Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 1.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 1.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

The MBP20 is a digital video baby monitor by Motorola. Its DECT technology gives you peace of mind in knowing that its digital signal communication is secure so others cannot eavesdrop. It also ensures that it will remain free of interference from other wireless electronic devices commonly used around the home. This video monitor also showcases a 1.5” full color LCD screen with infrared night vision for keeping an eye on things in very low light levels. With Motorola’s MBP20 you’re free to watch them dream.

Main features

  • Live video on a beautiful 1.5-Inch diagonal color screen with a 490 foot range (with clear line of sight)
  • Infrared night vision and high sensitivity microphone means you won’t miss a thing, day or night
  • Features an out-of-range alert, and belt clip on the parent unit to allow for easy movement throughout your home
  • Three lullabies are included and can be turned off/on in the baby’s room easily from the parent unit
  • Parent unit displays the temperature in the room(s) where the camera(s) are placed and allows for volume control and two way communication. The camera can be wall mounted or placed on a desktop or dresser
  • In order to ensure proper functioning of night vision please make sure a light is not shining on the parent unit where the sensor is located as the unit will not know whether night vision is needed

Verified reviews


Horrible Picture!!!! Not recommeded

I was super upset that this screen was so bad. You can’t see a thing day or night which defeats the purpose of having a video monitor! We went ahead and invested in the new Summer Infant one and it’s SO much better. Summer is the best with monitors so stick with them. This one is definitely not doing the job. Returned it for a refund.

Dora Ethel, LA

Updated review, I did love it when it worked

Update December 27, 2011: I really liked this baby monitor until the handheld device would not hold a charge anymore. I knew it did not hold a long charge but the light never changed from red, while charging. I think red just means it is charging and it never lets you know when it is fully charged by the LED charge light. I read every word with the literature that came with it and went to the website and nowhere did it indicate when the handheld was charged. The only way was to power it on and check the battery level in the screen. I only had this for a few weeks and used it only at night, for a few hours. My daughter sleeps in the same room as me so I did not use the unit long at all. Over a few days, then weeks the battery would not hold a charge at all! I would charge it, unplug the handheld and less than five minutes later I was getting a warning sound that the battery was dead. I even tried removing and replacing the battery pack. It worked great a first but I had to return the item when after I charged it, I unplugged it and it just died, it had no charge to it. I read around (on other sites) that a few people had issues with the battery not holding a charge. I was OK with it not holding a long charge, I expected two or so hours, but less than five minutes is not acceptable. I then had my eye on theLorex LW241 LIVE sense Wireless Video Home Monitor. It was almost 200 at the time but dropped down to 150. I just ordered it and will be writing a review on it once I have used it for awhile. If you read my review below on the Motorola I did love it at first, so please keep that in mind when reading my original review. Sadly, I would be too scared to buy it again.I have an Angel Care monitor I keep in my baby’s room. I love it but she is cohabitating with me right now in my bedroom in a mini-crib.I put her down a few hours before I go to bed. I live in a rather small home but if I am watching TV I am wondering, “Is that her crying?”, “Is she OK?”, you name it, in comes my first video monitor.Unpacking and hooking this up took less than five minutes. Charging the battery took a very long time for the handheld unit. I plugged the camera into the bedroom and placed it on a bookshelf. The thing I love, the camera not only turns up and down, and it swivels to the right and left. From the camera you can play lullabies. Granted, they are not the best and some are a bit upbeat for my liking. It is nice to know they are built in though. I use Pandora and stream a lullaby station for her at night (on another device), she sleeps better that way. Also from the camera it has a sound up and down. That is for the music, or for when someone is speaking. You also can turn it all the way down to mute. I have it set up in a pitch black room.The hand device with the monitor on it offers you language selection, brightness, alarm on or off if out of range, low battery alarm, also you can hit the monitor key on from and it will display the temperature of the room the baby is in. I have found this to be only off by one degree or two.Set up was easy. I have it on the bookcase and can move it quickly and easily to wherever I place her mini crib. The picture on the hand held is not incredible, but it is good, just not mind blowing but for the price I knew that. I think the best feature, a feature that even my expensive Angel Care monitors do not have, is the two way communication. Not only can I hear her, I am able to talk to my daughter and let her know mommy is coming if she wakes up.I think people might not be happy with the short battery life of the hand held or how long it takes to charge. I keep it plugged in most of the time and only have it unplugged when I am in another room for a few hours. Even then I can plug it in to conserve the battery. It also has a belt clip if you need to have it on you while folding laundry and such.For the price the device offers a lot of features. You will not be blown away by the picture but it good. I can see my daughter and that is what matters. I highly recommend this device.

Tracy Snyder, TX

Good for the price

We bought this and while the picture quality is mainly black and white with some yellow (with the lights on) and a bit like a magic eye trying to find where my daughter’s head is, it does a great job for an affordable video monitor.Battery does not last long at all with the video on, but we just watch her until she is calm or falls asleep and then we shut off the video screen and listen audio only. We turn it on again when we hear her moving.Another plus is that it has sound activated on and off so you don’t have to listen to monitor noise all the time and every little sound they make that isn’t urgent or of concern. It does have a bit of a delay so if they make one quick noise it will trigger but miss it and catch if they make more or a longer duration of noise.One last thing: My daughter was 21 months when we bought this and she was a bit afraid of it staring down at her with the red infared lights. She would cry and point at it for awhile and cover her eyes. It also startles her a bit when we talk to her through it (a good feature for a monitor as well) but is getting used to it 🙂 Maybe a good buy for someone who is expecting a baby or a young child that is not super observant, otherwise it might just take some time to get used to.That being said I do NOT regret this buy at all, just know that you shouldn’t expect picture like quality for this one. Would buy again. Can’t buy a non-video monitor for this price so it is WELL worth it! Great job motorola making a monitor that is affordable with video!

Irma Emerson, AR

Not what I was expecting

I needed a monitor for my child’s room who is about to transition from a crib to a bed. The video is grainy in any light. At night, I couldn’t tell if my child was standing up and moving or if it was just the video pixelating. The video would go in and out and while I could see my child crying, I wouldn’t hear it on the monitor sometimes. Very frustrating and promptly returning. The loud beeping when it was out of battery after 2 hours was also very annoying. No mute on that. Bought the Lorex LW2004 instead and the video quality is far superior in the dark and all the functions actually work on it.

Loretta Fowler, OH

Unreliable sound and functionality

We were prepared to love this product. It worked great at first, but there was one major problem: The baby would cry, and it did not pick up the sound. There would be times when my husband would be near the baby’s room, hear her, but nothing was coming across the monitor. On one occasion, the entire system randomly stopped working and then worked again the next day and we left it off for a few hours. I would not recommend this model. The only reason we even got it is that we returned a slightly different model after it stopped working. After all of that, we opted for a Samsung, but it lacks one feature which is quite good on this Motorola: It doesn’t filter out white noise unless you turn off the video monitor, whereas the Motorola does. That is the only reason I’m giving it two stars instead of one.

Florine Plain City, OH

Good video monitor

This video monitor does everything it is supposed to do. It picks up audio well and the video quality is good when there is plenty of light. The night vision video quality is descent but the quality degrades when the baby is more than six feet away from the camera and becomes tough to see.The range of the receiver is excellent and it doesn’t interfere with my home wi-fi network. The two way communication is nice to try and soothe your baby when you aren’t in the room. This monitor is a great value for the money.

Maritza Vinalhaven, ME

Very happy for what I paid

Picked these up during black friday. Paid $70 for them shipped. Very happy for what I paid. I’ve actually used it to monitor a computer in the other room while doing some data recover… 🙂 kept me from having to run back and forth. The VOX (auto trasmit) is not very sensitive and it usually takes a bit of noise/ crying before it become audible through the monitor. The video is good for what it is. Much better and I’m sure the price would sky rocket.I would buy it again at the black friday Price.

Ella Vienna, OH

Video stopped working 1 month in…

We bought this video monitor, set it up in our infant’s room before she was born. It worked great initially. After our daughter was born, we turned it on and the video display was grey- only a shadow of an image day and night. Because it worked initially, we got rid of the packaging, so can’t return. Thank goodness the sound is good- we will use for that- a very expensive audio monitor…

Abbie Diberville, MS

Poor night vision – rating is for the 1.5 inch model only

Please note, that this review is only for the 1.5 inch unit.Last year we purchased the Summer Infant day and night handheld camera for our then 2 year old as he was transitioning to a “big boy bed”. When he was first born we just had the Sony audio monitor, which was great, but we wanted to see his activities during the big-boy-bed transition. I have to say, once you go video, you can’t go back to just audio alone.I have had the Summer Infant since August 2011 and it’s been great for us. Night vision is VERY clear. It does lack all the bells and whistles (temp of room, pan, zoom), but for my purposes those items were not needed. We are expecting our second child and tried to expand the summer infant unit, but the picture quality of the second add-on unit was hoorible, so now we are looking to get a whole new unit for the new baby.I received the Motorola 1.5 inch unit yesterday and tested it and the night vision is useless. I can see the area if the child will be no more than 4 feet away, but more than likely, after mounting the unit, it will be around 6 feet or so away and with that short distance, I could not see hardly anything on the night vision monitor. It wasn’t grainy, but it’s as if it doesn’t have enough of the LED lights to make the night vision work. It’s just kind of dark.I still gave it two stars because the video during daytime is ok and I like the temperature indicator (not a must have for me, but a nice to have). Can’t say if the temp was accurate though, but it seemed ok.The unit is light weight and I didn’t have any issues with static. But my main purpose for the camera is for night viewing, which this lacked so I will be returning.Since the more expensive larger screen Motorola models received such good reviews I may try those out, but this 1.5 inch just didn’t cut it.

Jacqueline White Horse Beach, MA

Good monitor – minor flaw

I use this primarily for nite time – i can hear the baby start to fuss and see him kick before he starts crying. It uses infrared at nite and the picture is quite clear (black and white). The monitor has a temperature gage which is nice, although it reads about 2-3 degrees lower than the house thermostat. The only flaw is that the parent unit is rounded on the bottom, which makes it quite wobbly on the nitestand. it does have a “kickstand”/belt clip, but it’s not terribly secure and the unit sometimes tips over. I don’t see any advantage to the bottom being rounded – if the manufacturer had squared it off, it would have been a more logical design. The only other complaint is that it can’t easily be mounted to the wall (as I would like it to be above the crib, angling down) – so I’m looking for a small shelf to mount to the wall. Otherwise, the reception is crystal clear – the nursery is on the other side of our house so its quite a distance away (our previous Sony 900mhz was constantly buzzing with interference) – and this has perfect reception. It’s a good unit that could have been great with a few design modifications. But I’d purchase it again for the peace of mind of being able to watch my little one at nite.

Evelyn Folsom, NM

Good monitor for the price

After reading the reviews I was worried when I purchased it but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The sound quality is fantastic, night vision works just fine and I love the fact that the camera tilts down very far so we can set it on the shelf on the wall pointing down and have a picture of the whole bed instead of just a small side view. I also like that the handheld parent unit is small so I can clip it on my belt and walk around the house. The range of the monitor is fantastic and NO interference or static sounds.There are a few things I dislike about the monitor. First of all, sound stage 1 is still fairly loud so I have to turn off the monitor when my older daughter wakes up in the morning because otherwise she wakes up the baby who sleeps in our room.The other thing that bothers me is that I can barely see anything in twilight since it’s too bright for night vision and too dark to see.The battery life of the parent unit isn’t the greatest. It only lasts a few hours max.The two way communication is a great feature even tho it scares my two year old but I think she will get used to it eventually.All in all I think it’s a very good monitor for the price

Lourdes Cairo, IL