Munchkin 36 Count Plug Covers

Munchkin 36 Count Plug Covers

Protect young children from potential electric hazards with Munchkin plug covers. The smooth, non-grip design helps prevent young children from tampering with the plugs when installed. Specially designed to go unnoticed by children, the opaque design of the plug covers blend in with most standard outlets and room decor.

Main features

  • Protects young children from potential electric hazards
  • Smooth, non-grip design helps prevent young children from tampering with plug when installed
  • Opaque design, blends in with most standard outlets

Verified reviews


Decent plug covers

These covers work as intended. They are a little bubbled and bright white. They do not match the other flatter, transparent style that I have seen in most stores. They are very noticeable on almond plugs and the bubble style makes them stick out that much more. I ended up using these in rooms that are not used very often and used the transparent style in the main room and hallways.

Liliana Pep, NM

tough for little fingers to remove, looks nice against white plate covers.

I prefer these plug covers over other brands because these are a nice crisp pure white. They blend in nicely with the plate covers that most houses have. It looks a lot less junkie, accomplishes the same task quite well, for about the same price. I would highly recommend these plug covers over any other brand.

Sasha Greenville, AL

Great product

Great price. A little difficult to remove when trying to use the outlet but does it’s job. Definitely better than other brands.

Christian Juneau, AK

These have a slightly domed face, so they are …

These have a slightly domed face, so they are much harder for little ones to pull out of the wall.

Antionette Clayton, ID

Five Stars

work great, great price

Jane Oriska, ND

A better product!!

I like these plug covers way more than the other brands. My one year old son can’t pry these out of the electrical sockets like he could with the others. If you are going to baby proof I’d go with these.

Michele Chincoteague Island, VA

Tight fit

In tight enough that my baby can’t get out and doesn’t bother them. A little hard for me to get out too but I’d rather have one’s that baby can’t pull out so these were great.

Louise Dumont, CO

Excellent plug covers

These are great. They stay in place (I even have trouble getting them off sometimes). My one year old tries and tries to remove them with no success.

Helene Galvin, WA

My kid (21 mos) can pull these off in like 3 seconds flat

As a matter of fact, he’s better at getting them off than I am because his tiny fingers make it easy to grasp this product. They are easier for him to get off than the old standard generic flat plug covers. Not a good buy.

Melinda Dowling, MI

Effective, Affordable, Easy to Use

Since we became parents we’ve bought several Munchkin products and have overall been very satisfied with their quality. These plug covers were definitely worth getting. They were very easy to use, and so far we have not had any major issues with them. The rounded tops are fairly esthetically pleasing as well, but they might be a bit too large if you are trying to cover outlets that are too close to each other (such as the ones in horizontal configurations). The 36 count package is sufficient for most homes, but just to be sure we ordered two packages. They are fairly inexpensive, but you might need to get them as an add-on product to get the low price. Overall we are satisfied with this product and would recommend it to other parents of the little ones.

Janine Ozone, TN

These are also adult-proof.

We got these because of the good reviews on here, and they arrived today. I went around and stuffed them into all of the outlets that my daughter can reach. She has become interested in outlets now that she is mobile. Tonight I went to charge my phone, and I can’t get the plug out! I guess that’s what the little spaces at the top and bottom are for–I think maybe I’ll need a flat screwdriver to pull them out.That’s fine by me, though, because for the minor inconvenience of needing to find some tool to remove these, I feel totally convinced that my daughter will not be able to accidentally hurt herself with an outlet for her entire toddlerhood, and that was the point of getting these plugs to begin with. I think even a kid that is coordinated and big enough to pick at a plug would struggle to get these out.We’re happy. Our daughter is too, because she hasn’t realized they’re preventing her from accessing the outlets and instead she is amused by all of the dots that popped up around the house today.

Katrina Palm Harbor, FL

does the job but…

nearly impossible for ADULTS to remove from the outlet. So yes, it serves its purpose but I’ve almost broken off nails just to remove them. will probably buy new ones because these are a huge pain, especially is you have outlets that are sometime in use and sometimes not.

Kendra Deep River, IA

Works well

Gets the job done. Works well to keep the kids from playing with the outlets. They cannot get them out either. That’s a major plus!!

Shauna Jefferson, ME

So far, so good!

Not an eye sore like the ones I remember from growing up. They stick in the outlet pretty tight, but aren’t frustrating to get out for an adult. Hopefully they deter my son from the outlets as he’s becoming more mobile!

Lori Oneida, IL


They work great, and kids have a hard time removing them, but it is simple enough for us. Its very good.

Caitlin Bassett, VA

serves purpose

Does what it is supposed to do. Baby not able to get it out. A little hard for us as well, but I believe that is the point.

Madeline Francestown, NH

Work great

I really like the look of these vs the square ones. They are pretty hard to get off but I think that is kind of the point.

Melinda Montrose, WV

Please read this review before you buy it!

I was on a look out to buy plug covers to keep my baby away from the hazard.She is a very curious baby! So, when I saw the reviews, a lot of them said its difficult for us(parents) to get the cover off the socket. Yes. This is true but, doesn’t it defeat the purpose if you could open it easily?? Children are good observers mind you!!! They can do the same by just seeing you do it once!!There are little slots in the edge of the cover where you can slide a flat screw driver or the back of the spoon and get it out of the socket with ease! Just make sure you don’t teach this trick to your little one!! :-)Happy parenting!!! 🙂

Lolita Hartford, IL

stays firmly in outlet

A babyproofing staple, these outlet plugs stay in there. They are hard for even me to remove, which is a good thing.

Bobbie Groom, TX