Munchkin 2 Pack Mighty Grip Straw Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 2 Pack Mighty Grip Straw Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Colors may vary. Please let us choose for you. Munchkin Mighty Grip Straw Cups Munchkin Mighty Grip Straw Cups are spill-proof and leak-proof to help prevent messes. Each cup’s straw pops out for easy cleaning. The cup keeps drinks fresh and cool for a long time. The valve is easy to clean and is hygienic. In addition, the silicone straw is ideal for drinking. It has a simple lever that pops the straw open and back in the cup to close it securely. Why You’ll Love It: Helps baby’s transition from bottles to cups. Age: 2 years and up Features Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks Spill-proof straw Rubber bottom prevents it from falling down Top-rack dishwasher-safe BPA-free Spout is leak-free

Main features

  • Soft silicone straw
  • Contoured design makes cups easy to hold
  • BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink, Blue or Green

Verified reviews



My son doesn’t like it and he has no problem w/ straws. Why do these reviews have to be so long? That is all you need to know.

Jordan Town Creek, AL

Great Cups, but read the directions!

These cups are great. When assembled properly, they work just as they should and no leaking at all.I know some reviewers had trouble with the cups, but after reading the instructions and using these myself, I realize why… the users did not read the instructions for how to use these cups.So, take a few minutes and read the small pamphlet that comes with the cups, you’ll be glad you did!

Rosanna Robinson Creek, KY

Would have been great BUT …

I was very excited about this sippy. It is easy to clean and assemble and very easy to suck out of. But there are two major problems that make this sippy fail.1. Suction seems to pull the contents of the sippy out of the straw and hence, it leaks everywhere.2. If you have a clever baby/toddler, it will take him or her about five minutes to figure out how to push the rubber gasket/top through the lid rendering the cup completely useless. My 16 month old simply pushed on the top until it dropped into the cup and then happily dumped the milk out EVERYWHERE.

Janell Bates, OR

These Are Great

I love these cups. They are mostly no-drip, no spill, especially with water (milk and other thicker drinks can make it “burp” some liquid up when you first put the lid on – but I’ve found that happens with almost every model out there). They are easy to clean, sturdy, and easy for kids to hold. The top straw is built into the top, and there is one interior straw that is removable for washing (some cups have too many little straws and straw parts for me! I have four or five of them now, and they are our go-to straw cup!

Nannie Mc Farlan, NC

More of a headache than anything else

I initially thought this was a great alternative to my son’s old straw cup which always leaked. Unfortunately this also leaks, though not as much, but has other problems as well:* The liquid inside often creeps up the straw, past the valve that is supposed to prevent leaking, and oozes out and down the cup.* You have to separate the flexible plastic top from the rim when washing. This is difficult to do, and difficult to put back together. And the two pieces have started the habit of often misaligning, creating more leakage.* The cup does not come clean in the dishwasher due to it’s “ergonomic” shape. So I have to scrub it by hand with a bottle scrubber. I try to minimize handwashing dishes with three kids and a husband to clean up after. I always look for things that are dishwasher safe, which this is. So it’s a disappointment to have one more article I need to clean by hand. (Note if you only use it for water or light liquids, this probably won’t be an issue. But we use it for his morning milk with a powder vitamin supplement that sticks to the inside.)Bottom line is this cup still leaks. Which means it’s restricted to table use only, which is a bummer. And it’s a pain in the butt to clean.

Lessie Red Wing, MN

Not perfect, but good straw cup

I haven’t yet found the perfect straw cup for my 13-month old, and I’m wondering if the perfect one even exists, but these still work very well. These were the first straw cups I bought for my son, and I wasn’t sure if he’d know how to use it, but he took to these immediately, and he’s willing to drink water and milk out of them.Pros: The size and design is perfect for him to hold onto while sitting or walking around. The straw goes basically all the way down to the bottom, so with a little help, he’s able to finish everything without the frustration of that last little bit remaining at the bottom. Easy to clean, not too many parts, easy to take apart/put back together again.Cons: They do leak when turned upside down or when he drops them. There is no cover for the straw/lid so they aren’t easy to take with us out and about and ensure the straw stays clean. And sadly no markings on the side so I don’t know how many ounces of milk I’ve put in (but few straw / sippy cups seem to have the markings so not surprising).Overall I like it and the pros outweigh the cons.

Elena Plum, TX

Makes a mess…

I really thought this was a clever cup until a few months in when we figured out all the weaknesses… Mostly thanks to my little guy. He had no problem drinking from it, but I got fed up with the mess!- If the liquid inside is cold and then warms up, it will push its way out of the straw- If your toddler pinches the straw, the drink streams out- If your toddler throws the cup, the straw inevitably gets hit and leaves quite the spray pattern on the way/floor- On its side, liquid works its way out- If your toddler pushes on the top, it will sink in and allow the drink to pour out that way- If your toddler hits the straw top, there’s a spray- There is always a little liquid above the seal after your child drinks–drops that will fall out when tipped

Cecilia Fulton, OH

the only sippy my kid likes

I’m not sure why, but these are the only sippy cups my child will use, and we’ve tried many kinds. I don’t mind – these are easy to clean and they definitely do not leak when put together correctly – which only requires lining up the notches in the soft plastic portion of the lid with the notches in the hard plastic part of the lid.

Lindsay Malabar, FL

Worst sippy cups we have tried

I have a 2.5 year old son so, as you can imagine, we have gone through a lot of sippy cups. Now that he’s older and he loves straws, we wanted to try these. Hands down the worst, most useless cups I have ever used.To begin, they are not leak-proof. We’re working on holding a cup upright, but in the meantime I would hope that these cups wouldn’t just gush liquid when tilted. But they do. The rubbery part on the top moves a lot and, if not perfectly aligned with the edge of the lid, it will release a steady drip of liquid.The second most annoying part of these cups is the pressure issue. After a few sips, that rubbery part on top starts to be pulled in and you can no longer pull the liquid through the straw. I’ve had to teach my son to squeeze the straw in order to even out the pressure.My son hates these cups and cries when we use them (when the others are being washed). They’re a pain in general and if he hates them too, then I’m done with them. Junk junk junk.Our absolute favorites are the Gerber Graduates spill proof cups. Easy to put together (cup/lid/small piece that fits in lid), never ever spills and my son loves them. And the best part about them is that internal piece that fits on the lid doesn’t come loose. We’ve noticed with other sippies (Tommee Tippee, for instance) that those internal pieces slip out of place after a little use and liquid doesn’t flow freely. With those cups I’m constantly opening them, pushing the piece back in place and putting the lid back on. Not with Gerber. I’m just going to buy more of those and bed done with this madness.

Maxine Tishomingo, MS

Great sippy cups

I’ve tried many sippy cups, and these are my favorite. They are easy for my son to grip, and they do not spill as readily as most other sippy cups. My son loves to turn his cups upside down and watch the water or milk drip out. It still dips out when he does this–just much less than the others I have tried. These are the sippy cups we are using to transition from bottles, and so far it seems to be working. We use them without the straw–that way my son can tilt the cup up to drink just as he did with his bottles.

Rosie Troy, VA

So far so good

We just these today. It’s not leaking. I’m so happy. The baby is not. She is used to being able to spill out her drinks to she can splash the liquids around. Haha. She’s 13 months old and knows how to use a straw. After she watched me demonstrate it, she’s using it like a champ.

Josephine West Dover, VT

Great cup and straw

What I really like about this is that the straw is silicone. My daughter has the tendency to bite on her straws. Usually with plastic straws, they wear out so easily. I like this cup also because it is easy to wash. While my daughter still prefers to drink out of a bottle, this cup comes to the next best thing. I’ve bought various cups and so far, this is the best one for us!

Kathleen Bardwell, KY

Great straw cups

These are very nice straw cups. The shape makes it easy for my daughter to hold and carry them. They do have minimal leaking, unless your kid figures out how to manipulate the straw to "paint" milk onto things, like mine did.

Consuelo Mount Vernon, AR

Munchkin straw cups are the best!

They are sturdy and don’t leak. I like all the varieties of munchkin straw cups, these are my latest purchase and they seem even better than the other ones. The straws are a bit thicker and sturdier.

Isabella Bainbridge, GA

Our household’s sippy cups

These became our household’s sippy cups after we figured out that our daughter already knew how to use a straw. Voila, instant adoption. They do the trick. The three issues I have with them are:1. They will volcano out of the top if you put cold liquid in (as it comes up to temperature). Annoying, but common to this style.2. Kids will gnaw on the straw, eventually leading to cracks and holes in the top clear part. At some point, they’ll chew off the end, or you’ll end up cutting it off. Once the valve is gone, you lose the non-spill feature.3. We’ve lost a lot of the inner straws due to kids absconding with them or them slipping through the dishwasher holes and melting against the heating element in the dryer. You can’t seem to buy replacements without buying the entire thing. As a result, we have a TON of the cup parts, and never seem to have enough of the straw inserts or non-chewed tops. I wish I could just buy these.Having said all this – these are the ones we buy because they’re the ones that work the best.

Etta Union, NE

Great cups!

These cups are favorite by far. They are easy for my child to use and they don’t really leak like some other products we have tried. We are sticking with these.

Toni Saint Maurice, LA


It’s a good sippy cup, but you really have to bite down on the straw good to get any liquid out.But, at the same rate, that’s it’s job, so I guess it isn’t all bad.

Lawanda Waukena, CA

Always leaks

I was looking for straw cups, and tried to find ones that didn’t leak. These leak no matter what and it’s extremely annoying. I thought I might not be putting the top piece on correctly, but no matter how sure we are that the top is on right, it always leaks.From the reviews I’ve searched, apparently straw cups that don’t leak are hard to find. If anyone has a good recommendation, please let me know.

Lena Merrick, NY

There’s probably better ones out there, but i still like these.

I must have researched at least 10-12 different sippy/straw cups before deciding to try this Munchkin might Grip Straw Cup. I have at least 7 sippy cups in my cupboard right now that have been used once and will probably never see the light of day. But these munchkin straw cups, i actually like. We use these every day now that my little guy has transitioned off the bottle. Our pediatrician recommended we skip the sippy cup and go straight to the straw cup and my son has taken to these cups really well.Naturally, I like seeing people list the pros and cons to get an accurate assessment so here goes:pros:
• LEAKPROOF – the only liquid that comes out is the little bit of leftover that’s in the actual straw itself. other than that, pretty much leakproof. I’ve had a few instances where i saw a few drops of liquid come out when my son dropped it on the floor. But i don’t expect a 100% leakproof cup so i can live with that
• SHATTERPROOF – my 1 year old must have dropped one of these at least 50 times on the hardwood floor and i have yet to find one that has broken on me.
• EASY TO GRIP – the hourglass shape makes the cup easy for little hands to grip
• FLIP CAP=CLEAN! – i love that it comes with a flip cap so that you can hide the straw when not in use. being a bit of a germophobe, this is a “must have” for me
• SEE THROUGH CUP – to see how much your little one drank.
• INTERCHANGEABLE LIDS AND CUPS – it’s fun to mix up the colors from time to time. :)cons:
• INCONSISTENT QUALITY – I’ve bought 6 of these and they all seem a little different to me. For example, one of them has a really stiff flip cap, 2 of them have straws that are easier to suck up liquid (i try each and every one myself before letting my little guy drink out of it to make sure it works properly), and one leaks a little more than the others. So it’s really luck of the draw. But overall they all work well. I’m just kind of nitpicky i guess.
• A LOT OF PARTS OT WASH – given the fact that most sippy cups will have at least 3-5 parts to wash, these munchkin cups aren’t THAT hard to wash, but it’s still five pieces and the less number of parts there are, the better for a busy mom. There are 5 parts to wash: the cup, the lid, the flexible straw (top half), the hard straw (bottom half), and the flip cap. When you remove the straw but leave the flip cap still on, it will be really difficult to put the straw back on. So you have to remove the flip cap to insert the straw back on. The first couple of times, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to put the flip cap back on. Then I learned that you have to bend the straw forward, then line up the grooves on the side of the cap against the holes and push down. Once you do it a few times, you’ll get the hang of it.
• THICK STRAW – the thickness of the straw makes it really durable but a little more difficult to suck liquid up. My son didn’t have any problems with it but I could imagine some babies having a little more trouble.I have a few friends who’ve used the Green Sprout cups and have raved about those so I may try those next. In the meantime, I’m happy with my munchkin straw cups. If you’re looking for a straw cup for your toddler, I would give these a whirl. For the price, it’s worth a shot. You might find that you really like them and it’s not that huge of an investment just to try it out.

Ladonna Mc Bee, SC

Hard to thread

We got these cups to help my daughter learn to start drinking from a straw. They are leak proof but only when the top is threaded perfectly, which is not easy to do. The seal at the top also has to be positioned perfectly or the cup will leak. This may seem minor but they have to be disassembled and reassembled each time they are washed. Overall, they are decent and we still use them but I will be looking around for different cups when these get worm out or lost.

Bessie Plymouth, CT

Great cups

Straw sippy cups are really the best from a development standpoint, so I’m glad my baby took to these so well. If you think your baby doesn’t know how to use a straw, give these a try anyway, she may surprise you. Now, I will say that they aren’t completely leak-proof. This is probably in part due to the fact that baby will chew on the straw and thus weaken the valve. I only put water in these so when they do leak, I don’t have a huge mess on my hands. They come apart nicely for cleaning though there are a few place in the rubber top that are a little hard to get into, a small bottle brush or maybe a q-tip should do the trick. I’ve thrown them in the dishwasher and they have held up nicely. The shape is great for little hands to grab.

Lou Burwell, NE

Great Cup

I must have tried over a dozen cups and this by far is the best at protecting against leaks. Yes if you hold it upside down it will leak,so try not to do that .

Lauren Fountain Hills, AZ

Easy to clean, almost drip proof

Older kids will find a way to get their drink everywhere no matter what you use, but this is the best out there IMHO

Lakeisha White Mills, KY

These are fantastic

We’ve had these cups in use two weeks and we are over the top happy with them. My 13 month old started sippy cups early and when we handed her this one, she sat compfortably in her chair, feet up, and sipped from it like a pro. It’s pretty perfect. If anything goes wrong with it, I’ll definitely post a follow up review, but for now I’m so impressed with the price, the ease with which she sips from it and the easy-grip (she holds it so easily; love that part) I must give it 5 stars.

Edith Ocean Park, WA

Lasted nearly a year before they were defeated

These cups are great, my daughter started using them around a year old and had no issues with them. We got the Dr brown’s brush to clean them, and it made everything so much easier. Cue yesterday, when the now 20 month end figured out that pushing in the top + flipping over results in dumping and messes. It was bound to happen some day, so I still give them 4 stars.

Rachel Clements, MN

Better than Sippy cups

I tried these after reading favorable reviews here after trying sippy cups with frustrating result. These are just wonderful. They have great grips perfect for little hands. The baby never dropped the cup even once unlike sippy cups.I feel these are great for transitioning from bottle, my baby got the hang of drinking from these without a hitch. I even got the baby to drink more water by giving her water in this cup. This is a winner. Unlike some reviewers, I have never had a leak even when the baby throws the cup while playing or when the cup is lying sideways.

Kelley Falkville, AL

good reliable cup for 12 months old

• love the soft tip straw
• wide mouth, easy to clean with bottle brush
• helps with phasing out the baby bottleCon
• like others have commented, the straw is not close to the bottom so there will be milk leftover unless you tip the cup. My son hates it when I tilt the cup because he’s think I’m fighting him for it (control issues)
• good price

Lindsay Reidsville, GA

Hard to put together

I was looking for a straw cup that was easy to assemble, this one looked pretty easy since the straw is attached. However, when trying to assemble the cup after washing it, it took me several tries before I got it together so it didn’t leak.

Serena Greens Farms, CT

Don’t Leak – A Pain to Clean

These are great in that my son will use them and they don’t leak. My only complaint is that they are tough to take apart to clean and then put back together. They are easier than other brands, so I will stick with them…

Lorena Dumont, IA

It’s a favorite…

We need to buy more of these! Once the little one figured out how a straw worked this became his preferred method of beverage delivery. Spill proof unless the straw is activated. The straw is a great length to get all the liquid.

Tracie Royalston, MA