Munchkin 2 Pack Mighty Grip Spill-Proof Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 2 Pack Mighty Grip Spill-Proof Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Mighty Grip Spill-Proof Cups Munchkin Mighty Grip Spill-Proof Cups are spill-proof and leak-proof to help prevent messes. This cup is a step closer to an actual cup so baby will be delighted to drink out of it. Its valve is easy to clean and is hygienic. Why You’ll Love It: Helps baby’s transition from bottles to cups. Age: 2 years and up Features Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks Rubber bottom prevents it from falling down Dishwasher-safe in top rack BPA-free Spout is leak-free Colors may vary

Main features

  • Soft silicone spout
  • Contoured design makes cups easy to hold
  • BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Purple, Blue or Orange

Verified reviews


My toddler’s favorite sippy!

Out of the many sippy cups I’ve bought for my toddler, she likes this one the best. Not sure why, but whatever works! Easy to hold, soft spout, doesn’t leak much (no sippy is completely leak proof, no matter what they claim). Just take the spout off every now and then because it tends to get moldy.

Merle North Bangor, NY

Good size, easy to hold, but they leak

The nipple cracks pretty quickly if your kid gnaws on it (and don’t they all?), and then when they drop it (as they all do), it leaks everywhere. I really wish this didn’t happen because in every other aspect, this is a great sippy cup. The hourglass shape is really easy for baby to grasp, and the larger size is perfect for long outings.

Mayra Butler, KY

have to manipulate the vents

These are my kids favorite sippys, and we have tried them ALL, the only issue is that the vent tends to get clogged and you have to stick your finger in it to open the vent and let it flow smoothly. This may not be an issue for most kids, but my daughter downs all 10 ounces of milk in under a minute.

Norma Colonial Heights, VA

really really spill-proof

my son also had a hard time getting the liquid out of this cup, as it requires such a strong ended up in the back of my cabinet and we are trying to get him to just drink from a regular cup

Jana Hopwood, PA

Great ’til your little biter chews through the “no leak” sipping part

My 21 month old son is, admittedly, a chewer, so maybe my review isn’t entirely fair, but he has actually bitten the little plastic X part right out of the sipping part of three different of these cups. Luckily, he handed me the little bit each time rather than swallowing it, but a younger child might not, and it’s just not worth the risk. Very disappointing.

Gretchen Lakeville, MI


I bought these for my 2 year old. I got these 10 oz ones, and the smaller ones with handles… both kinds are impossible to suck the liquid out! My daughter was getting frustrated with it, so i tried to see what the problem was…. and even when I tried to suck/chew with all my might to get the drink out… I couldn’t get more than a few drops. I tried to poke the spout with a toothpick to see if it was just fused together or something, but nothing worked to make these darn cups work… waste of money!

Esther Dawson, GA

Breaks after a while

These were a great cup to transition from a bottle to a sippy or straw cup. For a while they were very nice… No leaks, easy to clean, and easy for my daughter to hold. But after a while the spill proof silicone part would crack and then they would leak everywhere! I was worried they may break more and become a choking hazard, as well. We looked into getting replacement spouts, but by the time you add shipping, it’s as much or more than just buying a new cup! I do wish they lasted longer, because I really liked them while they worked and they are so much easier to take care of than their Playtex counterparts.

Liz La Verkin, UT


Leaks horribly with and movement of the spout. The hole it has on top to release air is where it will leak from. When you child drinks from it, the plastic will move and that hole enlarges which then lets water out. You also have to suck very hard to get anything out in my opinion.

Ava Greer, SC

The only one I will buy

I bought almost every single cup. these were the best priced and best over all. He started drinking out of these when he turned 8 months. I have every munchkin style. Now he is 14 months and he LOVES LOVES the straw cups and these. He is now even off the bottle. great transation cup. Two of my friends use these as well. PLUS they are cheaper than most brands.

Karin Knox, IN

Will NEVER get the color pictured

This is my daughter’s favorite cup at the moment. I’m big on colors and tried to build up a little supply of nice colors for her. It was next to impossible. Every time I ordered, (about 4-5 sets) i received a pink cup with a yellow lid and a green spout, and an orange cup with a green lid and a purple spout. i hate the colored spouts which are never advertised. they seem stickier than the clear ones. tried to order more from the Munchkin website and they sent me more colored ones. I was so frustrated with the whole company i switched to Nuby mighty grip cups. They’re almost identical and turns out they’re much easier for my little one to drink from! these you have to bite down while sucking. might be hard for some babies/toddlers.

Madeleine Hannah, ND

Replacement spouts are very hard to find

The spout took a good few weeks to stretch and then it started tearing. Cannot find replacements anywhere on amazon or in stores. My baby got used to this although it was extremely hard to suck out of it in the beginning. I give it 4 stars because it eventually worked and is my baby’s preferred sippy cup.

Aurelia Salina, KS

Easy to use and affordable!

I love these and so does my son! They’re so affordable, do not leak, and he can get liquid out without gagging because the flow is too fast. That’s a common problem we have had with other brands since he was a breastfed baby. He drinks out of other sippy cups but he actually loves drinking out of this one. The only thing I don’t like is we are a dishwasher using family and these do not wash well in the dishwasher so they need to be hand washed. Not a huge deal but not the best design for that.

Lolita Harrah, OK

Ok if you must have soft top

We bought these since my son won’t take a hard top sippy at first. We really liked them at first, but the spout can be difficult to assemble and keep clean. While our son still uses these, we bought different Munchkin ones that we liked better.

Beverly Lincoln, IL

Best sippy cup ever

My son is picky about a lot of things but this cup was something he took to immediately and has been enjoying his beverages with it. It’s really great to see him holding the cup so easily. The colors are vibrant and fun. The grip helps him hold onto it even if the outside has gotten wet with water. I love the shape and it’s easy for him to hold and now that he is drinking more at each sitting, this makes it way easier to just fill enough liquid to get through a meal. Also, it fits in most cupholders so this helps a lot when travelling or especially with his highchair tray. I love it. I got the two pack and may actually get another set as well. Would highly recommend this product.

Bridgette Shaw Island, WA

LOVE them!!!

This was the first sippy cup my daughter would take. Soft spout makes a world of difference when infants are learning to use a sippy cup! This has become her preferred choice in sippy cups!

Flossie Danboro, PA

Best Begginner Sippy

This cup doesn’t leak, my daughter can get her hands around it and she loves the spout. Has a really good flow, doesn’t drown her and she doesn’t have to suck super hard either. Love them!!

Mercedes Lowell, OR

These WERE great…

We love these cups, and the smaller version with the handles, it is a great transition cup form the bottle. My 17 month old son loves the soft spout. However once he figured out that he can poke his finger through the breathing hole on the top and flip it over and squeeze all the liquid out, that was the end of this cup, now I am stuck with cleaning up a mess every time.I gave it three stars because overall this is a good cup, it is user issues more than anything we are having, still I want a cup that is leak proof so when I leave my son in the crib with it he won’t make a mess! Can’t do that with this cup!UPDATE: he stopped pokin his fingers through, so now these work great!

Marion Gothenburg, NE

My daughter has been using these for well over a year…

.. and they are still holding up fine. Have not even had to replace the spouts and she has been known to carry them by closing her teeth down on the spout itself. hah

Cassandra Cleveland, AR