Munchkin 3 Pack Re-Usable Twist Tight Trainer Cup, Dora the Explorer, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 3 Pack Re-Usable Twist Tight Trainer Cup, Dora the Explorer, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Let Dora the Explorer help your little angel go from a bottle to a cup, with no spills. The screw top lid is spill-proof and the attached trainer handles make sure little hands get a good grip. The delightful designs wrap all around so your baby has tons of fun drinking from every angle. They’re so affordable you can toss them any time, yet durable enough to last and last.

Main features

  • Screw top lid helps prevent major spills
  • Trainer handles are conveniently attached to cup lid
  • Spout helps transition to a regular cup
  • Top rack dishwasher safe & BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: pink or yellow

Verified reviews


sorry! not the miracle sippy-cup replacement

what i love about this cup-the decently fitting threads of the twist-on cap. what i don’t like-the strange volcano-like eruption of whatever’s inside the cup. and when it’s milk or juice, very sticky and messy. we only use straw cups, and this is definitely better than the snap-on lids that fall off when thrown in a tantrum. maybe if i empty and wash the cups each night and never put the liquids in the fridge at night… but who wants to throw away leftover yogurt smoothie every night? it’s too expensive!

Autumn Vanceboro, ME

I’m Impressed with cup design… but more options, or just “plain old art” NEEDED

Good cup, and I like the fact that the top is “screw on” so my little guy can’t just pull it off like the others.I just wish they came in better choices… like just “Plain Old Art” for goodness sakes (these characters are meaningless to our family, and his grandfather will be the one to teach him proper Spanish since I want him to learn a specific, and appropriate for us, dialect).Since my little guy is only 3, as you might expect… we watch very little TV, and don’t watch Dora, Diego, nor Spongebob at all… so they just look like strange unknown characters to us. I’d also be willing to bet it would make most things a whole lot cheaper if they would stop trying to “BRAND” every little thing we touch. Worse yet, if you think about it, you know it’s all really just a “walking advertisement” for a kids show (or whatever else) on every darn thing you can buy anymore.

Michaela Mount Solon, VA


These leak from the top very badly – much more than the other toss and go cups. Do not buy.

Yvonne Valley Center, CA

The best twist-top cup!

These last forever. We have had them for close to a year and they are still going strong, though the straws are on their last legs, some lost and the others bent. They are not “spill proof” (obviously), but the do a fairly good job of keeping the liquid in from inevitable drops and tipping.The lid is domed, so you cannot use other snap on lid straw cup straws with these, as they are too short. I wish Munchkin would sell replacement straws for these, because the cups last much longer than the straws and it seems a shame to recycle the cups just because you no longer have a way to get the beverage out. We got around it by using regular disposable drinking straws, but it is fairly wasteful.

Lucinda Glen Allen, VA

Work Well!

My friends and I actually got these for a theme party. After previous parties resulted in broken glasses and numerous spills we decided to get these for a couple of our friends who were the worst offenders. Everyone got some laughs and these actually did help. They don’t leak and the screw tops keep the lids on well.

Letha Lagrange, ME

Works With Disposable Straws Too!

These cups are really great! We started using them because we wanted to transition out of sippy cups (and straw cups with a valve). Our kids (18 months old at the time) chewed the straws flat on the first use, and we put them away as a failed experience. Then, a few months later, I put a regular “party straw” in and discovered it worked just as well, even when they knocked the glasses over. I also love that the lids screw on, so there’s never any risk of them popping off when the cup is dropped.

Josephine Gasconade, MO

Wow what a price hike from 4.99 to $13.99!!!

Like the cup, very sturdy, good quality. Had used it for 1 year. Lately the straw crack due to my toddler’s chewing. Now the price trippled?! I bought it Feb 2012′ it was $4.99! What are the cost drivers??

Jacqueline Aliquippa, PA

Just an average cup, not worth the price being charged.

It’s a cup with Spongebob characters on it. Nothing very exciting. It leaks 90% of the time, from the top where the lid and cup screw together. The straws got chewed up within the first use, so if your kid likes to chew of straws, these won’t last long. It seems more of a hassle cleaning the cups and storing liquids than it is really worth. You are really paying for the brand and characters, not for quality. Wouldn’t recommend. Pay more for a better set of cups for your child, one that is actually spill-proof & leak-proof.

Katie Dublin, PA

The next step for kids, the straw!

This is a great sippy cup because it allows your child to use a straw! Kids love straws! Plus it has the same great qualities of a regular sippy cup, stopping leaks.

Carol Riverside, RI

Cute design and cup but hard to unscrew top

Overall a good cup. The screw-top is hard to twist off and on. The straw opening is a bit large but will easily accomodate standard-sized straws without too much leakage. The standard straw is decent and fits well… still leaks a very tiny bit but acceptable. The design and color is really cute. The cup is very durable and has been thrown down several times without causing even a scratch! May buy it again.

Kaye Fairfield, NJ

Love these!

We were looking for something for our 3 1/2 year old that was more cup and less sippy cup, and these fit the bill wonderfully! They are durable, don’t leak and seem to hold up really well. We hand wash them to prevent dishwasher wear and tear, so hopefully, they will last a bit longer. Our daughter loves the Spongebob design. Very pleased!

Gina Cumberland Gap, TN