Munchkin 2 Count Door Knob Cover

Munchkin 2 Count Door Knob Cover

Help prevent children from entering or leaving rooms with Munchkin door knob covers. The ergonomic design with locking geometry wraps around entire knob providing strong tamper resistance. Wide tabs lock the door knob together requiring both buttons to be depressed to release. To use, simply grab the door knob through the holes in the Door Knob Cover and turn. 2 door knob covers included.

Main features

  • Secures to straight edged tables, counters, and more
  • Tapered edges provide extra foam protection where impact is most likely to occur
  • Sculpted design ensures a secure fit to surfaces

Verified reviews


Excellent deterrent for small children.

Purchased these to keep my son from opening doors and getting into "restricted" areas of the house.They work perfectly, his hands are too small to manipulate the handles now.Takes some getting used to for the adults to open doors with these installed, but now it is second nature.

Karin Tefft, IN

They work but not ready as is, but you can fix

PLEASE READ MY UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS REVIEW>>>Ok, so first off, these work over all.Pro..They workCons…Not good enough as is, these come in 2 halves that snap together, if your little one grabs on to one of the holes and hangs on it, it can easily unsnap.I fixed this by using a roll of black electrical tape and putting a couple tight passes around the front and back (avoiding the holes) this makes it very hard for anyone to pull it in 2 and off the knob.Takes a little getting used to for the rest of us adults lol, you basically have to use the holes opposite of eachother to place a thumb and your ring and middle finger to grip the knob inside and turn, you do not have as much grip so it can be difficult to turn sometimes using fingertips only. Try your door knobs and see if you can open them now with your thumb and 2 first fingers using only the tips of your fingers, If you cant, then you may not want these, if you have a weak grip or are elderly this may be bad for you, just think about an emergency like a house fire, you want to be able to get out quickly without fighting the door knob. I have read reviews on the other types that are easier to open with rubber grips and the such, but they also report that the little ones can take advantage of that as well. But these do work as I have modified them and will get a few more, I have placed these on the doors that lead outside the house and on the outside of the bathrooms. Will get some more for closets and other rooms they should not be in.For fire and other emergency safety, make sure everyone in the house knows how to use these to be able to open the doors with these on, and practice till it is easy and can be done in the dark.I give 4 stars because I do not see anything of this type that is better even though these are not perfect, I would love one made out of aluminum or brass that connect with a screw, it would be very secure, look better and last longer.UPDATE>>>The Tape starts to slide off the smooth surface and gets messy, My little one can pull these off the knobs pretty easy by just pulling down on them. But I have come up with a fix.I have used a hot nail to melt holes on either side of the seam where the 2 halves come together, 2 sets of holes on the front of the knob cover and 2 sets at the very back. I then have used some very small zip ties and ran the ties through the holes and have zip ties in 4 points holding the cover together permanently. Works great. That is not getting pulled off any time soon. I had also tried crazy gluing the pieces together but the glue could not hold up at all. Now, he will have to pull the hole door knob off to get the covers off.

Alissa Shevlin, MN

Worked for one day.

These are easy for adults to open doors, and it seemed like it kept my 2 year old from opening doors because for her, it just spun aroudn the door knob, and she couldn’t get purchase. So she figured out how to hit it repeatedly until it came off the knob, on day two. End of story.

Ola Craftsbury Common, VT

Overall, a great product!

These covers are not the easiest knob covers to get on and off. You have to push buttons very hard on 2 sides. My daughter tried and was unsuccessful at getting them off. The only downside is that it is a little awkward to grab the actual door handle at times. I have pinched my finger tips a couple times. However, if you have a toddler like mine who takes things like this as a challenge, I would recommend these knob covers. They won’t be able to get them off.

Savannah Sherrard, IL

Kids can’t pull these off

These are great–they are difficult to remove, which is just what I needed. A little bit difficult to put on but not bad.

Bernadine Hilliard, OH

Did not work for me

I must first say that my doorknobs didn’t quite fit into these, so my review is slightly biased. If you have this exact type and size of knob, then it may work better for you. Anyway, I figured that even though it wasn’t a perfect fit, that it would still serve its purpose. It didn’t. Within seconds, my 2 year old toddler had ripped it apart into its two pieces. I thought that maybe I didn’t secure it well enough, so I put it back on and secured it… off it came again in an instant with a single pull. Disappointing.

Belinda Plymouth, MI

Not as easy to pull off…

I was a little nervous after reading the reviews, but these work well. Little One has not been able to pull it off yet and it has those little hands from opening the door. Overall I am pleased with the product.

Sharron Ireland, IN

Seems to mostly work…

My son has gotten them apart once or twice, but I’m not sure they were connected correctly when he did it. They’re a little hard to snap together so make sure you did it right if you have an escape artist like mine.

Misty Mathis, TX

Good value

Easy to put on and cheap! Great little purchase and keeps my children out of the garage. Recommend. 4 stars for being a little awkward to remove. I guess that is the idea, though? 🙂

Leonor Greenville, RI

great product

We use these all over our house! Easy to install and easy to uninstall and toddler can’t open the doors with them on… exactly what we wanted.

Hilda Gifford, WA


Tried some different brands and like these the best. Work well and look better than the others. Would order again.

Danielle Clarkston, MI

Be careful of knob size.

These fit great on a few of the doors in our house but some of the door knobs are a bit smaller and your hand can get pinched if you don’t turn the knob in a specific way.

Gussie Rowena, TX

no escapes yet

our kids are almost 2 and so far did not manage to escape yet; very easy to install and easy for me to open the door; already ordered some more for the rest of the house

Magdalena Woodbury, TN

Works so well, some adults can’t get out!

My son is about to turn 2, so we’ll see how these hold up, but so far these do just what they say – he can’t get out the door in the time it takes us to find out what he’s up to. Cheap and works, what else can you say.

Debbie Templeton, IN

Great for the Price

We got these to keep our toddler out of the bathrooms and other areas. They go on and come off pretty easily once you know just how to line up the pieces. Unlike some more expensive versions, you just stick our fingers through the holes to grip the door knob and turn it, rather than squeezing the cover.They are large, so I think it’d be hard to find a round door knob that this wouldn’t’ work on!

Lynda Exeter, RI

hard to use

we snapped them onto the door handles but we have a hard time opening the door. we ended up taking it off

Krystal Hardenville, MO

Easy to use, and keeps my toddler from opening doors!

Highly recommend! These are a good value and work like a charm to keep my two year old from opening doors.

Lynn Ormsby, MN

These are a must-have with toddlers. Our son is …

These are a must-have with toddlers. Our son is 21 months and has not been able to figure these out yet. He gets frustrated and just spins it. The only con, is that they are a little noisy if you are trying to be quiet.

Rosanna Grand View, ID

Work great

My 2.5 and 3.5 were able to open the door knobs and I was freaked out they could open the front door or the garage door. Not even a 5 year old can use these and they can’t take them off. Love this!

Susanna Nolan, WV

My son got it off the door

I bought these b/c they price was right and they were easy to install. But, i guess the price was right for a reason. My 2.5 year old son definitely couldn’t open the door when this was on the handle and he was just trying to open the door. However, one time when he was really upset and in his room for timeout, he was actually able to pull this apart and get it off. He’s not particularly big or strong. Perhaps these are just the wrong product for us!

Latisha Rye Beach, NH

Does the Job!

I purchased these to prevent a headstrong toddler from opening the door to the deck and downstairs. They are fairly easy to open and re-close and are working well to prevent him from using the door knob. I believe he is (and this could be because I am biased) a fairly intelligent guy and is very good with using tools and puzzles and yet he has not been able to work around these covers and get them off or use the door. My only small gripe is that the holes in the front where the lock would be are a bit small. I have small hands so it’s not a huge issue for me to get in there and unlock or lock the door, but for my husband he does have some issues with being able to use the lock.There isn’t really a negative to making the hole a little bit bigger. My child has way tinier hands so it’s not like the small hole prevents him from reaching the lock if he wanted to.

Tanya Mercedes, TX

Works great

I love these knob covers. My son can’t figure them out (neither can visitors) but my husband and I can easily open doors. We will likely be buying more of these soon!

Misty Sugartown, LA


Works well enough, a little annoying to get your fingers into the holes and turn the knob at the same time – but then again if it were any easier a kid could figure it out!

Tabatha Long Lane, MO

Worth buying!

A lil higher in price compared to the safety 1st door knob cover when i bought them but this Munchkin although only 2 count works better. they have more secure lock and toddlers can’t easily dissemble it that way. Very sleek design and now i’m at ease that my kids wouldn’t end up wandering outside without me knowing. They are 3 1/2 and 2 yrs old and they can be sneaky sometimes. I don’t have any problem opening the door knob myself because this is the style i wanted and picked to buy after researching door locks. For me it’s easy to install by snapping them together and very easy to operate.

Louella Prairie City, IA

Good product

Does a perfect job of keeping my Toddler twins out of the areas they do not belong. Stays on doorknob and it’s sturdy.

Malinda Maywood, CA


These work well. I made sure the tabs on each side were lined up well before pressing together. My 21 month old grandson is no longer a flight risk!

Eddie Spring Hill, FL