Munchkin 12 Ounce Mighty Grip Toddler Sports Bottle, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 12 Ounce Mighty Grip Toddler Sports Bottle, Colors May Vary

Kids will love sipping their favorite drink in a sports bottle that looks like Mom and Dad’s. Holds 12 ounce a big size for big kids. Includes a kid friendly clip. Top rack dishwasher safe. Ships in assorted colors.

Main features

  • Looks like mom and dad’s but designed for kids
  • Easy to hold shape
  • Spill proof and leak proof for no mess drinking
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink, Blue or Green

Verified reviews


Munchkin 12 Ounce Mighty Grip Toddler Sports Bottle

I’ve been disappointed with every Munchkin sippy cup I’ve purchased. This one is no exception. Liquid collects outside of the valve where the liquid comes out and once tipped over it sprays everywhere. It’s definitely not spill/nor leak proof as stated. It’s fine for using outdoors with water so we’ll continue to do that, but in the house I’ll have to rely on something better.

Eliza La Luz, NM

Spill-proof? Finally!

This thing is spill proof! We’ve been searching for a cup for ages that is truly spill proof and we’ve finally found it. The only downside is that my son got a pink one. Granted, he doesn’t care but a choice in colors might be something to consider.

Courtney Chilmark, MA

Thank goodness, a decent sippy

Our toddler has been REALLY resistant to use a sippy, and we have tried a DOZEN different kinds, some cheap, some expensive. We’ve tried Nuk, Gerber, Platex, Avent, Dr. Browns, Nuby, CamelBak, ThinkBaby, and other no-name varieties. With and without straws, valves, and handles. Plastic tips, squishy tips, large, small, infant size, toddler size, you name it we’ve tried it. I tried this one on a whim and it seems to be a hit- our toddler prefers handle-less, straw-less, soft-tip sippies with fast flow and this one fits the bill. It is the first sippy our baby will use.It’s very easy to drink from, I’ve tried it out myself. It washes up fine in the dish washer, and I like that it’s clear so I can see how much liquid is left. It’s not as flashy or as cute as some but I’ll take what works, and it’s nice that they are so affordable. We have not found it to leak even when left on its side and it has been thrown many a time with no damage.*Update*We’ve had these sippy cups (we have 3) for over a year and they still work perfectly, no leaking. Our toddler will now drink out of just about any sippy as well as regular cups, but I still I consider this Munchkin our ‘gateway’ sippy that got us through that difficult phase after weaning, and we still use them all the time. For us they’ve been excellent.

Tammi Spearfish, SD

Perfect Sippy Cup, Fast Flow

My daughter refused all other sippy cups, The flow was too slow on others and required more work, she wouldn’t take more than a sip and then be done with it. These, she will drink them dry, all 12 ounces. The mouth piece is soft and closer to the feel of a bottle nipple. The flow is faster than any other sippy cups. The handle that is used to hold the clip actually works well for baby. When she drops the cup and is having a hard time picking it up (slippery fingers covered in food) the handle is easy for her to grab and pull the cup up to standing for her to grab. Even though it has a fast flow, it does not spill, it truly works like a sippy cup with a valve even though it doesn’t have a valve (another plus).The prices can’t be beat either, I paid like 2$ per cup with free shipping, can’t beat that!

Savannah Westwood, CA

Much preferred to other toddler cups.

Easy to clean, easy to use. Rubber sport top allows your child to bite and suck like an adult sport bottle. I tried the other toddler cups with hard tops, and they cannot compare.

Teresa Rock Stream, NY

Stands up to a 2.5 year old

My daughter loves having a bottle like mom’s water bottle, it stands up to the bumps and bangs of toddlerhood, and most importantly, it does not leak! (yet) Her sippy cups with the little plastic inserts have started to leak, and the inserts pop out inside the cup for no reason, leaving a sticky mess everywhere. This screwtop bottle has the same effect, but no leaking so far.

Gertrude Walnut Creek, CA

great bottle

My son liked this one for a while but he always tries to get our adult bottles. I still really like this one. It doesn’t leak and I like that you can strap it on to your bag

Jean Springdale, PA

much more spill proof than my tommee tippee cups

This cup seems much more spill proof than my Tommee Tippee cups. I love the attached loop as well. It is also very easy to clean & I don’t have a dishwasher.

Carol Port O Connor, TX

It works so well, I need some more!

This sports cup for toddler’s works so well and cleans so easy I need to order about 3 more! Recommended – Highly!

Beverly Granby, MO

Great Toddler Sports Bottle

This looks like ours and has almost no small parts to get lost. I give it to our daughter on walks or when we are out and about and she wants my sports bottle. No more crumbs in my bottle! As such, I highly recommend this.

Charlene Moss Beach, CA

Great Sippy, Miminal spilling

This is a very good sippy cup. This is recommended for 24months and up so the spout holes are a little bit big, so if it is turned upside down a few drips of liquid would spill. I do not have a problem with that. This is great for outdoor use and is not to big for a toddler to hold it. My 14 month old has no problem with this.

Benita Wellborn, FL

A great trasition away from a sippy cup!

My son is nearly three and I really wanted to get him away from a traditional sippy cup. But he’s still too rambunctious in order to just have a cup. Plus he needs something when we go out and about. Kids nalgene bottles or Camelback water bottles are crazy expensive ($12) for a toddler to have a ‘water bottle’ and this is an MUCH more affordable alternative. I paid $3.99 for ours – and will be going back to buy more. Would love if they’d offer more color options. Leak wise it’s great and the thicker rubber is great since my son loves to bite his sippy cups anyway! It washed in the dishwasher well too!

Veronica Midland, PA

great for my toddler

My toddler (22 months) loves drinking out of my large water bottles, so I figured it was time to get him one of his own. This is perfect for his small hands and it doesn’t leak. And he can get water from it easily.I keep it in his crib at naptime so he can have something to drink when he falls asleep or when he’s first waking up. We also keep it in the playroom sometimes so he can stay hydrated while playing. I’m happy with my purchase.

Alexandra Argenta, IL

Toddler loves

Love this cup. My 22 month old has been using it for a couple weeks and it works well for him. He doesn’t like the hard tops and we don’t like the way the soft ones leak. This is a great middle ground product. He also loves that it has a "hook" on it. Lots of fun. We’ve washed it in the top of the dishwasher with no issue.

Eddie Fowler, OH

This is superior to the straw kind!!

I’m a mom and I’ve had to deal with and wrestle with all those over-complicated sippy cups and bottles for far too long. I found these a year ago and I’ve never gone back to the straw-like variety. This Mighty grip toddler bottle is SUPER-EASY TO CLEAN; DOES NOT HARBOR BACTERIA; SECURELY CLOSES AND DOES NOT LEAK ON THE KIDS OR FLOORS, PARTS DON’T GET LOST, and LASTS A LONG TIME. Plus, you can use the HOOK IT COMES WITH to attach it to stroller if you’re going for a walk. The others are a waste of money. If you’re a busy mom and can’t afford to wrestle with, take apart, clean up after the messes the other kinds leave behind then this is the sippy bottle for you. Both my 3 year old and 1 year old (since he was 8 months) use this. Love these bottles! I have about 15 of them in green, blue and pink.

Andrea Gypsy, WV

Great cup

Great cup, Holds a lot of fluid and doesn’t leak. The only complaint is that the clip it comes with is plastic and harder to use then the metal clips out there, but that is easily replaceable.

Millicent Fairfield, NE

Impossible to keep clean

I feel like I have tried every sippy cup on the market, and they all seem to leak, and/or have sipping contraptions that are mold hotels and impossible keep track of. I then bought juice boxes, but the kids want to have a few sips at a time. I gave up and finally used a quilted jelly jar with a plastic screw on lid and put superhero stickers all over them.The jelly jars are amazingly strong because they are made to withstand canning, mega cheap and the kids LOVE THEM! So I am tossing out all of the crappy mismatched sippy contraptions and buying $10 worth of jelly jars.

Whitney Bent Mountain, VA