Munchkin 4 Ounce Easy Squeezy Spoon, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 4 Ounce Easy Squeezy Spoon, Colors May Vary

The easy squeezy spoon holds a 4 ounce jar of baby food and locks to prevent food from spilling. It is designed so that it will not roll when placed on the table and an included cap keeps it clean when on the go. This spoon is odor resistant and top rack dishwasher safe. Because feeding with a simple squeeze makes mealtime a breeze.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Holds a 4 ounce jar of baby food
  • Spoon locks to prevent food from spilling
  • Cap keeps spoon clean when on the go
  • Odor resistant, BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink, Blue or Green

Verified reviews


HUGE! Way bigger than I expected.

I have yet to actually use this (I just got it tonight) but I have played around with it and I added an image to the product gallery. It’s WAY large. And I turned it to close position to see if it’d “leak” while food was in it, and it definitely leaked a great deal of air with pressure to the tube… not as much as when it was on open, but for it to be “closed” and leak anything is not preferable. But we tried this with a few different types of foods… and if it had any particles in the food, it will not pass through the tiny hole… but if it’s just something like plain peas or sweet potatoes, it works really well. Much less messy than a bowl and spoon.

Brianna Berlin, MA

Difficult to squeeze the food out

We have always been happy with munchkin products and prefer buying this brand over most others. We were excited to try out this one, but it has been a disappointing experience,The food does not come as smoothly and as quickly as we hoped it would. With a wailing hungry baby waiting impatiently, it really does not help.When you squeeze the food out, it does not refill with air by itself. I have had to remove the spoon many times just to make sure there is air inside the squeezie, otherwise its almost impossible to get the food out. Also the food does tend to splatter all over the place if you squeeze too hard.Overall – I feel it is a poorly designed ineffective product. Very unlike munchkin!

Madeline Evansdale, IA

Poor quality

Very poor quality i don’t recommend it at all instead by the boon squeeze spoon..worked pretty well for me …

Lilia Fairview, OH

dont buy it

maybe it works for someone but it didnt work for my cant keep much of a grip on the rubber "bottle" portion without squeezing it and squeezing it makes food come out. the food has to be watered down to come out the hole and with it that thin it runs out of a baby’s mouth worse than regular baby food.i dont like it.

Jeanie Great Bend, ND

Five Stars

Great product! Everyone needs this. Great for on-the-go, cleans easily.

Patty Salisbury, NC

Horrible! get the Boon Spoon instead!

I had theBoon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon,Greenfirst but somehow lost the top while storing it between babies #3 and #4 (oh how I wish these existed earlier!). I figured that the munchkin would be the same thing so I picked it up at a grocery store. here are the comparisons between the two:-the munchkin squeezing handle (where the food is) is much softer than the Boon spoon. initially I thought that would be easier, but it flops around more and is more difficult to get the food out unless it’s very full. I kept having to shake it downward.-the munchkin has a cover and an open/close option for the spoon. again, I initially thought this was a plus. but it’s hard to read and tell if it’s open or shut. especially with a grabby, hungry baby waiting for you!-the boon spoon has just 3 parts. top spoon piece, food holder/squeezy handle (such technical terms I know) and a little cap just for the part of the spoon that goes in baby’s mouth.-Boon spoon is easy to open and close, the munchkin, due to the different materials like the hard plastic spoon top and the soft silicone(esque?) handle is hard to get a hold of to properly open and close.-the munchkin comes out FAST! the boon a little slow, but you it can handle heftier foods since the hole seems bigger…LAST BUT NOT LEAST!food gets stuck between the spoon locking and unlocking sections and will not clean out no matter what I do! argh! money wasted. sigh.back to get the Boon spoon! and a few for baby showers too…

Leanna Crookston, MN

Hard to clean

Its hard to make the food come out, hard to clean and sometimes too much food comes out. wouldn’t recommend.

Cleo Mansfield, TN

It’s Okay

I am starting to wean my 5 1/2 month old daughter, using homemade baby food that is prepared with a Vitamix. I bought this because I have an impatient, hungry baby. She starts to fuss every time I need to refill her conventional spoon. This spoon is just okay.ProsIt is easy to clean. I use a bottle brush to clean the inside of the “handle. I “open” the spoon, and run water through the hole that the food goes through to clean it.It is easy for my daughter to hold it, with supervision.It is easy to pour the food from the Vitamix directly into the “handle” part of the spoon.It is clear, so you are able to see how much food is left.ConsIf even the tiniest piece of food gets into the hole, the food won’t come out unless you squeeze very hard. This can make the food go flying everywhere or into your baby’s face.The spoon “locks” to keep food from coming out, but if you squeeze, food will still come out.Due to a design flaw, there is always food left in the “handle” after feeding.My daughter likes to chew on the spoon, which is made of a hard, ungiving plastic. I wouldn’t mind if it was a softer material.

Helen Wareham, MA

LOVE this spoon

Easy to pour food into and clean. Makes feeding my son fast and easy. I LOVE this spoon so much that I ordered two more.

Heather Barberville, FL

best idea

I like the idea of feeding like bottle. I did not usedmine yet,but I bought one for my friends sonand he liked it.

Kathleen Hewitt, NJ


This is easy Squeezy Spoon,Kui my daughter soup and rice paste become very convenientI like it. so,you should buy it

Willa Wasco, CA

Doesn’t work with thicker, homemade baby food

This was a gift. While I’ve seen other kids enjoy these, it didn’t work in our household. We made our own baby food and I guess it wasn’t smooth and thin enough because I could never get food through the whole in the spoon. Also, it was really hard to fill. Nice idea, but didn’t work for us.

Jimmie Morristown, MN

good for puree

It’s only good for puree but if you have a little chunk, it will get stuck. Also, we bought this for milk since my daughter doesn’t want to drink from the bottle but it didn’t work. Milk would spill everywhere so you have to hold it up right all the time. We ended up didn’t use it.

Chandra Three Rivers, TX