Motorola Focus360 Remote Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Video Baby Monitor with 3.5″ Color LCD Screen

Motorola Focus360 Remote Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Video Baby Monitor with 3.5″ Color LCD Screen

Motorola FOCUS360 The FOCUS360 is a remote wireless baby monitor by Motorola that enables you to keep an eye on things both in and outside of your home. The convenient two-way communication feature on the indoor camera allows you to communicate with your little ones without being in the same room. This video monitor also showcases a 3.5″ full color LCD screen, remote pan, tilt and zoom functionality and infrared night vision for keeping an eye on things in very low light levels both inside and outside your home. With this sophisticated video camera combo you’re free to watch them dream and play. Features: Wireless Technology 2.4 GHz FHSS. Up to 590 Feet Range. Expandable up to 4 cameras. Monitor- 3.5″ Diagonal Screen. Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom. Volume Control (for Indoor Camera). Room Temperature Display (for indoor Camera). Sound Level Indicator (for Outdoor Camera). Low Battery Alert. Out-of Range Alert. Rechargeable Battery. Flip Out Stand. Indoor Camera- High Sensitivity Microphoe. Infrared Night Vision. Two-Way Communication. Outdoor Camera- Infrared Night Vision. Wind and Rain Resistant. Wall Mountable.

Main features

  • Ships with one indoor baby monitor, one outdoor weatherproof baby monitor and a parent unit
  • Features remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • Parent units has a 3.5″ color LCD screen
  • Indoor camera features volume control and room temperature display; Outdoor camera features a sound level indicator
  • Parent unit has a low battery alert, out-of-range alert and a rechargeable battery, plus flip out stand

Verified reviews


Very pleased with this monitor

I don’t have small children at home to worry about, but I do raise small goats called Pygora goats and always need to be able to keep a close eye on them, especially when it’s kidding time. We live in the foothills where there are any number of critters that try to eat our livestock, so being able to keep my eyes and/or ears on them through the night makes me feel much better.This baby monitor isn’t just for human babies, it works very well for our four legged babies as well. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It seems to be sturdily built, and the picture quality isn’t bad at all. I feel much better having a way to keep my eye on my does when they are due to kid. This is perfect!

Rachel Grimsley, TN

Well designed…but with flaws.

Updated: July 12, 2014: I originally gave the camera 4 stars. Since writing the review, the lag is so bad, it takes several minutes to switch or recognize the device. If I am viewing the outdoor camera and need to switch to my daughter’s bedroom, it just does not compute. And if it does, it takes several minutes! Also, controlling the outdoor camera, there is such a lag, it is almost useless. My daughter went on a walk with her grandpa last night and I was hoping to watch them walk down the driveway but the camera would not move. It finally did after they were out of view. Speaking of above, most cameras I have that have add on cameras, you can view all of the cameras on one screen, split or whatnot. With this one, you can only view one. That might be a deal breaker for some.When I ordered this, I did not know what to expect. I have used Motorola products before and have been impressed by them but I have not tried a baby monitor or camera by them.Opening the box it is very simple to understand what plugs in where and what tools you will need. You will need a small Philips head screwdriver for the battery case on the monitor and a drill to mount the outdoor camera. The cords are coded with an icon of the cameras which is very easy to understand where it plugs in. I appreciate the longer cords. Both the monitor and indoor camera have longer cords that I am not used to. I am used to Lorex cameras and they have black cords and are not as long. These have white cords which blend nicely into my interior. The outdoor camera has a black cord which is perfect to keep it out of sight.I want to point out the outdoor camera is NOT weatherproof, it is weather resistant. The camera itself is inside a glass dome, it is not meant to be in direct contact with the elements. I thought about placing it on my deck but there is not enough coverage from the rain if a storm comes in. Not only would you ruin the camera you will not be able to see anything if the glass dome gets wet. I can’t express it enough; weather resistant means you need to have some sort of protection from the elements. I have a front covered porch with two windows. Both windows have black shutters. I drilled it into the black shutter and it blends in nicely. I placed it there because it was well covered under the porch and also the power supply could be plugged in underneath. I tucked the wiring under the shutter and it looks very nice. With the indoor camera I mounted it above my toddler’s window (inside) facing her room. Again, there was an outlet right below it.Once the cameras are plugged in, they pair instantly. I believe I read that you can’t turn down the volume. I was able to turn down the volume on mine, on the monitor. However, if the camera and the monitor are out of range, it will beep to alert you. I am used to seeing `out of range’ on the monitor but this one beeps instead and has a Motorola logo on the screen, you will know you lost the connection.Visibility during the day is amazing! The outdoor camera, you control it from the monitor. It turns left, right, up, and down with the buttons on the left. I have noticed there is a huge lag and sometimes it takes awhile before it moves. However, where the camera is placed, I can see the sides of the house from both sides of the camera, zoom in 2X! You can move it up and down; I am very impressed with how far the camera moves. You will hear a little whirling sound on both cameras when it is controlled with the monitor. At night the outdoor camera, the infrared is just good, not great. You can make things out but not that well. I keep the porch light on so anything on the porch I can see perfectly. If I turn it out, the night vision icon comes on and you can tell it is grainy. The indoor camera has decent night vision, I can tell if my daughter is in bed but if you need to move the camera, it does whirl as stated above and might wake the child.If you need to take the monitor around it has a kickstand and antenna to take from room to room. With the click of the `OK’ button it changes from each camera. Again, there can be a lag and it takes almost a minute before the button realizes it needs to switch over to the other camera, annoying but not enough to do anything about.What I do not like:* As stated above, there is a lag when you move the camera around. That annoys me if my daughter is running around and the camera will not move.* Range is good, could be better. Oddly enough, the farther away I am, the better it works. There must be some sort of obstruction because I can be a few feet from the outdoor camera on the other side of the wall and I have nothing on the monitor. Again, it does not state `out of range’ but will beep and show the Motorola logo. If I go to the back of the house, it works. No rhyme of reason. I have other devices that work in that room so I am not sure what the interference is.* The color on the monitor at night is nothing impressive. During the day, both cameras are excellent!If you need to put the monitor in standby mode, all you do is tap the power button and it puts it in standby. One touch back on it and it is on! I like this feature since you don’t have to power the whole unit down. Perfect if on your nightstand and you need to turn the camera on in a second.All and all I am very impressed. I did not think the monitor size would be big enough. I have another one that is 5 inches so I thought the 3.5 would be too small, not the case. It seems perfect. It is a well designed monitor.I am going to give it a solid 4 stars. The fact that is does not always transmit and the night vision is lackluster, I am taking away a star. However, it is still a wonderful system. I have used this for a few weeks and plan to update my review if anything changes.I also wanted to add it does have an AV out. Someone noted that you can’t hook this up to a TV, I believe with this cableMotorola Audio Visual Cable for MBP 33 and MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitors, it would work. However, keep in mind if you hook it up to your big screen TV, the resolution is going to be horrible. The smaller the monitor/TV, the better.

Leticia Bloomfield, NJ

Solid construction, extremely fast setup

Plug it in, start watching the cameras – it’s that simple.I was impressed when I felt the heavy outdoor camera, it’s made out of solid metal instead of cheap plastic.The wireless range is about the same as an 802.11g WiFi connection. I get up to 40-60 feet through walls indoors. It doesn’t have the super long range of my Philips AVENT DECT baby audio monitor.The video quality is average (not nearly as good as pro security cameras) but you can see at night because it has infrared LEDs built into the cameras.The temp sensor is not very accurate (mismatch by 3 degrees), but it’s close enough to know if your baby is overheating.There is a row of lights at the top that indicate the audio level with a gradient of green, orange, red, which is nice because you can tell that the baby is crying even if you have loud noises near the monitor such as when vacuuming.The controls are super easy to use, and the pan/tilt is fast and responsive, there is minimal latency after pushing the buttons.The outdoor camera is also useful so you know who’s at the front door while you’re cooking. I installed mine to watch the pool since I have an electrical outlet near the roof eave in that area.This is a nice baby monitor for the busy person who doesn’t have much time to mess around with configuration. I didn’t even have to read the manual since I could tell what the buttons do just by their symbols.I wish it had longer range because this can only reach about halfway across our house.

Jayne Pine Mountain Valley, GA

Love the sense of security & the ease of setup

This has the best monitor I have ever seen in any of the home monitor cameras. The picture is crisp and clear. It is easy to move the camera around to see. And for us direction challenged, it even has a little helper on the screen showing you which way you are turning the camera.This camera was easy to set up, as well. It was useful straight out of the box:Put the batteries in the monitor.Attach power adapter to monitor and plug in.Attach power adapter to camera and plug in.Once I had it powered up, I pushed buttons until I figured out how to use everything. It was easy and fun.I love the outdoor camera. The quality is amazing. This was also easy to set up, though I was a little nonplussed trying to figure out how to get it near a plug. It ended up being put next to our barn door so I can see the majority of the yard and the trampoline on the monitor while in my office at the front of the house – about 150 feet away.This was a lot of fun to play with while we were learning to use it. My teenager and I started out using this to spy on each other. More accurately, I started out spying on my teenager and he caught me and started spying on me. The most unfair part of this video war is that because he is a foot taller than me, he can put the camera up really high. Now I just need a ladder.The only thing I wish this had is an outdoor speaker.

Aline Yarnell, AZ

Easy to use out of the box solution

The Motorola baby monitor is a great, well made, and thoughtful out of the box solution. It does not contain all the features and customization that can be had with other webcams. However, if you’re not tech savvy nor want to put in the effort figuring out other webcams, this is a great solution.Pros:-Clear, crisp image on a 3.5” screen. Even the infrared image is great looking and easy to differentiate what your baby is doing and not just a baby blur.-The controls (to pan, tilt and zoom) are very responsive. There is only VERY slight ‘lag’ when hitting the button and when the camera moves.-The row of lights at the top which indicate volume level where the monitor is. This is FANTASTIC. As a parent, you can continue to watch TV, talk to your partner, etc without constantly worrying about keeping the noise level down to hear properly. The row of lights will simply alert you of any sound.-The outdoor camera includes all the appropriate hardware to set it up and is weather proof. It survived a windy rain storm so far without any issues. I installed mine to overlook the front door so I could see who was out there when I was upstairs or running around.-Literally, out of the box and you’re done set up. The only item you really have to install is the outdoor camera. The indoor camera/monitor is already ready to go and paired out of the box.Cons:-The cycle of the cameras (indoor/outdoor) timing cannot be changed. You only have one choice (12 seconds). I would have liked some customization here. For example, on the indoor camera for a minute, then on the outside one for a quick 5 seconds or something similar.-The range. This is probably house/environment particular, but I was only able to get a little less than 50 feet through walls in my home. One reviewer mentioned being able to get 60 so it is definitely dependent on your particular living environment.-There is no way to stream this to your tablet/phone/internet. It seems like this would be a very easy/cheap feature to add and was disappointed it was not included.Overall, the Motorola camera is a thoughtful out of the box baby monitor solution. If you’re looking for a no learning curve, ready to go indoor/outdoor baby monitor set up – the Motorola is a great choice.

Manuela Nottoway, VA