Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 Baby Monitor,Brown with White

Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 Baby Monitor,Brown with White

Keep an eye on more with the additional camera for the Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor. The MBP36 parent unit can be paired with up to 4 cameras, so you can be sure you don’t miss a thing. Add a camera to an older siblings bedroom and monitor all your children from one convenient parent unit, or add additional cameras to your baby’s nursery to enhance your viewing area. Additional cameras pair seamlessly with your existing parent unit and can be wall mounted or placed on a dress or night stand so you can be sure you get the viewing area you need.

Main features

  • Additional Camera for use with the Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitors; this camera is NOT compatible with S-version monitors (MBP33S or MBP36S)
  • Pair up to four cameras seamlessly to a single parent unit
  • Additional cameras allow monitoring in multiple areas, or additional viewing angles in a single room
  • Camera can be wall mounted or placed on a dresser or stand
  • Camera features pan and tilt, fully controllable on the parent unit the camera is paired with
  • Additional camera for the Motorola mbp36 digital video baby monitor
  • Add additional cameras to enhance your viewing angles
  • Mbp36 is expandable up to 4 cameras

Verified reviews


Good 2nd camera, but night vision failed after a month

This camera was purchased for my Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor which only comes with one camera. I needed a second camera for a new baby. Previous to purchasing the Motorola MBP36, I had used baby monitors from Levana, Lorex, MobiCam, Samsung, and Summer Infant (my search for the perfect one was a little excessive). This Motorola is one of the better ones I’ve used.The setup was super-easy, and it worked flawlessly. It’s the exact same camera that comes with the MBP36 set, so it swivels all around – tilts, pans and zooms nicely as advertised. It can be placed on a nightstand, and it can be mounted to the wall. I have both cameras mounted to the wall, about 7-8 feet away from the crib. The night vision is excellent. If you have the MBP36 unit with camera, you know exactly what you are getting. I was pretty happy with the purchase.About a month into using the unit it started to slowly lose the night vision feature. At first it was barely noticeable so I dismissed it; but another month in, it became pretty obvious that night vision was failing. Night vision was still working on the original camera (after months of use), but not on this additional camera (only about a month use). I swapped the two cameras between the rooms and tested them to confirm, and verified that night vision was gone on the second camera only. I probably got a defective unit.As night vision is one of the key features I needed, this camera became very inconvenient…it basically functioned only as an audio monitor for the second room at night.Thankfully, because I ordered from Amazon and this camera falls under the baby products 365-day return policy, Amazon replaced it at no charge. Order from Amazon if you want the peace of mind of a 365-day return guarantee. If you want 20% off the retail price, buy with a coupon from BBB, if there is one near you. I believe BBB has a good return policy as well.I gave it 4-stars because the replacement is working well. I assume that the first camera I received was defective. If this replacement camera fails also, I will write an update to this review and revise the rating.

Latonya Micaville, NC

Bought this as a 2nd camera for my MBP33 system

After calling Motorola and asking if this would work with the MBP 33, they said no. I went to a friends house who has the MBP 36 and used my handheld to check if I could pick up her camera after pairing. I could so I bought it. When it arrived it said on the box that it works with the MBP 33. Motorola customer service gets an F but the product itself is great.

Cornelia Ashton, NE

No reception after 4 months

Not happy at all, we bought the full system with one camera. Recently this additional camera has stopped getting reception in our babies room upstairs. The full system continues to work but this additional one, we are consistently having problems to the point that we cannot depend on it. Very disappointed, especially with the money we spent on this. We are at the point of having to hold the screen up to the ceiling in our living room to get reception. Keep in mind the babies room is almost right above our living room. I hope Motorola resolves this issue.

Lorena Fletcher, OH

Bought this so I would have two cameras – Wish I had bought two Dropcams

I bought the Motorola camera and monitor kit and this so I would have two cameras. I put one of them in my daughters’ room and one overlooking the back patio. That way I’d be notified when my kids wake up from their nap and if there is anyone creeping around the back of my apartment. The system worked great, but I was always bothered by the incredibly short battery life on the monitor and on the monitor’s really short range. If I wanted the monitor to be by my bed, it’d die before the night is over and then BEEP BEEP BEEP every few seconds to remind me to plug it in. Very annoying. Then, I’d want to go outside while the kids are sleeping but still be able to wach them but the range was pitiful. I could not go further than 5-10′ from my house.So, what to do. Well, I love gadgets and go a Dropcam. The Dropcam has a 720p camera and sends the video over the internet! That means I can use my iPhone to watch the kids – I could run out to take out the trash while the kids are sleeping and know they are ok. I can also be on vacation with the family and receive notifications if there is movement or sound in my house! That’s amazing. Now, the downside is that I can’t move the Dropcam like I can with this unit. The thing is, thought, that 720p is really WIDE – I can get my kids entire room in one location which means I don’t have to move the camera to see everything! So, that’s amazing.Anyways, I spent over $300 on this Motorola setup and would have rather bought 2 Dropcams for that same amount.

Bernadette Soddy Daisy, TN

Easy as pie, actually it’s easier…

We have the Motorola 3.5in Baby Monitor and love it! We needed a second camera as my son naps in our room during the day and sleeps in his room at night. It took me less than a minute to pair the camera with the parent unit. It has all the same features of the first camera (scan, temperature, etc.). You can choose to scan between the two cameras (parent unit automatically switches between the two after a short period) or set to a specific camera, which is a nice option. We even have it in the same room as our wireless internet router and haven’t had any problems. My only complaint is I wish the second camera came with an additional ac cord for the parent unit so that I could have the option of plugging it in at two locations. But I found one on Amazon for about $10 that works just the same. We are hoping to have another child in the next year and am glad that we’ll already have the second camera.

Charlene Twilight, WV

have had for a week but so far I love it

Didn’t have the pairing issues that others mentioned. Am using two cameras in 1 room to get two different angles and so far, so good!!

Ester Frakes, KY

Works Great!

Pairs easily and works flawlessly. Scan function on unit is really cool – helps me keep one eye on the pets and the other on the baby. Highly recommended.

Joanne Cumberland, RI

Perfect Monitor for Anyone with More than One Baby

We bought our 1st Moterola baby monitor 16 months ago when our daughter was born. There was no question about changing monitors when we found our was had another baby on the way. The picture automatically toggles between both cameras making it the perfect setup for anyone with two or babies. We even used this monitor on a cruise and it worked like a charm.

Cherie Killen, AL

Spying on the kid

We got this camera in addition to a camera and monitor set. The first worked great to keep an eye on our 1st born when she was little and we moved her to her own room. Love the options of being about to zoom in and move it back & forth/ up & down. We’ve had the camera/monitor set for about 2 years now it’s still going strong. This additional camera was EXTREMELY simple to add to the monitor and now that our 2nd is on his or her way, we’ll be able to easily monitor both from the same monitor. We love it!

Karla Williamsburg, VA


This is a great monitor. It’s our second because another brand would not allow us to add a second monitor with a year old single monitor!! So refusing to stick with that brand for mere poor customer service. We looked into this one. The zoom feature is definitely the weakest feature but the temperature reading is so nice!!! I love knowing the room temperature to help me pick out pj’s. The quality is fine- no different than our other brand.

Katy Williford, AR

This was sooo simple to add as a seond video monitor when we had a second child.

We had one set of the video and monitor that is 2.5 years old and we had a second child. Not even realizing this was built to network up to 4 cameras, I was so easily able to set up the second camera. Now I can still and watch both of my children sleep, despite they are in different rooms.

Jewell Elrosa, MN

Nice monitor!

We used another "summer" brand for our daughter but that model had been discontinued. So, we went on a search to find a monitor that would work for our newborn twins. Something that would accept more than one monitor viewing area.We tested this monitor, right along with a few others. First, we tried the Summer Infant privacy Plus monitor. We immediately didn’t like this monitor because the picture was quite grainy. We could believe the difference in this monitor and our other monitor from the same company. The grainy mess was a deal breaker even though the other features seemed to be a nice addition.Next monitor we tried was the new Samsung SEW Wireless monitor, right alongside this monitor. This two were very similar in picture quality. I liked that the Samsung displayed time on the screen versus this monitor which showed the temperature in the room being monitored. I also liked that the Samsung monitor was a very quick button to adjust, which. Was much easier than this monitor. The thing that sold us on this monitor versus the Samsung was this monitor we felt has a slightly better picture. Wasn’t quite as pixely and being brand new, we were sure how it would hold up. Since both were so similar, it was really whether we wanted temperature on the screen or time, and we thought temperature in their room would be more important than the time.I hope this helps you with purchasing a monitor. It took us quite a long time to decide but are happy with our purchase.

Millie Powells Point, NC

Fantastic baby monitor

We have been using the Motorola mbp36 for 15 months and it has been my favorite possession for that whole time. We never had any problems with it and I couldn’t go a day without it. The picture is clear, the sound is great and it’s easy to use. We rarely use most of the features on it, but it’s still nice to have the option. Only con I can think of, is that it doesn’t have a mute button. Sometimes I would like to see that my baby is fine without having to listen to her cry (she cries in her sleep sometimes for a few minutes). Even without that option it is still great.We purchased the additional camera when my second baby was born a month ago. We did have some trouble with the sound on one of the cameras as a lot of other reviewers have said. This was easily fixed by unplugging the camera for a few seconds. This has only happened twice, and luckily I could still hear my baby wake up as I was in the next room. This has not been a big problem yet. I would still recommend this monitor to anyone thinking of buying one. I have seen (and used) others from summer infant etc, and it did what it was supposed to, but not nearly as nice as this one.

Alexandra Caryville, TN


This is the third monitor that we have now for this set. We use all three of them every day. Great product and price.

Millie Yorklyn, DE

Great camera

We had a slim and secure camera that worked for a little over two years. We then got these and really like that they rotate. It allows us to see the whole room for our two year old twins, who can easily get into trouble!!!!!I also like the microphone, so I can say something to them or play music

Lakisha Milan, GA

perfect to add camera for new child

I bought this as an add-on camera for the original child monitor that my daughter had for child #1 when their second child was expected. It has been used ever since, as a second camera on the more-active older toddler, and it is perfect. It should work fine when the baby moves into her own room.The only complaint that I have is that the price is high, but it is worth the peace of mind knowing that the babies are okay.

Courtney Phillips, ME

Have had to replace it 3 times

I did not buy this camera from Amazon but wanted to share my disappointment with others looking for a reliable video baby monitor. We received this monitor in October 2012. I loved how clear the picture was, the range was decent, and the additional cameras are convenient. However, after 6 months, the sound stopped working. Motorola sent me a replacement. About 1 1/2 months later, the sound on THAT unit stopped working. Motorola sent me a replacement. Not even 1 month later, and the sound on THIS unit has stopped working. I continue to have it replaced since it’s still under warranty (rather than pay another $200 for a new system), but I suspect they are sending “refurbished” units as the replacements, which is why the life of the product has dropped dramatically. I’m really disappointed and, obviously, frustrated.

Evangelina Miracle, KY

great add-on for mbp36

Works great, little interference with Wi-Fi, and being able to zoom/pan/tilt remotely is great. You get what you pay for, and the Motorola monitors are worth every penny.

Adelaide Crystal Lake, IL

Love this camera.

We already had the one camera system, but added this camera when baby number two came along. I love being able to see both kids in their own rooms.

Zelda Haverhill, NH

Works great

I love this and it really helps me while I am nursing. I can switch from room to room (up to 4 cameras) and then talk to the kids if I can not get up and tell them to stop.

Morgan Johnston, SC

Best baby monitor that I’ve tried!

We bought this extra camera since we have 2 rooms where our child sleeps. From the monitor, it has full control of tilt and rotate of the camera. The night vision is great in that the room can be nearly dark and you can still see your child. Of course it has a microphone so you can hear any crying or whimpering in the crib through the unit. This additional camera pairs very easily with your existing MBP36 monitor and works seamlessly!

Brandi Canastota, NY

We have owned many others

We love having the option to not just hear our little ones but look in on them without opening their door and waking them up. It is probably one of the first things I recommend to new parents. It is costlier but if you can afford it you will be very thankful. These new Motorola’s are so nice! They have the ability to rotate so you can see all around a room. They display the temp and compared to others that are never very accurate this one always reads what the thermostat says. You can have more than one camera, I think up to four, and it will scan back and forth between them if you choose to. You can also talk over it and comfort your child or tell them to put down the matches! I can’t recommend these cameras highly enough.

Angie Secaucus, NJ

Works Great!

I was nervous about adding a second camera, I am not good at electronics! This was a simple thing to do….yet it took me 2 attempts to do it! All you do is plug it in, turn the camera and the monitor on and push this sync button on the camera. First time I did it nothing happened – but this is me we are talking about! I am jinxed! Second attempt worked! It is so nice, she can nap in 2 different rooms now and I don’t have to move the camera around!

Jaime Lakin, KS

Love this monitor!

With baby #2 on the way, we decided to get the second camera for our new video monitor. Love the monitor & camera quality…. no complaints!

Eula Mcfaddin, TX

Great camera, just the battery of the monitor does not last much

The quality of the image is great, the night vision is spectacular, also the sound. But the batter of the monitor is very poor.

Karyn Purchase, NY

Night vision went out

We bought an additional camera for our Motorola monitor since we have twins in separate rooms. We’ve absolutely love the monitor/camera for a year. However, after about 14 months the night vision went out on the camera. We can still hear baby fine but it is inconvenient to only be able to see one baby. We plan to replace it but are not happy to have to pay another $100 for the camera since we are out of the 365 return period. Otherwise, we still love the monitor and would still recommend it.

Marietta Mystic, CT


Works well with our other camera and monitor. Easy to switch views b/w cameras. We have a two story house and baby sleeps in his crib and pack and play so we needed 2 cameras depending on where baby is. We use just the one monitor for both cameras. Love that these are color during the day and the night view (black and white) is pretty good. They also have temperature guages so you can see the temperature in baby’s room.

Lawanda Rockhouse, KY

I guess ours is defective…but we love this Motorola monitoring system!

We LOVE our Motorola MBP36 monitor system!!!!!We decided to get an extra camera to have for our downstairs.This extra camera works great except the temperature has always been WAY off- it reads at least 10 degrees warmer than it really is!I should have exchanged it when I discovered the problem. We’ve just lived with it the way that it is, knowing that the temperature reading is not accurate.I would still recommend this monitoring system/extra camera.

Patsy Rectortown, VA

Customer service improves- but monitors don’t (Updated)

I ordered an additional camera despite being hesitant since our first camera has already had to be replaced and now a few months later needs to be replaced again due to the camera no longer turning or picking up sound. This monitor had problems from the start too. The night vision doesn’t always work- and it had pairing problems at first. These baby monitors are some of the most expensive monitors out there and now that I have had three and all have problems- I am thinking its more than a lemon or two out there. And motorola customer service is TERRIBLE. I am dreading having to deal with them again. I would never buy a motorola baby monitor again. The features are great- but now- a lot of other companies have these great features too and hopefully more reliable monitors! Stay away. It’s not worth it if you get a bad one….Update: I finally called Motorola dreading dealing with their customer service, but shockingly- things have changed! For the better! It doesn’t take away that I need to replace my monitor twice now, but they have changed the way they go about it. They now send out the new monitor first and it comes with a prepaid box to ship the old broken one back! They used to make you pay shipping, send it the monitor and when they received it, they would send you a new one- so you could go several weeks with no monitor. So if you are willing to chance it on the monitor, at least you know the warranty is handled much better now!

Christi Saint George, UT

great camera

Does what it claims. Good night vision, clear and bright day vision. Microphone picks up sound well. The temperature readout doesn’t seem super accurate, but it’s within a couple degrees. Pairing multiple cameras to one monitor is a breeze. Had this monitor for over two years now with no issues.

Pearlie Alden, MN