Mother’s Touch Deluxe Baby Bather

Mother’s Touch Deluxe Baby Bather


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Used this once and gave it away

I registered for this product because I have a small house and didn’t have a good place to store a full-sized baby tub. This does fold up nice and small, but it is useless. The bottom of the chair sits an inch or two above the sink or tub- so in order to have the baby in any water, you need to fill up the sink quite a bit. With so much of the baby out of the water, my baby got cold very quickly. The mesh seat wicks the water all over, so she was sitting in a very wet chair. It was a disaster (think screaming, cold, baby). I ended up using a regular old baby tub, which if I twisted just the right way, fits under my bathroom sink.I was using this with a newborn, perhaps it would be better with an older baby.

Juliana Pottsville, PA

This is GREAT if you have an infant and toddler!!

I LOVE this!! It makes it so easy to bathe my toddler and my infant at the same time in the tub!! I don’t understand the problem in some of the other reviews that the footrest comes unsnapped… I have never had this problem, maybe it was corrected? Anyhow… I love this bather and could NOT do without it! It saves time and space (very compact and flat when folded up) and is holding up great. (I’ve had it for about two months now.) I would definately recommend this!

Irene Fisher, LA

This bather is everything it promises

I am a first time mom and have never used another bather for my two and a half month old. It’s easy to store, dries fast, and my baby seems very comfy in it. It fits nicely in my sink and its mesh fabric allows water to flow through. After reading other reviews, I want to try it in the bath with me and see how baby and I like it!

Gale Cinebar, WA

I don’t know that I bath my baby “the typical way”

By reading the other reviews, I wonder…. To me this is the ONLY thing I could use. I hate the idea of the baby soaking in the same water I used to washed her. We have a pot with warm water next to me and sat the baby bather on my bathroom sink. I closed the door and kept the bathroom warm until we were done. We have a big bathroom and I dressed her on the ocuntertop.Now she is 6 months and I still sit her on it. Now I use an inflatable tub underneath it. still the water runs out into the sink, but the countertop is too hard so we take her into the room to dress her. For me, this is a great product!AHH! when we know we will be outdoors, we use it as our baby’s chair. since it is meshy, it helps her stay cool. She is a summer baby.

Lucille Beulaville, NC

makes bathtime fun!

I love this chair! It keeps my baby from slipping too far into the water. I like that it folds up for easy storage and that the soapy water can go through so that I can rinse her easily. It drys quickly too. We use it in the sink and we spray her off with the sprayer. She loves her bath time and so do I! We look forward to it and this chair makes it so easy!

Thelma Bahama, NC


This seat makes bathing even the squirmiest baby quick and easy. It’s mesh, so it’s not uncomfortable for the baby like the other hard, plastic tubs out there. When pouring water on the baby, it drains right through the mesh. The seat dries fast, and doesn’t grow mold or mildew.

Tamera Idledale, CO

Poorly Designed Product

This seat is not at all sturdy. The bottom portion will not stay down, and I’m not about to put my baby into it. I bought it yesterday, and I’m returning it tomorrow. It does not seem safe at all. It is so light that it seems like the baby could easily tip over.

Alicia Lind, WA

excellent bath seat

I’ve started using it with my newborn and found it very easy to “shower” him by simply pouring water over him. Because it doesn’t fit in my sink, I use it in the bath tub. This seat eliminates the whole “sitting in unclean water” thing. Plus the fact that it folds compactly is great. It can be used at home or when you are away. It fits neatly in any suitcase and dries quickly.

Noemi Savery, WY