the maximum storage ability. Great to heat the bottles up in as well. Be careful not to over fill the bottles. Leave room for the milk to expand in the freezing process or the bottles will split.

Patrica Warren, IL

Use it everyday

I work full-time and pump for about 1 year with my kids (on number 3 now).This helps a busy household because everyone can tell which milk to use next for baby. I stopped labeling dates and times on the milk because of this system. I like that it is BPA free. The little round thing you put in the bottle before you put the lid on is difficult to fit in at times, but I think it prevents spills when the milk lays sideways in the rack.

Jordan Mitchellville, TN

Good solution

So far we really like this thing. We had a cluttered mess of bottles and bags taking up a half a shelf in our fridge and I got sick of it so I went looking for a solution. This seems to fit the bill pretty well. I like the first in/first out setup. The bottles are nothing too amazing, I wish the caps had a rubber seal like a coke bottle or something so you didn’t have to stick that plastic cap in there first, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Haven’t had any leak yet. They will hold about 5 ounces tops, so I don’t know what happens when your kid eats more than that. One rack with 5 oz bottles and another with less?

Letha Brownstown, PA


I was surprised to find that 10 storage bottles were included in this, as it was not very clear about that in the product description. I have yet to use them for quality, but thought the other was worth mentioning.

Deena Granville, MA

sooo amazing

If you work, this is a must! I didn’t have it initially, but it was so helpful! Milk was organized and clear. There was no date confusion, and it took less space. It comes with some labels, but after I ran out, I used dots form the office store, or any cut up labels. They all eventually come off in the wash. But, overall, amazing and a necessity!

Joyce Saint Vrain, NM

Good enough

These bottles and storage system are useful and fulfill the purpose of keeping everything straight and organized. However, 4 oz in these bottles is not the same as 4 oz. in my Dr. Brown bottles or even in my Ameda pumping bottles. I don’t know if the marks on the bottles are just estimated numbers or what, but it gets frustrating when I think I have enough milk in the mother’s milkmate bottle to make full eating bottle for my baby and then have to go and use some of the freshly pumped milk. FYI – they do fit perfectly on my Ameda Purely Yours pump.

Luann Rose Hill, VA

Makes Milks Storage so Easy!

I love this system. My husband is a stay at home parent and he never is confused about which bottle in the fridge he should use. I find the bottles attach to my Medela pump perfectly. It doesn’t take up much space in the fridge. The bottles have never leaked, even after dozens and dozens of uses and runs through the dishwasher. We have also found that the caps/nipples from the cheapo Gerber bottles fit on the MilkMate bottles without any leakage.The only thing is that the bottles only mark to 4oz. Not a big issue for us, I just fill to the neck. We also have never freezed these bottles so I do not know how they work in that situation.

Mitzi Lunenburg, VT

easy storage

i loved using these bottles to store my milk. it was the perfect size. i would recommend these to anyone breastfeeding.

Corina Cool Ridge, WV

Great for using at home

I loved this before I had to return to work. It was very convenient to be able to pump directly into the bottles. Not so much to carry them around, and giving the bottles turned into a bit of a hassle with the daycare. I would much prefer the disposable bags. it is also a little more difficult to thaw milk from these. The bottles are BPA free, which is comforting , and easy to clean, but I wouldn’t recommend them for the purpose of a working mom, or to take out in public.

Mercedes Sylvester, WV