Munchkin 2 Count Sesame Street Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup, 9 Ounce

Munchkin 2 Count Sesame Street Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup, 9 Ounce

Let your little one sip without the spills with the 9 ounce Sesame Street Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup by Munchkin. It features leak-proof protection you can see, feel and hear just turn the lid until you hear the click and you are all locked and set guaranteed. Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks with a clear outer with color tinted inner cup so mom can see fill level. Cleanup is a snap top rack dishwasher safe. BPA free and ideal for little ones 9 plus months. Ships in assorted designs.

Main features

  • Silicone, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Click Lock leak proof technology you can see, feel and hear
  • Spout helps transition kids to a regular cup
  • Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks clear outer with tinted inner cup so mom can see fill level
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, BPA free
  • Ships in assorted designs

Verified reviews


Great cups for toddler

Our son is 21 months and these cups are perfect for him at this age. I would not recommend these cups for a baby younger then 1.5 because of the hard tops and they harder to suck out of like a previous reviewer mentioned. But for an older toddler they are perfect because they do not leak or drip AND they are insulated so milk, water or juice stays cold for a long time. He also likes the Zoli- Bot straw cups, munchkin straw cups, and the NUK cups. No issues with those ones leaking too much, but from time to time we get some leakage with the NUK cups. Playtex makes an insulated cup similar to these, and also a straw version, and they are the worst cups ever. leak everywhere, every time.

Therese Church Hill, MD


Unless it’s just me, these cups may very well be adult-proof to open. bI can’t, for the life of me, get the damn things to open. My husband can, with some more effort. Very disappointing.

Camilla Monkton, MD

don’t reccomend

the valve inside makes it really hard for my daughter to drink water, and without it, the water just spills everywhere. also the spout is rather tough plastic and not very comfortable for her.cute looking, but not well designed product.

Beverley Trade, TN

My son loves these cups

If you have an Elmo fanatic in your house like we do, then these cups will not disappoint. Our 18-month-old son loves these cups (mostly because of Elmo), but we also like them! The spout of the sippy is hard plastic and not like a bottle, it holds a generous amount of liquid, and they have not leaked on us yet. (Keeping my fingers crossed). My only complaint is that I found these for much cheaper at a local store after I bought them from Amazon, but I guess that’s my fault for not looking around first.

Valeria Lake Elmore, VT

Love it

I love these click lock sippy cups. My carpet and I are very happy with these cups. I will continue to only purchase these.

Tricia Waverly, IL

Have a drink.

pMy grandson is only 9 months old and he is already drinking through a straw cup, so this is a step up and I think he will do well.

Carla Clara City, MN


The cup is large, cute, and well insulated. But the click lock can be a nuisance at times, making the lid hard to close.

Dana San Jon, NM

Great product!

I really like these cups – no more ones with straws. They do not leak once locked in place. There seems to be more styles for the girls than the boys – I really need Munchkin to make more character ones for a two year old little boy.

Edythe Glenmont, NY

Best cup ever!

I have no idea why anyone would give this one star. We have had at least 30 sippy cups come through our house, either they are hard to drink out of, my sone chews the top rubber part off, they leak, or are not durable…too many issues to name. Not only does my son love these cups because Elmo is on them but they work great too! they are easy to drink out of, easy to clean, durable and he can’t crew on the top as it is hard plastic…my favorite is that you know they are closed because the SNAP locked…no leaking. I love munchkin products.

Casey Paris, IL

My 22 month son likes it…I’m happy

Pretty happy with this set. Son likes it, that’s all that matters. At first it was hard to twist and lock…but it got easier over time! Fits great in his car seat cup holder! Win-win!

Laverne Diablo, CA


My son loves these cups. They are really cute. They are secure and you hear a click when twisted on to ensure they are sealed.

Olivia White Oak, WV

The 2.5 yr old twins love them

If your child loves Elmo and friends they will love these cups and I believe you will be happy as well! I have had no problems with these cups and they hold more Juice, water, milk, etc. than most sippy cups.

Geri Ririe, ID

Our child loves the Sippy’s

These were a great transition from a bottle to a sippy cup once he reached 1 year of age.He converted over to the click lock sippy’s in one day and hasn’t turned back. They are very secure and rarely leak even after our son throws them or kicks it over.They are made of 3 pieces (base, lide and rubber valve) that are easily dishwasher safe and have help up for 10 months of constant use.The fact that they are insulated allows for the milk to stay in them longer and not spoil as easily.We have since order 2 more sets to make sure we have a steady rotation going. It also helps that the lids are mix and match so we don’t have to worry about sets.

Nola Goshen, UT

First true “NO LEAK” sippy cup I’ve found.

Love these cups – and these are the only kind I buy anymore. After going through two kids and countless "no spill" sippy cups that truly weren’t no spill.. I tried these and I will say they truly are "no spill". There are not a bunch of parts which is great for busy parents. It has a silicone spout on the inside that simply pushes onto the underside of the lid and away you go. The inside spout piece is also big enough so it doesn’t fall out of the dishwasher "cage" that I have for all the little pieces. The lids easily go on and you will hear a "click" when they are where they are supposed to be so you don’t over tighten them or not tighten them enough. My toddler loves these and they have been through the tests – drops/throws/night time/ outdoor play.. and no leaks. nothing. I highly recommend.

Brenda Interlaken, NY

Easy Open if you’re the Hulk or a magician!

I just saw the reviews and got really excited. My son needed fresh sippy cups for daycare and I figured for the price this one was a win. 4 1/2 stars, I didn’t even bother to read. Took them out of the package and tried to open; no go. I’m thinking maybe I’m getting carpal tunnel, so I passed to my husband to open. After 4 minutes his pride got the best of him. I opened another type of munchkin sippy that I just bought with no problem, same click lock technology, no problem.I tried again and failed, so I walked away.Thinking that maybe I’m lacking nutrition, I tried once more after dinner and no luck. Re-evaluating leftie loosie, righty tighty, still nothing. Started writing this review since I seem to be the only one with this problem so far and gave this sippy one elbow tremor last squeeze and it opened. I got excited and closed to open again and guess what, it’s locked again. $%#k this!

Chelsea Adrian, PA

Probably good someday

It spills too easily for my 13 month old grandson, but they might work better for him later. The Zo-li Bot with weighted straw works better for him and he really likes to drink from it.

Lourdes Butler, KY

Sippy is a sippy…

A sippy cup is a sippy cup is a sippy cup…but these are nice to have because they’re insulated and do not leak. I wish they didn’t have the rubber piece inside…but most cups do.

Muriel Newhope, AR