Munchkin 4 Pack Re-Usable Twist Tight Spill Proof Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 4 Pack Re-Usable Twist Tight Spill Proof Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Twist Tight Reusable Spill-Proof CupsMunchkin Twist Tight Reusable Spill-Proof Cups are tough cups with screw tops and spouts. Children can drop it, squeeze it or even throw it, but these strong cups won?t pop open. Plus, the new screw top remains intact, restricting those messy spills that are difficult to clean. These cups are durable for reuse and easy to clean in the top rack of a dishwasher. Why You?ll Love It: The screw top makes these cups great for use on the go.Age: 9 months and upFeaturesDurable reusable cupsFixed with a screw top lid to prevent spillsCan be used as a regular cup without spoutTop-rack dishwasher-safeScrew top remains intact

Main features

  • Screw top lid helps prevent major spills
  • Re-use or lose; durable enough to wash and re-use
  • Spout helps transition to a regular cup
  • Top rack dishwasher safe & BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, green, orange or purple

Verified reviews


impossible to drink from

I bought these thinking they would be a good transition from the cup with handles, but these are terrible! My son can barely get any liquid from the cup and the cap leaks from the sides where it should be water-tight. I have tried to sip liquid from the mouth piece myself, and it was difficult for me, an adult! ‘Spill proof’ is an inadequate claim!!!I have been weary about the munchkin brand before, but this officially ends my purchasing of this brand! Ridiculous!

June Gauley Bridge, WV

no spill, but no drink?

Thes are great for their take along-ness… but it is so hard to get the liquid out for the kids! I tried and it was alot of work to get a few droplets! It is not worth the money in my opinion. Great idea.. bad execution…

Chelsey Lane, SC

Great alternative to Take & Toss

I bought these after my son’s daycare informed me that they have had problems with the lids on Take & Toss cups popping off. I like Take & Toss cups, which are made by The First Years, because they have no weird valves, are easy to clean, are cheap, and are transparent. I have had no issues with the lids popping off, but I have had several lids crack on me in the spout area and have noticed that the lids grow looser over time. I found these Munchkin cups at Wal-Mart. They have all the benefits of the Take & Toss cups plus the lid screws on to the cup. I don’t think the daycare will have problems with the lid popping off with these Munchkin cups.

Essie Youngtown, AZ

Too hard to drink from

I was looking for cups with one-piece lids and no annoying valves to clean. I was hoping for something sturdier than take and toss cups, which tend to wear out after being gnawed on a bit. I love everything about these cups in theory: they have no valve, the screw-on lid is secure, the plastic is thick and sturdy, the colors are bright and unisex and have no tv characters, and the price is unbeatable. But they are extremely hard to drink from, so that drinking is made into an unpleasant chore. At first I thought it was due to my son’s stuffy nose, but I’ve tried them myself and they just don’t work well, even with the lid so loose that it’s starting to drip. Good try, Munchkin, but back to the drawing board!

Bette Tecumseh, MO

shatter proof..yaay!

my son is now goin tru the “mommy go fetch” phase and i couldnt be happier to know these cups are shatter proof. almost every meal time sees him toss these to the floor about a dozen times…and not one has a crack!!the only down side to them is that i cant put his juice in them as i usually “liquify” fresh fruits in the blender for him…and the holes are extremely small-prob even smaller than a bottle nipple-so i only use these for his water…but it works out just fine as the drips are minimal when he turns the cup upside down.the only other thing that i notice is that if you are tempted to squeeze the cup to squirt out the water it causes the cover to leak-no matter how tight you turn it. (i did this to encourage my son to put the spout to his mouth…he absolutely loves drinking water…and it took me a mere few days to train him to use it…which was great considering that i never got him to take a bottle…after b/f he went straight to spoon and cup!!!)i was so happy with these that i bought a set for my cousin for her son :-)update- march 7, 2013ok. so after a few days of using these cups the way they came my sister in law suggested we “open the holes” a little to ease the frustration with our kids. all it took was a few seconds with a nappy pin 😉 and we were all (almost) happy. of course the downside is that they leaked a little more once turned upside down. but it was worth the after a year and some i reordered a set of these to keep because the spouts had started to look worn/eaten/bitten and i received some of the new “click lock” cups and i must say that after using the “original”, i dont like these click lock one bit. i dont see any improved benefit that can be had from the design but i can say that it has given me quite a few digs on my fingers in the open/close process! quite annoying.i wish they would go back to the original design.

Deidre Knox City, TX

Not practical

I ordered these cups for my 13 month old and was disappointed in them. They leak from the top if they are sideways for any length of time (defeating the purpose of a sippy cup!) and she is easily able to use them to “paint” with the liquid inside. The only thing they really work for is in the car where she’s only using them for short drinks

Annie Otho, IA


Cheapos. The lids don’t screw on right and spill everywhere. My sons would be drinking and it’s be leaking out the threads. Just get the take and toss ones.

Jerry Irving, IL

Great tossable sippys

My son loves these sippy cups and takes them everywhere. When he loses one I don’t worry because they were so cheap. They are very easy to clean and easy to store as well. A great purchase.

Fannie Story City, IA

Good disposable cups. Hole is too small.

That’s what she said.These are easy to use and easier to throw away. The top seal is a bit flimsy so if you have a "thrower" look at the ones that are more of a twist on type. I pretty much automatically take a knife or fork and expand the drinking holes.

Rosemary Newtonville, MA

They don’t spill! Great deal!

My daughter’s sippy cup collection was really looking bad. So, I came to looking for replacements and came across these great cups. I got them in the mail yesterday and really like them!Pros:The price is exceptional less than $1 each (not a big deal if they gets lost or misplaced)Doesn’t seem to leak as other reviewers said they do, but I am assuming that with use that might change.No nasty valves that have to be washed and assembledThey are a really good size for a toddler (10 oz)The colors are really pretty and not very gender specificThey are sturdier than most toss and go sippy cupsI like that the lid screws on (I’ve had a problem with lids coming off lately)BPA freeDishwasher safeCons:Really the only con I can think of is that they don’t have one of her favorite characters on them, but then again that changes every couple of days, so that’s probably a good thing 😉

Eliza Upper Sandusky, OH

Fantastic toddler cups

Ideal for toddlers who drink fairly well out of regular cups and whose parents want to minimize spills. There are no suction devices to interfere, so your older child won’t be frustrated by a slow flow. This also means that your mischievous toddler can turn these upside down for entertainment, but not much will leak out. These stand up far better than Take and Toss, which I generally like, to chewing and biting. They do travel well. Good investments overall.

Pearl Kimball, SD


these work very well and kid uses them daily.only drawback is that the ring holds a lot of water.after washing it and letting it airdry, there is always a teaspoon of water on the lip that drops off.

Florence York, NE

Can get clogged

I like the different colors you get, but have two complaints. If you put anything but water in them the holes in the spout can get clogged (i.e. orange juice…and I buy no pulp!). Also, the lids are a little annoying to put on as you have to line then up exactly inorder for it to get in the groove. Was happy enough to buy them again (for the price), but I have to replace them often. I had a different brand prior and they to got clogged after awhile (we clean them and clear out the whole with a pin)…but the other ones were a little easier to screw the lids on.

Enid Princeton, KY

not that great

Pros:lids are interchangeablethey come in 4 colorscan use the cups without the lidthey are plasticThey make great plugs for bathtub drainsdaughter likes playing with them in the bathCons:have to be careful how you screw the lids on or they will leak.its hard to get liquid out of them. my daughter stops trying after a few seconds.stick together if stackedsuppose to be spill proof but are not.We do continue to use them, however, i used a knife and cut off the top of the spout. now it free-flows but can’t be taken anywhere. My daughter will drink out of the sippy lids i’ve done this to. she wont drink out of the ones I haven’t cut.

Elba Haddonfield, NJ

Liked it so much…bought 2

These are perfect, simple sippy cups for my 13-month old son. The are durable enough for him to use everyday at daycare.

Samantha Valley Spring, TX

Good price but they sometimes leak..

My 3 year old sometimes leaves these sideways instead of upright and they leak everywhere!! Not sure why.. but the price it right and the design is better than the snap on kind!! Just make sure that your kiddo doesn’t leave it sideways on your sofa (especially with milk in it) haha!!

Janice Mayfield, KY

Love these sippy cups!

These are great sippy cups – especially once you consider that they’re a mere dollar each. These are very durable and except for some mishaps (ie. being forgotten at the playground or under a van seat) I can’t see that these are going to wear out. I actually just made my 2nd purchase. I know some reviewers had issues with leakage, but I didn’t experience any such issues. Maybe they’ve improved the design, but they work great now. They also were easy for my 12 month old to drink out of, but yet liquid doesn’t pour out of the spout when it’s tipped over – I’ve only found that it slowly drips out.

Felecia Washington, IN

5 Stars for the price

Okay Okay, so they are not 100 percent spill proof/although I will say I did not have the same leaking issues some of the other reviewers have had. Considering they are a dollar a cup, I wouldn’t expect much from them. I do want to say, they are cheap, easy to wash, and my son handles them very well. I don’t regret my purchase and I’m happy I didn’t have to shell out 40 bucks for 10 cups.

Andrea Waupaca, WI

Great to have the screw on lid

My son’s daycare requires that we use these take and toss type cups. I personally prefer a straw cup, so we use straws at home, but send him to daycare with these. I bought both the Take and Toss brand and these Munchkin ones. I though the Munchkin ones were slightly easier to drink from. I think both seem a little hard to drink from, but my son seems to have no problems with either really. I do like how these have the twist tight top. My son is a thrower, so this is really critical. Good design.

Caroline Horton, AL

Good, but very low water flow.

These cups are nice and useful, and very very durable, but the water flow is very weak, and frustrating for older toddlers.

Jade Trout, LA

so great I ordered another set!

These are the best sippy cups ever. No valve to get all icky and impossible to clean and unlike most other simple drip style cups, the lids don’t just snap on, they twist. so when your fussy toddler tosses it for distance, you wont be cleaning milk from all over the interior of your car or sofa. the snap on lids pop right off when they hit the ground if they are full or thrown with force, which equates MESS and negates their purpose in the first place! the only thing i would change is to add a variety of colors, like a girl and boy set. but otherwise, perfect cup for a great price.

Kelly Waterville, ME

Best sippy out there

I love these sippy cups! they are durable and easy to clean. I’ve had our set for almost a year now. The only bad thing about it is that my son chewed up the spout… this is not the cups’ fault.All of you ppl who say these leak are not putting the lids on corrctly! you have to line it up and push a little as you twist. My son loves these and so do I!

Meghan Strang, NE

I wish they were just a little shorter

These are good training cups. My 17-month old toddler daughter seems to like using them, and she can hold them and tip them easily on her own, especially when standing. They are super cheap, dishwasher safe, and get the job done. However, while I can see how these are a good size for older kids who sit in normal chairs, I wish they were just a tad shorter for toddlers since that’s probably who they are really made for.When my daughter sits at a high chair or table, these are probably eye-level for her because they are so tall. Imagine trying to drink out of an eye-level glass – it’s awkward! She can do it, but if the were stubbier 3-4 inch tall cups, I think they’d be better for toddlers.

Angela Belknap, IL