Mum 2 Mum Standard Wonder Bib – 3 pack – Baby Pink, White, Baby Pink

Mum 2 Mum Standard Wonder Bib – 3 pack – Baby Pink, White, Baby Pink

The original Wonder Bib is an essential item for every baby. Bright, fun and oh so practical….. Our Wonder Bib Range – the bib that really works! Made from 100% cotton, super-absorbent velour toweling with a nylon water resistant backing to keep babies dry. Our Wonder Bibs protect against dribble rash and eczema and are an essential purchase for infants with reflux. Our products are all machine washable, dryer safe, colorfast and stay looking good long after purchase. Size: OSFA (fitsall) Dimensions: 24cm (w) x 36cm (l

Main features

  • Made from 100% cotton, super-absorbent velour toweling with a nylon water resistant backing
  • Protect against dribble rash and eczema and are an essential purchase for infants with reflux
  • Machine washable, dryer safe, colorfast and stay looking good long after purchase
  • Measures 24 cm (w) x 36 cm (l) with an adjustable neckline
  • Recommended Age Range: Birth +

Verified reviews


the perfect bibs

terry cloth is soft and hsa water protectant layer underneath and they have snaps, not velcro (which ruins other clothes when you wash together). Also the snaps have two setings so can use starting at 2/3 months all the way through…These are the best bibs I have found anywhere

Justine Muskegon, MI


So I ordered these a couple years ago and loved them so after having a girl I decided that I needed more. These where the best not for sure how well the new version will hold up they changed the material for the better and switched the buttons out from metal to plastic. Beware in the picture of these it shows a metal button but they are NOT metal they are PLASTIC. As far as making sure that moisture does not go through the bib on to the clothes these are by far the best I have found for that. With regular fabric bibs do not keep the moisture from the clothes.

Latanya Russian Mission, AK

for chubby babies!

If you measure from the snaps that are the farthest apart, you will get roughly 12 inches. That fits a pretty big neck (or no-neck). The front is a soft, sort of micro-fiber type of fabric with a nylon back.Tag says:95% cotton, 5% poly cotton, 100% Nylon backmade in chinawash max temp 40 C, do not bleach, tumble or line dry

Elisabeth Summerton, SC


I have tried every bib out there and am not one to usually write a review, but these bibs are the best. Our baby has severe reflux and all of the bibs we tried before this were a terrible waste of money. They all said super absorbant and we had to throw them in the wash after one spit-up. These bibs truly have a great soft but waterproof backing that ensures the baby’s clothes do not get wet. The bibs are extremely well made, soft and stylish. I have ordered around 15 now. They aren’t cheap, but don’t waste your money on anything else if your baby has reflux or spits up a lot!The cheaper bibs from other stores that have vinyl backings don’t work either—drool gets through to the clothes through the sides.

Deirdre Corunna, MI

Great bib

Highly recommended for the ornery toddler who likes to rip off bibs because the snap holds very well. Great colors, nice materials, and washes up very well. My LO seems pretty comfortable when he wears it.

Tessa Chenango Bridge, NY

Super absorbent, durable, large surface area. No velcro!

These may be the best bibs out there. They will soak up more than you would believe, and just keep on truckin’. I hate Velcro that can scratch the baby and get stuff stuck to it, so I am always thrilled to find snap bibs. We started with the infant size; it is very small and he outgrew them around 2 months (about 13.5 pounds). These standard size are a little bigger than most bibs on the market, so they provide great coverage. They wash well and I have not had any problems with color bleeding. I also like the bandana style made by this company. I wish they were less expensive, but you get what you pay for, and these are of superior quality.

Danielle Stoney Fork, KY


Best bibs ever! big enough, easy to clean, love the waterproof part at the back…just little bit pricy but i hope it worth it..

Erica Glade, KS

Large and absorbent

I was looking for a larger bib as I started feeding my baby solid foods around 5 months. This was great. It came down over his whole torso instead of just covering the upper part of his front side. The velour-like material is very soft. I don’t mind wiping his face or hands on the bib when we’re done. There are also two snaps so he can probably use when he is even bigger.

Hope Winkelman, AZ

Great bib

Good bibs. Big size, so actually good for 0m and up. Front is soft, back is like acetate. silly billyz is softer and has a cloth back, but are smaller, I think those are nicer, but this is equal once size is taken into account. Great vibrant colors. Strong snaps. Keeps baby clean and dry.

Minnie Walnut, CA

Possibly the most perfect bibs!

These bibs are fantastic. They’re soft, contain a waterproof lining for function, and most importantly, have two sets of snaps. First, I love snap bibs because they can be machine washed alongside anything else without worry about velcro snagging and ruining another piece of clothing. The second set of snaps allows for a snug fit (which eliminates sneaky spills from dripping in between the bib and your baby!) that grows along with your child. This is the 5th or 6th package of Mum to Mum bibs I have purchased. I used them with my daughter, and I’m buying more now with my son — not because they have worn out (except for the lightest blue color, which shows some stains, they all still look brand new!), but rather because I want to add to my collection and give myself the ability to do laundry less often while still providing clean bibs for my baby. Honestly, I won’t buy any other brand except Mum to Mum!

Lucia Bon Wier, TX

LOVE THESE! I am ordering more right now!

My second baby pulls off velcro bibs in an instant and the pullover ones have a neck opening that is too big for her, so I needed bibs with snaps. I was hesitant about these due to the price, but once I got them, I was convinced. They are soft yet heavyweight and feel extremely durable. A lot of time, the baby food doesn’t even soak in (I swear I thought it was Scotchguarded!) so you can scoop it right back up and take another shot at getting it in the mouth! I find that I use these bibs for at least two meals (if not three) where other bibs definitely only make it through one meal. The smallest snap setting is perfect for my 9mo and the larger snap setting actually fits my 4yo. (I am wondering if I will want a mid-level snap, but for now I’m happy.) I definitely love these and am planning to order another set (in different colors) ASAP.*Note, the snaps are plastic, not metal as seen in the photo.

Francesca Old Saybrook, CT

Great Bibs

Very happy with these bibs. Super absorbent, last the full day. I ranked 4 stars b/c they are a bit too big almost…cover the entire torso of my 3 month old – which can be great at times, but they flip up and cover her face easily when she is playing, other smaller bibs she is able to wear throughout the day and does not have this issue.

Debora Fountain City, IN

Great Bibs

My son has been teething since 3.5 months old. I go through 3 – 5 bibs a day of just drool. I bought these bib hoping they would keep his clothes dry for more than an hour and they absolutely do. All day dryness… got to love it. The colors go with everything he wears and they have washed really well. Will be buying more so I don’t have to wash them every three days.

Joanna Leonidas, MI

Amazing Bibs!

These are the best find ever! They catch all the liquid and food our 6 month old spills. Plus I love all the bright colors these bibs come in. I haven’t had any problems with them leaking through either. Definitely on the expensive side, but I think it’s worth it.

Alicia Hamptonville, NC

Awesome bibs well worth the price

Our son is super drooly and soaks through normal bibs in half an hour. He can wear these bibs for a few hours before they need changing. They wash and dry well (don’t fade). The only thing is they are kind of big and ugly so he only wears them at home. When we go out he wears Silly Billyz Bandana bibs which are just as absorbent but a smaller bandana shape.

Terri Crawford, TN

Still look great and fit well on my 3 year old

My son has oromotor delays and drools like no ones business. He can soak a shirt through in about 20 minutes. I’ve always wonder how he stays properly hydrated – he drools that much. He’s been wearing these bibs since he was about 9 months old. Now, at 37 months, I am thankful that they still fit and the original ones still look great. We’ve lost 2 now to broken snaps but I’m not complaining. My only wish would be for more colors to better coordinate with his outfits. (Beige, burgundy, gray, royal blue, etc).

Briana Solebury, PA

Fabulous product

These bibs are wonderful. They are easy to attach to baby as they button on the back of neck and have two size options. They are large and cover more of baby’s clothing. They wash like a towel and clean up nicely. Other bibs I have tried are too small and stain easily. My child’s daycare uses only these. They are well worth the price.

Eliza Star Prairie, WI