Mousand Baby Monitor Prohd Wireless Ip Camera Wired Wifi Security Cam Video With Two-way Talking,night Vision,pan Tilt,p2p Wps Ir-cut Nanny Camera Motion Detection

Mousand Baby Monitor Prohd Wireless Ip Camera Wired Wifi Security Cam Video With Two-way Talking,night Vision,pan Tilt,p2p Wps Ir-cut Nanny Camera Motion Detection

Mousand Baby Monitor ProHD Wireless IP Camera Wired WiFi Security Cam Video with Two-Way talking,Night Vision,Pan Tilt,P2P WPS IR-Cut Nanny Camera Motion Detection Super-simple – Setup in minutes 1)Plug in your camera and launch App on your phone. 2)One touch WPS FN button to connect Wi-Fi & watch. 3)Scan QR Code to add camera, watch footage now. * Connect multiple cameras on one device * Cover and protect wider areas 24/7 * Night-recording is not a problem * Wi-Fi wireless Camera that gives you reassurance whenever & wherever you need it. * Use our capturing video at a brilliant 1280 x 720 HD and level 350-degree, vertical 100-degree live video to take look around when you’re away. SPI Camera Specification * Image sensor: 1/4″ color CMOS sensor * Display resolution: 1280 x 720 (720P) * Lens: 3.6mm * Audio in/out: Two-way audio (built-in microphone and speaker) * Video Compression: H.264 * Image frame rate: Real-time 25FPS * Image resolution: 1280*720, 640*360, 320*180, 160*90 (selectable) * Night vision: 12 infrared LEDs up to 30ft * Pan & tilt: Level: 355° & vertical: 120° * Wireless networks: WiFi(IEEE802.11b/g/n),External antenna * Ethernet: 10/100Mbps RJ-45 interface * IP address: Static and dynamic * Buttons: A reset button, a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button * Alarm notification: Real-time App push notifications * Video storage: Micro SD card (max 32 GB)(SD card is not included) * Work temperature: 0° ~ 55°C (32°F ~ 131°F) Package Included * 1-SPI 720P IP Camera * 1-5V2A Power Adapter * 1-1M/3ft Network Cable * 1-Quick Start Guide * 1-Bracket for SPI

Main features

  • 10 METERS VISIBLE DISTANCE AT NIGHT – 720P HD Video Capture | 12 Infrared LEDs for Clear Night Time Recording
  • TWO-WAY TALKING – With Built-in speaker and mic, easier listening and responding to what is going on when watching.
  • WIFI CONNECTION & MULTI DEVICES TO WATCH – Remote access to the camera on Smartphone,Tablet,Mac or Windows PC. Quick WiFi setup via iPhone or Andriod smartphone using iSmartViewPro APP
  • NO HIDDEN SPOTS IN A ROOM – Pan 350 degrees/Tilt 120 degrees directly from your smartphone or Tablet
  • EASY TO SET UP – Camera connects to your home WiFi network in only a few minutes. Then control the video camera from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are

Verified reviews


Should have gotten another “Jet”

I purchased this stroller because we had to leave our “The First Years Jet” at home when I went to live with family while my husband was deployed. I absolutely loved the Jet, but I thought the Ignite would be slightly better (more comfortable ride etc.) because of the price difference/description.Unfortunately, the canopy does not adjust (at all) like the one on the Jet version. The description should be changed because it states it has a “fully adjustable canopy”….unless you consider “fully adjustable” the fact that you can open and close it!We have an extremely pale child, so it was one of the major selling points for me. Unfortunately, I do not have time to order the Jet and return the Ignite, so we will just have to improvise!**Except for the canopy** the pros and cons here also describe “The First Years Jet” version we started with:Pros:- looks very nice and well built (the Khaki color is attractive and great for warmer/extremely sunny climates)- is VERY easy to push and turns quickly- +TALL HANDLES+ and great design keep me (5’7″) my husband (5’10”) and my father (6’1″) from having to bend while walking or kick the wheels like in most small strollers!- the *5-point* harness keeps my active little guy from trying to play with the wheels while moving like in other small strollers!- the ride is nice for both child and parent- the seat has more cushion (a bit more on Ignite than Jet). Other small inexpensive strollers usually just have a board on the bottom with some fabric over it.- the recline is far enough back for sleeping/resting children.- VERY easy to assemble…(maybe 5 minutes if you include the unwrapping time) just pop on the wheels and snap the canopy on, and you’re good to go!- super light and easy to fold/unfold and store.- does not take up much space in the car.- great price (Jet was about $20 less).- nice little parent console – can hold some extra toys, snacks, etc.- storage on bottom holds a small (size of a large purse) diaper bag and the ergo carrier easily.Cons:- Canopy does not adjust (on Ignite)- Storage on bottom is not very easy to access due to the frame criss-cross in back so you have to get creative sometimes.

Tammie Downsville, NY

Ignite vs Jet

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller especially the brown color with pink polka dots. We bought this stroller for our 2 year old daughter. It handles great, reclines enough, the basket is good and the parent organizer is awesome. The only thing I didn’t like is the canopy doesn’t rotate down. We added a $12 brown Fisher Price snack pod(drink and snack holder) from Target to the side and it is perfect!! We slide her little toddler backpack over a handle and off we go! We love it so much we sold the Graco travel system. This stroller is truly the best of both worlds!!I have both the dot ignite and navy jet……unfortunately I owned the ignite first, so I was spoiled. But the jet is a nice stroller and better than a small umbrella stroller or the evenflo xsport we had.The Ignite has much sturdier fabric overall and a more structured back to the seat, there is actually a metal x behind the fabric,(which makes it more flat back like your full size strollers) an inch wider seat base, almost 2 inch taller back of seat, reclines 5 inches and the locking front wheels for terrain… has one parent cup holder and a zippered pouch with 2 mesh pockets, but its shade does not rotate down, solid plastic grip handles, and 14 lb…I thought it was a great buy at $50 for the convenience of a big stroller in a small stroller. We LOVE IT!!!!The jet’s fabric feels much flimsier, the shade is smaller, but Does rotate down, seat is 2 inches smaller, it has 3 very visible vertical back of seat supports without the extra metal x support,(which makes a more rounded back like the umbrella strollers) the front wheels do NOT lock for terrain and don’t have as much of a “tread” on them, the parent tray does have 4 spots for drinks with a smaller zippered pouch and 4 small mesh pockets, foam covered handles, the handles at a little different angle and are not as far away from the wheels as the ignite so you may end up kicking it, and 11 lbs………Both have the same under storage, locking back wheels, 5 pt harness, and variable recline…….overall the ignite is just made better especially if you are looking for that 50lb!!!!As long as you don’t mind the shade not rotating down, I would go with the ignite! If you are looking for a bigger kid….go ignite!Another great buy that makes these stroller even better is a fisher price or safe fit snack pod (depends on where you buy BRU, walmart, target)……it fits perfectly on the side for the kids to have easy access to a snack and drink for $10-12.Update…….we sold our jet and ordered the new black/royal blue ignite……2 happy kids!!UPDATE. I gave up one of our ignites when my son turned 6. Just didn’t use it the last time we went on vacation and he was officially 50lb. We still use it for hospital visits for our 5 year old daughter now that is 37lb and 41 inches tall. The harness is a little tight, but we used it last time because she was coming out of sedation.

Melba Terra Ceia, FL

Great Compact stroller

I bought this because I didn’t want a bulky stroller… my child was 4 months and sat up and even fell asleep in it right away. It folds up easily, and it is fairly compact (it fits into the trunk of my smaller car quite well). I like the wheels on it… the only downside is that the seat doesn’t recline a little more, but other than that, it works perfectly.

Jodie Shell Rock, IA

Good for the money but not quite what I wanted

We bought this stroller to replace the heavy, bulky and space consuming Graco stroller that came with a travel system. The Graco was great and never gave us problems but now that my son is 15 months and requires a bit less when we are out (no bottles, blankets, 20 diapers, etc) we figured we could downsize. Here’s what we found:PRO’s
• The colors are very nice, not washed out like the are in some strollers. However, the “red stripe” is really more burgundy. We don’t care but it could be a problem for some.
• Light, light, light!
• Easy to fold and unfold. I can’t fold it with one hand but that wasn’t a problem for me – I always put my kid in the carseat before I put up the stroller anyway.
• Great steering! I had no idea how hard our Graco was to steer till we tried this. Talk about tight corners! No more backing up the aisles in stores because the stroller can’t turn! This stroller can do it with no problem!
• I’m short (5’0) but it was comfortable for me to steer as well as my husband (5’10).
• Odd parent tray (it’s squashy material rather than a rigid plastic) but it held everything we needed and collapsed well. Plus there was a cool little zipper pocket to hold things like germ-x, keys, etc.CON’s
• No snack tray for the kid. Yes, you can buy attachments like sunshine kids but they don’t tend to have good reviews.
• The cupholder for the kid is way over on the side and impossible for them to reach – especially if they’re buckled in. I was surprised other reviewers didn’t mention this but I find it annoying to constantly be handing my kid his cup and then taking it back when he’s done. Again, an attachment could solve this but they don’t get good reviews. Plus, after dropping $60 on the stroller who wants to shell out another $20 for an attachment?
• Forget getting into the storage basket. The criss-cross bars in the back mean you have to access the basket from the sides. It wouldn’t be a big deal but that opening from that way is pretty small, too. As in it was easier to just hang items from the handles than it was to get in and out of the basket. If you plan on using it to hold items like toys, snacks, etc this is NOT the stroller for you.
• Narrow (when folded, which was great) but LONG. We have a Honda CR-V and the stroller wouldn’t fit in the trunk area from seat to hatchback door. It had to go lengthwise against the door (yes, it’s too long to fit lengthwise shoved against the backseat). Huge downside for us as half the reason we wanted a smaller stroller was to save trunk space.In the end, we exchanged it for the Jeep Cherokee Sport stroller. Same price, great steering, and folds up shorter than this one. Easily accessible storage basket and an attaching kids’ tray. The color was dull but hey, function over appearance, right?

Millicent Kimmell, IN

Color – YUCK!

I do like this stroller but the color I see on my screen and what showed up are completely different. Its more of a greenish teal – ewwwww! Not what I was hoping for. Ended up with a Chicco – highly recommend 🙂

Myrna Fairfield, NC

Not what I expected

I did a lot of research on umbrella strollers for my 8 month old daughter. I was/am looking for a lightweight option that’s compact enough to not take up all my cargo space (I drive a Mazda CX-5), tall enough handles for my height (I’m 5’10”), a usable storage basket, a cup holder, and good maneuverability. So I thought the Ignite would fit this bill because it boasts being light weight, has tall, albeit plastic, handles, a roomier basket than most, comes with a soft cup holder and pouch for keys/phone/wallet, and Consumer Reports rates the maneuverability as very good. The price is also pretty fantastic, right? I bought it and put it together. By the time I was almost done, I had already made up my mind. It maneuvers well enough, at least in my living room. I LOVE the soft parent console and wish i could buy that separately to put on a different stroller. It is tall, and fairly compact, but here comes the con list:
• 14lbs is not that light, a carrying strap would be useful.
• The handles are seriously solid rigid plastic. I didn’t realize how much i prefer a padded grip until i felt this handle.
• The basket is inaccessible. The frame is built right in front of it. If i wanted to get my purse/diaper bag in there, there would be a struggle.
• The canopy should be omitted completely. It really doesn’t do anything unless you were to only use this stroller at high noon.I still gave this stroller 3 stars because it’s decent for its price and class. But I’m returning mine.

John Garrett Park, MD

Great better than umbrella stroller

It is tall! I am 5’7" and it is great, no kicking the wheels no bending. My 6 month old loves it. Love that it reclines. I know there is complaint about the sunshade, its fine, nothing is perfect. I put a hat on my little man anyway. I bought this as a second stroller post not wanting to be in the baby seat and not always using the bulky double stroller when the 4yo wasn’t with me. It’s light as far as strollers go and folds in a snap. Love the 5 point harness for my little guy now and the squirmer later, goes to 50 lbs, bonus! Can’t beat the quality for the price. I would buy it again.

Kristina Macatawa, MI


This is so worth the money. The bigger wheels make is so much easier to turn and my son loves it. Only compliant is how difficult it is to get into the basket and the size of the canopy that does not move.

Essie Camp Pendleton, CA

Lightweight, portable and practical

I purchased this stroller as an alternative to the stroller that came with the car seat as a "travel system"; mostly for running my daughter in to and out of daycare.It is precisely what I needed and is highly functional and appropriate for short trips or moderate distances. I still use the larger stroller for more involved expeditions so she can lay down.If you are looking for a lightweight stroller for your little one, this is a great choice!

Karina Buffalo Junction, VA

PERFECT except for 3 things.

light, good quality, sturdy. AWESOME for the subway and those older tots transitioning out of a stroller. Get the $59 one and you’ll be happy. the umbrella is quite nice for the price too. The little parent caddy thing on the top is awesome! (esp since you can’t get to the basket) and both myself (5 foot 1 and my husband, 5 10″) can push it comfortably without kicking.3 negatives;1. the basket is useless as it’s almost impossible to get to.2. the “recline” feature is like… 3 inches. (almost nothing.)3. both brakes broke at 6 months of occasional use.

Ila Blue Diamond, NV

Very Pleased With It

Been using this stroller for a couple months now and I am pretty happy with my purchase. My granddaughter seems to love it and it looks comfortable for her. It is light and pretty easy to pop open/set up and take down. It has a nice cup holder (but only one) and zippered pouch between the handles. I cannot give it 5 stars because the storage on the bottom is a bit of pain trying to get a diaper bag or parcels into. The other day I put a diaper bag, 2 beach towels and my purse on the bottom and when I took her out of the stroller, it promptly flipped over. Now if I had been able to better distribute the parcels (get them fully into it) this probably wouldn’t have happened, but I already had her in the stroller before I started trying to stuff all our junk into it…so perhaps that’s just a learning curve.I think this is an excellent value for the price. It seems to be very well made; sturdy. The handle height is superb and I do not kick the wheels when I walk…YAY! I am 5’5…but I think it would be fine for most anyone except for really tall folks…they just seem to be the right general height.

Mildred Bowman, GA

Ho hum.

Light, easy to use, olds quickly and easily, but unless all you want to store underneath is a piece of paper…. The storage bin under the seat is almost impossible to access without really working at it. I read reviews, I thought this was the best one in this price point, but I’m just not that happy with it.

Kim Pelican, LA

Great for the price

This stroller is great for the price. This is my second stroller. The first one is Chicco full sized stroller that I’m happy with. I got this one to use during our trip to Europe. The basket is very small compare to my Chicco but I was able to open and close this one with one hand holding my 11 month old son. It is very easy to push. I’m 5.6 and handles are ok.

Esperanza Squires, MO

For larger kids (and parents) than the Jet

We got this to replace our First Years “Jet” stroller, as that one’s foot rest broke. The Ignite is a little beefier than the Jet; its foot rest is more substantial. Also: On the Jet, my feet would hit the stroller’s back wheels when I was walking behind it, leading me to push it one-handed and off to the side. I’m only 5′-8″, so it’s not that I’m particularly long-legged. I do not have the same problem with the Ignite. The wheel locks work perfectly, and I can normally open and fold this stroller with one arm while holding the kid in the other.Our daughter is almost two years old and average height, and is just large enough to use this stroller safely. Start with something smaller for younger children, or you risk the lowest strap-height being too high for your baby.Why not five stars? Simply put, because the canopy is not adjustable enough. It can be folder or unfolded, but it does not swivel downward to keep sun out of your child’s eyes.

Nikki Wellington, TX

Seriously underwhelmed.

Reviews were great so I bought it. Waste of money. Doesn’t recline enough for them to even call it a "reclining" stroller. Feels super cheap and rickety. Very bumpy ride. My daughter couldn’t begin to nap in this – and she naps anywhere. Regret the purchase. Spend the extra money and get an uppababy g-lite or something. Wish I had.

Kristina Eunice, NM

Really like this stroller

This is our 3rd stroller. We have a full size aprica and a nice jogger and wanted something lighter that folded smaller for trips or mall/outlet outtings with our 17 month old. I got the pop of teal color, very nice. Super easy to set up and our son seems to really enjoy it. He is 25lbs and 33″ and has plenty of room. The basket underneath is quite small but then again I didn’t buy this stroller for storage space. My purse fits great over the bars or the mommy hook comes in handy. I can put his snack bag, toys, and a blanket underneath. Folds up and opens with ease. Wish there was a small detachable snack tray though but no biggie. This is the first stroller where we had to use the shoulder straps for our Son. He’d be trying to escape if we didn’t use them. The stroller pushes so easily and turns wonderfully. I think it’s definitely worth the money. Oh and I am 5’8″ and my husband is 6’1″ and the stroller is a perfect height. Love it!!Update: So after taking this stroller for a stroll, I am not sure I am all that happy with it:/ Like the previous reviewer commented, the crotch strap is very narrow and cuts into our 17 month old. We also have to keep pushing him back up in the seat as he seems to slide down, thus causing the crotch buckle to slide off the slide. I really had high hopes for this stroller. In the meantime, I placed an order for the Britax B Nimble and praying we do not receive the 2010 model that some reviewers complained about being in the recall period. Britax has a strong reputable history of producing high quality carseats and strollers. I am taking a star off of the ignite because the straps are so narrow and there are no strap pads which would’ve been helpful.

Sondra Orinda, CA

The Basket is tooooo small

If you need to carry a lot of stuff, this is not the stroller for you. It is next to impossible to put anything in the basket. It also doesn’t have a bar in front of the seat, so nothing for the child to lean on.I have only used this a couple times because it just doesn’t have what I need. I have replaced this with something else.

Judy Woodruff, AZ

Great Stroller

I just received this stroller. My tall 3.5 year old sat in it and she fits fine. The foot rest could have been made a little lower, so her legs can be more comfortable, but she’s fine. Her head does not brush against the top of the canopy. I love the parent console, it seems durable. The maneuvering seems great too. I steered it with one hand with my big 3.5 year old in it and it was good. I really wanted a Maclaren, but they’re so expensive! This was my next choice and it was only under $60! Overall I think it’s a great umbrella stroller for the price. It looks great and durable. I just wish it had a stroller strap to carry when folded.

Candice Naples, ID

We use a BOB but… we bught this for travelling in airports

The good:- Light- Compact- Rolls better than I expectedThe bad:- I don’t really trust the locking mechanism for when its folded up- The top canopy, although useful, has never been used (this is my fault, but, really, why did I think i needed this, i use it in airports and malls only)- Its a bit difficult to lock it into place when setting it up with a baby in 1 hand, stroller in the other, and trying to do it with your shoe. Mainly, the ‘storage’ compartment under the seat kinda gets in the way of you pushing the bar down to keep it fully expanded. I’m able to do it, but its not a 1s ordeal, sometimes it takes 5s. Big deal? no, but its a pain to repeatedly do this….Bottom line: its a decent stroller. I don’t regret the purchase, I don’t jump up and down over it either.

Tiffany Robinson, KS

Excellent portable stroller

We bought this stroller for an international flight, and it worked perfectly. It rolls smoothly and effortlessly, is great for tall people (I’m 6’2″ and don’t feel bent over pushing this stroller), closes with the kick of the foot (to pop up the locking mechanism), folds down tight like an umbrella stroller, and it’s quite light. The reviews on here are spot on… this thing is excellent, but it would be nice to be able to adjust the tilt on the awning… once it’s open, it’s fixed in position. A minor complaint in comparison to how great everything else on it is.

Abby North Lewisburg, OH

Love this stroller!

We got this as a gift. We already had a stroller that was part of a travel system, but I love this one so much more and so does our LO. LO was still a wee bit (3 mo) when we received this but we put a Summer Infant Snuzzler in it so we could use it with her right away. DH kept driving to work with the travel system stroller in his trunk and I would be left with no stroller. Now we have a light, easily foldable stroller at home that I can use to take her on walks around the hood or to take her for a spin around the local shopping areas.Highlights: Narrower profile than many strollers can fit down narrow aisles easier. Maneuverability is great– super turning radius and it just rolls nice. I don’t kick the back or step on the wheels. Feels very stable, I even take her on a dirt path and a grassy area to get to the road and it handles it just fine, I don’t even have to lock the front wheels. Pretty easy to fold and unfold. 5 point harness keeps LO extremely secure and the harness is very simple to buckle and unbuckle. Works GREAT with the Infant Snuzzler (I got the terry version since I live in a warmer clime). LO gets to face forward which she seems to enjoy immensely more than laying in the car seat of the travel system. We got Red Stripe, which I like. The best part? LO actually will sleep in this stroller. She never, ever stays asleep in her travel system stroller, even when we are moving all the time!!Things that aren’t the best: The sunshade is pretty small, and I have to use a gauze blankie to shade her if it is a very sunny day. The underseat storage basket is small and the access to it is tight (I don’t use it that much because I prefer to travel light anyways, so this part isn’t a biggie for me but I can see how it would be for some people).Overall, I totally LOVE this stroller for LO and I can see us using it for a long time. One of the best baby gear we have, along with our Tiny Love Rocker Napper.

Geraldine Fairfield, IA

Too much stroller for me

Perhaps this was my fault, but I was looking for a light, easy to travel, stroller when I bought this one. It is a really nice stroller, but much heavier and more bulky than I want from an umbrella stroller. I returned this and bought a cheapy stroller from a consignment store. If you are looking for a sturdy umbrella stroller that will last through a couple kids and you don’t mind that it weighs 17 lbs. this is a good one, but if you’re looking for a light stroller for short trips, you should save your money.

Kristine Rusk, TX

Impressive, and better than the Jet by far!

I have a nice Chicco stroller that came as a travel system. And, while that stroller is awesome, it’s big, heavy and cumbersome to get in/out of the trunk of my Ford Fusion. I was looking for something smaller and lightweight for the many quick trips in/out of the car. So, after reading hundreds of reviews, I bought the First Years Jet stroller. However, I realized very quickly that at 5’8" tall I was kicking the wheels – often. Now, my hubbie will say I walk like a spaz, always in a hurry, but even when I made a point to slow my roll and take my time, I was kicking the darn wheels. So, I returned it and bought the First Years Ignite stroller. The greatest part is that no matter how briskly I walk, I don’t kick the wheels!Pros:Easy assembly.Tall and wide seat for my baby (better than the Jet by far)Compact when folded upReclines a good amount for an umbrella strollerCons:It’s lightweight, but not as lightweight as I was hoping.A bit difficult to close it with the canopy on. The red hook has to go under the canopy. Hopefully it’ll get easier with practice.The basket underneath is hard to get in, but the fact it has a basket at all is nice.Overall, for the money, I am very pleased with the stroller.

Debora Reklaw, TX

Good light weight stroller except….

This is a great light weight well made stroller. Easy to collapse. I give it 4/5 stars.The only reason for four not five?I imagined that when collapsed, I could hang the stroller by the umbrella hooks, but when collapsed, the wheels get in the way of hooking it by the umbrella handle hooks.Also, the canopy only shades at noon. Any other time it doesn’t do much. I wish the design allowed it to rotate forward. Currently it is stationary.Otherwise, a well designed light weight stroller.

Marva Guys, TN

Nice for the price

I hesitated a long time before finally choosing this umbrella stroller.I think for the price it’s a good quality, the handle are definitly taller than they are on other brand of umbrella stroller, and that good because I’m 5’9:-)There are some storage which is a good thing too, and pretty rare on umbrella stroller at this price.The 5 points harness is a good feature too.My only concern are maybe the wheels, they seems not really good, but we’ll see.Overall I think it’s a good quality/price buy!

Felecia Evarts, KY

Great stroller!

We are so happy with our First Years stroller. Our BOB is great for our daily walks and weekend hikes, but too big for shopping and travel. We looked for a while to find the right one. This meets all our requirements: a well made, attractive, folding stroller with sturdy wheels, a canopy, and a basket for storage. This also came with a great cup holder/pouch between the handles. My husband is 6′ and I am 5’6" and the handles are long enough that we don’t have to bend over to push. I love that the seat can recline a bit, which provide for much more comfortable napping than the traditional umbrella strollers. The basket below has plenty of space. I am so happy with this purchase and the price was great.

Rita Evergreen Park, IL

Very convenient and easy to travel with

I recently purchased the First Years Ignite (Black/Green) for a trip across the country (Boston to Los Angeles). I currently own the Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System and like that stroller very much, but it definitely is not appropriate for traveling on a plane.The price of the Ignite is not too bad for a travel/umbrella stroller. I was willing to splurge more on a second stroller that wouldn’t kill my back, as many cheap $20 umbrella strollers tend to do. The height of the Ignite is great – I’m 5’10” and my husband is 6’2″ and we both were able to push the stroller without hitting our feet on the wheels. The ‘basket’ is minimal but held some basic items. I usually draped my diaper bag over the handles but had to remember to take it off before taking out my son or it would tip.My son is 10 months, 20 lbs and 30″ and he fit in this stroller very well with *plenty* of room to spare. He didn’t seem as comfortable as he usually does in the Chicco, but unfortunately some comfort is sacrificed for both price and the ease of travel. He liked to play with the shade a lot, and we usually clipped some toys onto the straps to keep him entertained.Speaking of the shade, it’s minimal. We were on the Santa Monica Pier during his second nap and unfortunately this stroller did nothing to help him get out of the sun. We resorted to taking a jacket and draping it over the front so he could sleep. I’ve read that there are shade-extenders that you can buy but unfortunately I didn’t get one. The reclining seat – nothing fancy. Simply a drawstring that moves maybe 6 inches allowing for a reclined position. The cup holder and pouch by the handles – again, nothing fancy but definitely convenient. Can hold your phone and keys and a large drink.When traveling on an airplane, we took the stroller through security (it has to go through the scanner on the belt but its folds up very easily and has no problem fitting) and then checked it at the gate. I purchased theJL Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats, Redafter previously usingJ.L. Childress Gate Check Bag For Standard and Double Strollers, Redand having it hold up well. Again, this bag was great at keeping the stroller clean and allowing us to easily find it amongst other bags.Overall, I would recommend this stroller to everyone looking for a mid-range travel stroller, especially if you are tall.

Jill Green Park, PA

Awesome stroller. Worth it!!!

This is a Great, cheap and convenient stroller. My son loves it and I have no major issues with it. The shade could have been a little bigger and the back abut more vertical but it does exactly what it says. Best for the price.

Wendi Diaz, AR

Best umbrella stroller in its class

We bought $10.00 umbrella strollers thinking we just wanted something light and easy to go around in, but found the cheaper the stroller, the harder and less useful they are. We have twins, so the standard umbrella stroller didn’t work for our needs of more cargo to haul. This stroller had everything we needed and is still light enough and simple enough to be the type of umbrella stroller we were looking for. It has a top caddy for keys, phone, and fits at least a 32 ounce drink (with tapered type cup bottom). It also has a basket underneath. It doesn’t hold our diaper bag, but a purse or a couple of shopping bags will fit just fine. We just adjust our diaper bag so that the straps fit across the handles. The sunshade is somewhat awkward. It has kind of an odd, oval-ish shape, so I wish it would provide a bit more shade. The wheels are larger and more rugged than the standard stroller and we had ease of movement everywhere we took it. Overall, we are happy with this product, but know it it a bit more expensive than the standard umbrella.

Sylvia Blencoe, IA

Great portable stroller!

LOVE THIS STROLLER!!! It was on the cheap end of the group I was looking at and works wonderfully! It’s the perfect height for me, we haven’t tried adjusting the handles- haven’t needed to. I’m 5’6″ and hubby’s 5’10’. The seat reclines just enough to keep DSs head from bobbing forward when he falls asleep. The parent tray is a very nice touch. Be careful when you install the front wheels…I got them in upside down and they fell off on our first walk! (Didn’t come with any instructions.) But it was an easy enough fix. The only change I would make would be for the sun shade to fully tilt foward over the baby for when the sun is low in the sky. Often it doesn’t do any good.

Cherie Benavides, TX