Munchie Mug Snack Cup 16 OZ Blue

Munchie Mug Snack Cup 16 OZ Blue

Munchie Mug is a spill proof snack cup for children ages 10 months and up.Munchie Mug means quality. You can count on us to provide you with a safe and durable product that does what it promises.•BPA, phthalate, PVC free and 100% made in America•Secure Screw-On Top with easy grip handle •Patented spandex opening feels soothing to little hands•All parts clean in the top rack of your dishwasher•Great for the car, on planes, at daycare and at home•Additional air-tight lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use•Made from safe polypropylene #5 plastic and 100% recyclable food grade compliant materials .

Main features

  • BPA, lead, PVC, latex and phthalate free.
  • Dishwasher Safe (top rack only).
  • Includes a stay fresh lid. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Secure Screw on Top with Easy Grip Handle.
  • Soft fabric opening in lid means easy access and no spills.

Verified reviews


Fantastic product!!

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of it” ideas. Let me preface this with the fact that I have been a mom for 16 years. I have been taking snacks on the go and just dealing with the mess for a long time. I’ve tried baggies, tupperware and most recently those little snack cups with the wedges cut out. With the snack cups, the first day I handed it to my 13 months old, he pushed down on one of the wedges and shook all the food out! I stumbled on the munchie mug on amazon. I balked at the price then thought, if it really works, it’s worth it!I got ours in the mail yesterday and immediately washed it and filled it with Chex. Handed it to my toddler and sent him off. I was amazed that it was super easy for him to get his hand in and out and he didn’t spill ANY of his snack!! Later in the day, I brought it with us in the car and let him have some snack. No spills! Not that spilled cheerios are so hard to pick up but as a mom, it is wonderful to know that I don’t have chase him around picking up all the spilled food.The only cons I have is the size and the cost. I do think that $16 for a snack cup is too much. Maybe if these become more popular the law of supply and demand will allow for a reduction in cost. Second, it is rather large. It takes up a lot of space in the diaper bag. It would be nice to have a smaller size. That being said, I absolutely recommend this to any parents of toddlers. It’s easy to use, can’t be accidentally opened, prevents spills, and allows for a little independence for your little one.

Doretha Hatfield, MO

Snack trap vs Munchie Mug

I have a 15 month old,and bought the munchie mug based on the rave reviews of a friend, and the amazon reviews. Sure, it’s a little expensive, but the quality of the mug is fine, and it works as advertised- and does indeed prevent spills.Here are my complaints about it:1) it’s big. Not a deal breaker but it doesn’t conveniently pop into a diaper bag or stroller caddy.2) It isn’t remotely airtight. It doesn’t claim to be, but there is simply no way to seal it off, apart from putting the whole thing in a large ziplog. While it’s good for filling and immediately eating out of, I can’t fill it and leave it in a bag until needed, or I get a handful of stale cheerios (I live in a humid area). Ultimately, this is why I had to shelf the munchie mug. You pretty much need to fill and feed immediately, storing food for more than a few hours in this is out of the question.So I went out and bought aMade For Mom Snack Trap, 2 Pack, Gender Neutralwith a lid.Pros: small, lightweight. You can purchase a lid (and I recommend you do-it doesn’t always come with one.) Easy for kids to carry, and fits well in a diaper bag. This one gets daily use in my house, as we can keep it filled with goldfish or cereal at all times.Cons: kind of flimsy, and the munchie mug’s fabric top DOES do a better job of keeping things in.Overall,for this type of product, I’m throwing my vote to the snack trap, despite not being PERFECT.

Graciela Evart, MI

Muchie Mug vs. snack catcher

This is huge for a 1-2 year old. My little one cannot carry it in hand, she has to hug it. there is a handle but the bulkiness of the container makes it hard to carry that way. It would be nice for 5-8 years old size wise. I happend to see the Munchikin snack catcher which my friend has… it is smaller, easy for a toddler, and a lot cheaper!!! it works just like this although it may not work well with smaller piece. I am getting the snack catchers for my 2 year old.Update. the snack catchers didnt work well. the cheeris pieces fall out and my 2 year old thinks it is funny to shake it upside down. It is tricky to put the lid on the cup. So comparing those two for a 2 year old, this munchie mug is BETTer, i mean less mess and easy to handle (maybe hard to loose because of its size). Still think it is expensive for what you get.

Sally Chico, CA

2 years later…

Well the material is NOT stretched out. Kids still love it and have not had a mildew problem with it. I do press out the material after each wash. It is relatively non spill, although if your kid grabs a handful, there is really nothing you can do about that.Things do go stale faster than normal in this container because it doesn’t seal so to speak.I wish the container was a little smaller to fit in a cup holder, but I like the overall size of it.It’s not something you can use constantly because it does have material in it, but we do we it on ever long cartrip, or outing.

Josie Cheriton, VA

Excellent idea, crazy price and doesn’t last very long!!

My 2 yr old loves it. Its simple and cute, I have it already about a year i still use it because they like it and its better then other ones, but the top is rubber and gets stretched, not what i expected. I just don’t understand why its so expensive. ridiculous !!!!i would of bought a few more if it was cheaper..

Katherine Beulah, MS

The best snack mug!

I have 2 of these now. My 16-month-old son snacks all day, and the Munchie Mug has very little “spillage” for me to clean up. It’s very easy to care for, and can easily dispense large (Wagon Wheels) and small snacks. It’s a little more expensive than the other snack cups, but to me, it’s definitely worth it. I’m very glad I didn’t waste my money on anything else.

Josie Raymond, NH

Love it but not perfect

Definitely a no-spill container. I love the idea but I hope that the lid and the screw on top can work together instead of it being interchangeable. A better idea would be being able to put a lid on without having to remove the screw on top… maybe the lid can go on top of the screw on top and then put the handle elsewhere to keep it airtight?

Cristina Hima, KY

Love the munchie mug!

I love this snack cup. My son has been using it for about 9 months and it is very good quality. It contains most items inside and doesn’t let him spill much. My only wish is that it was a little smaller so we could take it with us. We mainly use it for snacks around the house because it is large and it doesn’t fit into our diaper bag. That being said I still give this 5 stars.

Ursula Moro, AR

Yeah, it’s the best

I’m not sure why this cup costs so much…I mean it’s plastic with some neoprene. But regardless, it’s our favorite snack cup. I bought one on a whim from zulily and once I saw how awesome it was, I came back to buy two more. My daughter is 2.5 and I have a newborn so I figure we’ll be snacking for a while. I keep a hook attached to my diaper bag to secure the cup when not in use. We keep one handy at all times. Best buy!

Hollie Bowie, TX


I bought it for my daughter after trying other 2 cups and this one is the best! it has been 1 year now since I bought it and she loves it!!! she knows that it is her cheerios cup. she is 2 years old and still likes and needs this nice cup. very easy to clean also. I like it so bad that also bought 2 for her friends. and I have never seen a child with this. I am glad I found it at the web and read other reviews saying good things about it!

Juliet Brandsville, MO

Perfect (well, almost) snack cup!

We’ve been using these for several years now and just love them! They never spill (though sometimes my toddler grabs a handful of food, pulls it out and throws it, no points from the cup for that though!), are easy to wash, easy to carry around, and are soft on little hands. Yes, they are big, but I like that. It makes it easy to find them in my bag or stroller and keep track of them in the car. They have also held up remarkably well, after several years of constant use! No cracks in the mug or tears in the fabric. The image doesn’t look so hot anymore, but the functionality is still perfect!Yes, snacks do get stale if they sit around in there long enough, but really that’s my only complaint. I haven’t use another snack cup since discovering these!

Toni Wattsville, VA


I just bought another one of these for an inside crunchy cup. MY DD has one in the car too!! I LOVE THIS DAMN THING and will buy a few more!! My DD had the munchie brand ( POS!!!) one that has the sliced opening at the top. She would shake that thing and all her snacks would fly EVERWHERE!!! I was vacuuming up crunchies for weeks!! THIS CUP IS FREAKING AMAZING!!! A mom had to develop this product. Its well worth the price. Its easy to clean and my DD can get her hand in and out very easily. The mesh flap is soft and pliable. Holds a good amount of crunchies and she shakes it like a rattle. It has hit every hard surface in the car and hasn’t broken yet! She carries her inside one around by the hand hold slot!! Keeps the crunchies contained at not all over the place. LOVE IT!!! MUST HAVE!!!!

Pat Merrimac, WI

Great Product!

I bought this mug after my 1.5 year old figured out how to remove the lid from the Munchkin Snack Catcher within 5 minutes of me giving it to him. The mug is ideal in that the top SCREWS onto the mug itself rather than just snapping on like most other snack mugs. I could chuck this thing across the room and hit a wall with it and it wouldn’t spill! Yeah, so the kid can get more than one Cheerio out of the mug at a time but so what. He’s got small hands so it’s not like he can grab a heck of a lot of them at one time anyhow.

Jenny Grove City, OH

Great snack cup

I love the design of this snack cup. The fabric is soft against little hands, versus the plastic found on other snack cups. I gave this cup to my son when he was 11 months old, and he just turned 1. He occasionally gets his thumb stuck on the lip of the fabric and can’t get his hand in, but most of the time he doesn’t have a problem. I think sometimes he just wants me to reach in for him 🙂

Danielle Atwater, CA

Great concept, difficult for little hands

Love the concept of this snack cup. It’s much bigger than you’d imagine and my 1 year olds who are big for their age and have great gross and fine motor skills have some difficulties using this cup. I’m hoping it is worth it in the long run because it is quite expensive for something we struggle with using. However, it is spill resistant unlike the other brands where smaller snacks spill out easily. A determined child (or two) can still make a mess with this cup but it does help quite a bit.

Michele Big Creek, KY

Cool design

I have the kind with the rubbery lids that haves star-shaped slits in them. My boys hold the slits open & dump the snacks 🙁 This seems to take care of that problem. My 11 month old does pretty good at getting his hand in and out with a snack. The cup is big, but fine for them to share. Big brother usually holds the snack & little bro comes by to refill his cheeks. Our local grocery carries Talenti sorbet- whose container screws right on to the munchie mug lid. It also came with a regular lid to keep snacks fresh, although here in AZ, I haven’t had problems with stale snacks- even with our other snack traps. The cup that came with muncie mug seems a little flimsy. Like a drop onto the tile may crack it if it lands exactly right. That doesn;t really concern me since I can use the ice cream containers if it does break. Bottom line? I like it, serves its purpose.

Fannie Saint John, WA

Works the best out of any cup I’ve seen!

Love this thing! I got it for my son when he was 11-months-old and he has had zero issues using it. We haven’t had any issues with the daily use it gets (mostly in the car and on flights). It’s a bit pricey but it works amazingly well, supports the US economy (hah!) and is best of all SAFE. I get asked often by other parents where I got "that crazy thing".

Tina Ramah, NM


I’ve bought a bunch of travel containers, but LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! This is by far the best – my twins try turning it upside down in the car, but the design is so great – that nothing comes out. I’ve wasted a lot of money on other ones, but think this one is by far the best. Don’t waste your money on anything else!

Rosario Manley, NE

This is way too big for a first snack cup

Edit: 4/10/14 – the kiddo is now 14 months old. We use this around the house. I raised my rating by a star because it is more size appropriate now, though still quite large. The fabric opening is easier for him to use than the plastic of the typical snack traps, though it is more challenging to clean because it is fabric. I wash it with dish soap by hand.All in all, it’s ok. I don’t recommend it for under a year, and still, it’s probably better for 18 months +.***I love buying baby items made in the USA. When it was time to get the kiddo a snack cup, I immediately ordered this one. Unfortunately, despite the age suggestion, I found this to be way too big for a first cup. I will be saving this for when he is older and will come back to re-review at that time.In the meantime, I am using the Munchkin snack trap.

Cassandra Parowan, UT

The best snack cup EVER!

I was hesitant to purchase this because of the steep price. But, let me tell you it is worth it. This cup is perfect in every way. It is easy to clean, easy to fill, easy for baby to get out snacks without spilling, impossible to spill, baby can’t get the lid off, easy for baby to carry around herself with the handle etc. etc. The mug itself is quite a bit bigger than I expected. That is a minor thing, I just won’t fill it with too many treats. I noticed when she pulled out more treats than her hand could hold, they just spilled onto the lid and she quickly scooped them up and ate them. If I could give this cup 10 stars I would. No more cheerios spilled all over my floor, car, church house, etc. and baby is happy because she has the freedom to carry around her cup and get her treats for herself.

Marion Balko, OK


Love this cup! Totally worth every penny! My 11 month old son figured it out in a matter of seconds–now, we take it everywhere!

Melba Conway, MO


My daughter figured out fairly quickly how to get the tops off of the Munchkins Snack Catchers, so I needed to find an alternative or live with Cheerios all over my house. The Munchie Mug is perfect.

Ofelia Humarock, MA

Looks awkward but is awesome!

At first I thought this snack cup was a bit unwieldy and awkward, but then we used it…and it’s awesome. Granted, it is the only snack cup I have ever used (purchased because of the great reviews) so I cant compare it to anything. That being said, my 19 month old carries it around by the handle, and with the fabric closure top can get her hand in but can’t grab a handful and certainly can’t dump snacks out. She can even use it while in the baby carrier on my back. I highly recommend!

Megan Portland, ME

Best snack case ever

This is the best snack mug on the market. Every other cup my baby/toddler was able to pull of the top and snacks would end up going EVERYWHERE. Yikes! I love the twist top, the size (lots of goodies can fit) and the opening. My LO is able to get her littl ehand in there to grab snacks without all the the snacks falling out. I really love this!

Lilia Forest Grove, OR

Yes you Need this!

This is the best invention! I actually bought after someone I met had one, and it works! great for the little ones who love to throw everything, food included. Easy to clean, easy to use! A must have for all Moms!

Regina Flushing, MI

Just Awesome!!

You will not even believe the difference of this product compared to others. This is the way they should all be…easy to get into, easy on the hands, easy to carry, and wide enough. The mug itself is a bit thin, but had no problems yet and it is bigger then others on the market, but my 12 month carry’s it around all over with him. He got so so frustrated withe the other styles.

Therese Palisades, NY

Much better than other “no spill” snack cups!

I bit the bullet & paid a ridiculous $16 for this cup, but it really works great! I figured I probably have about $20 worth of cheerios spilled in the cars from the Munchie variety cups, so this was worth a shot, and it’s a good design. My 14 mth old still pulls a handful out at a time, but it forces the excess out of his hands & back into the cup instead of into his lap/onto the floor. Plus he likes the handle on the lid, and I can secure it to the stroller with one of those cup straps so he doesn’t lose it when he drops it or tosses it overboard on a long stroller ride. Pretty cool invention!

Jodie Harvard, ID


My daughter is 16 mos and after showing her how to pull out her cereal, she was a pro. The only time it leaks out any of her cereal is when she doesn’t have a good grip…happens maybe 1 out of 10 times. My only suggestion would be to make some that are plain…not a huge fish decoration fan. Highly recommend it!

Lakeisha Newtonia, MO

AWESOME, a must-buy if you have a toddler!

This Munchie Mug is awesome and totally worth the (probably too high) price. My only regret is that I did not get this sooner! I try to keep snacks at the table, but sometimes I will let my 16 month old have a little plastic bowl with some crackers or dry cereal in it. Even though it is convenient for the moment, I know that every time a huge crumbly mess will follow. So I started looking around for some other options, especially something that could be taken in the car as well, and I am so glad that I got this. The cup is actually quite large; in fact, at first I thought it seemed too big, but the little slot around the top edge is a perfect handle for little hands and my daughter is SO proud to toddle around holding on to it. It is very lightweight, super easy to clean, the fabric is completely water-resistant, so you can quickly rinse the whole thing and pat the fabric dry with a towel and it is completely dry and ready to use again immediately. The fabric overlaps *perfectly* and is just tight enough to stop any spills, but allows more than enough room for a little hand to reach in. Seriously, my daughter is so in love with this thing and I have been watching it closely to see if anything spills or how it really works, and it really does not spill or allow for any mess. The only crumbs that I have seen outside of the container is whatever little bits are on her hand from reaching in, but I have not seen any crumbs fall out even when she holds her hand inside it upside down or shakes it around. I am putting this on my list to buy new Mom’s or Mom’s of toddlers!

Kimberly Baxter, KY

Best snack container

Hands down the best snack container! I gave my daughter a different snack container and after the first use she had figured out that is she held the flap down she could dump out all the contents. Too me that defeated the purpose of a snack container so I thought I would give this a try. After the first use I was ready to buy a second one. Seriously the best snack container. My 1 year old carries it with her every where and I haven’t had to clean up a mess. Totally worth it.

Reyna Penrod, KY