Munchkin 4 Pack Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cups, 9 Ounce

Munchkin 4 Pack Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cups, 9 Ounce

You’ll flip over our Mighty Grip cup. Your toddler will grasp the contoured shape advantage immediately. Flip the lever up to put the straw in perfect sipping position and to close it securely. Whatever position the straw is in, you’ll never see a leak or have to wipe up a mess. This cup is a mighty big idea that’s making kids and moms flip. Each cup holds 10 oz. of liquid. Cleanup is a snap top rack dishwasher safe. Ideal for kids 12+ months.

Main features

  • Soft silicone straw is leak-proof in the open and closed position
  • Contoured design makes cups easy to hold
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Ideal for kids 12+ months

Verified reviews


Hate these and gave them away

I bought these and washed them before using, as I would with anything else. Once they were dry, I realized how hard it was to get them back together. Since I’d taken the straws out for washing, I couldn’t get them back in without the use of a skewer to guide the straws through the proper holes. I explained the process to my husband and he immediately threw them away.

Rena Stony Run, PA

So Difficult to get liquid out!! UPDATED!!

Despite of all the bad reviews i read about this cup i decided to try it out. I am ihen desperate need to find a new straw cup. This cup is so hard to get liquid out, even when i try to use it, it take to much force. My son hates this cup and pushes it away whenever i try to give it to him because he cannot get any liquid out.. :-(Updated 5/9/12After i wrote my first review about how hard it is to get the liquid out, i decided to try something. I took small very sharp scissors, took the straw out of the cup and actually made the whole bigger in the straw. The reason you cant get the liquid out because the slit in the middle of the straw is small small. A couple cuts later i was able to make the straw cup perfect and now my son is able to use this cup.

Dorthy Palmyra, WI

The ONLY sippy cup I buy anymore

Don’t try any other kinds, I have already done that. Spend TONS of money trying to find ones that truly don’t leak. This one is it. And yes, only the kind with the flip top lid works leak free. The only reason I am giving it less than 5 stars is because the silicone straw only lasts a couple months with a little one sucking and chewing on it. I’ve had to replace them a couple times, so buy replacements to go along with these.

Faith Selfridge, ND


I had trouble getting any liquid out of these and my toddler definitely wasn’t getting anything. I had to take nail scissors and cut out the flaps from the little valves to make it possible for him to drink from. I’m a little disappointed that I have to do that to something I paid this amount for. They don’t leak though, even with cutting the valve so far at least.

Debbie Richvale, CA

Great sippy cups

I have 8, which is more than enough to wash them in the dishwasher. They never gets open or leaks.

Sara Willow Creek, CA

My favorite so far

I have a 21 month old and have gone through countless cups. These are by far my favorite. Easy to use, easy to clean. The straw folds down, making it easy to keep them clean on-the-go.

Valerie Rehrersburg, PA

Great cups!

I love these cups! They don’t spill (they will drip a little). They close. They use a straw like a big kid cup. I bought these for my son as soon as he could hold cups/bottles on his own. We have used them ever since! He’s almost two, and now wepractice with a real cup!

Edythe Strasburg, ND

Favorite Straw Cup!

I love these straw cups, they work great for DS. I love that I can break them apart to wash, and that they work so well (no leaking). You do have to make sure you have the straw pushed completely in (there is a little nub that you hit, then you push it in just a bit further through the ridge). I have two sets (we send him to daycare with them) and they are fantastic.

Edna Georgetown, CT

Ok once you fix them

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get liquid out of these until you make some modifications to the rubber straw to increase the flow. This make little drops of water leak out sometimes but it is better than a compleatly unsuable cup. It does not drip out too often unless shaken then a little more comes out but not enough to do any serious damage to anything (except paper stuff).

Liza Cashmere, WA


Its nice colorful straw cup. The only issue I have with this product is putting the straw back after removing them for cleaning.

Michell Mc Crory, AR

Good little cups

My son was slow to realize sippy cups of any type were for drinking, not throwing, but once he did these cups were what he wanted. Some people say you can’t get liquid out, but the instructions say to squeeze the valve to open. Just take the lower straw part and bend it at about 50 degrees for two seconds and no problem. The only issue I’ve had is it occasionally overflows up the straw, but only a tiny bit. Great cups for traveling too since they fit in cup holders and close nicely.

Millie Tony, WI


not easy to clean, straw is not easy to put pack after washing. not sure about them. i gave them away, my 1,5 yr old didnt like them.

Marguerite Altair, TX

Can’t get Liquid through straw

The first (and only) time I gave one of the cups to my son, I noticed that he wasn’t sucking any liquid up…. so I tried it. I could barely get anything out of the cup. We deconstructed the lid and straws and found that the part of the straw that sits in the cup has a valve on it. This valve, while making the cup spill-proof, also makes the cup drink-proof. Not worth the money for something that an adult can’t even use.

Jamie San Gregorio, CA

Not spill proof

This product is not spill proof as it claims, it leaks all over the place if tipped over when opened and closed. Also, it is hard to suck the liquid out.

Carmella Kennedy, AL

Works fine for us!

We bought these cups after comparing reviews for similar products. They worked great for us so far, no spills and actually not too hard to drink from (yes, you need to activate the valve the first time!). My son seemed to get a handle of the straw concept quickly too!

Florine Quanah, TX

Very good for water

We only use these for water and they work very well for that. The straws are a thicker rubber so they stand up to chewing and the valve is lower in the straw so chewing doesn’t damage it like our previous Nuby ones. They do leak once in a while but I think all sippies will at some point.

Francis Sterling, OH

these are the most prefered straw cups we own.

We’ve gone through several brands and types of sippy cups. Even though there is FIVE PIECES (consisting of the cup, lid, soft silicone straw, hard inner straw, and open/close valve)! I prefer these to any other straw cup we’ve tried. The GOOD thing about THESE straws is the value is below where they bite. (unlike the Playtex ones…we kept buying replacement straws.) We’ve just cut off the end of these munchkin straws if they get torn.Four year old twins still use these, since transitioning from other straw sippy cups. (they still can’t open them though!) I wish the colors were gender neutral. With three kids, can’t the cup be all ONE COLOR? I’m anti-bias, but who’s cup is the orange and purple, pink and green, Oh and now they have colored STRAWS…oh boy, have fun matching those up!A toddler can open/close the valve on the Playtex Twist ‘n Click 9 Ounce.I prefer Playtex The Insulator Sport Straw Cup, 9 oz, because it only has THREE components. Cup, lid, and valve! But they are not see through, so you have to open them to see how much or WHAT is in it. (picture this, child drinks from cup left in van, says water tastes funny….I open it up to smell it and it was old milk…yuck). So I only use those for water. If it wasn’t for speech therapist suggesting the straw cups to begin with, I’d chose the Playtex Insulator. (FYI, the printed ones wash off, although I’m seeing newer ones with characters on the inner part. I like the glitter ones:)

Gracie Eau Claire, MI

Best bottles for value

Runs through dishwasher, all of the parts. The straws need breaking in though before things like smoothies and more chunky drinks can run through them. They do not leak as much as other bottles I’ve bought. Easy to assemble and take apart, easily cleaned. Great for juice, milk, smoothies, any drink liquified or blended.

Jewell Erwin, NC

Not perfect but better than the rest

We’ve gone through almost every brand of sippy cup – with and without straws – and I like these the best. Easy to hold, clean, see remaining liquid, least leaks (though any cup turned upside down and banged repeatedly on the floor will release some liquid), and portable. Also easy enough to replace the straws when the little monster destroys those (hasn’t happened in 10 months but sure it’s just a matter of time). Great value for the price – they’re much more expensive at Toys R Us.

Twila Lenora, KS

Edible straw but still the best I can find

These are the best straw sippy cups that I can find. My son loves his but now he’s around 2 he’s chewing on the straws and they don’t last long. I guess it will soon be time to transition him to a cup. It’s just so convenient to have a mostly leak-proof sippy for on-the-go.I do find that I have to test suck on the straw before I give it to him. If I haven’t sufficiently rammed/twisted/flexed the straw into the valve then it often doesn’t suck properly.

Polly Lanesboro, MA

GREAT cups- occasional leak

We absolutely love these sippy cups! We have been using them for years. They do have a lot of parts to wash, but it is worth it for the lack of spills and how easily and how young my babies have been able to use them. Occasionally if pressure builds up in the cup some liquid will leak out the straw. It doesn’t happen often enough to bother me. Love these sippy cups!

Carla Richfield, UT


Other reviewers have mentioned that it’s hard to get liquid out of these through the straw. I’ve found that it’s just a matter of firmly assembling the pieces of the straw so as to make sure that the tip isn’t butting up against the bottom of the cup. I test the straw after filling the cup, and if it’s hard to draw from, then I push the bottom piece more firmly into the top piece to make space underneath the straw. Then it works great.These are easy for the baby to grasp and hold, the straw is soft, and it’s leakproof, especially when the cap is closed. We stocked up so there’s always a clean one handy for use around the house or in the baby’s go bag.

Katie Treloar, MO