Munchkin 4 Pack Stack A Bowls

Munchkin 4 Pack Stack A Bowls

This 9 piece set includes 4 bowls, 4 lids, and 1 snack holder lid. It is spill resistant for on the go use and is stackable for easy storage. Top rack dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Main features

  • 9 piece set includes 4 bowls, 4 lids, and 1 snack holder lid
  • Lids are interchangeable
  • Spill resistant for on the go
  • Serve, store, snack and stack
  • Stackable for easy storage, BPA free

Verified reviews


Great but a bit small

i like these bowls .. they are great for the first couple of months of feeding a baby .. later can be used as snack containers for older babies or toddlers .. they were a bit on the small size i would def recommend buying full size toddler bowls for the older kids ..but these for great for a new solid food eater …

Hilary Joplin, MO

Perfect for my toddler

I received these bowls from Munchkin to test, rate, and review, and we really like them. They wash well and the covers secure tightly. I don’t worry about spills with them. They are a perfect size for toddler portions, and I love that they stack together nicely when not being used. I would recommend these.

Mattie Goff, KS

Great bowls – with lids!

A lot of baby bowls don’t have lids. I don’t see why not. Have you ever seen a baby finish all his food all the time? I sure haven’t. All you need is a good size, washable, plastic bowl for kids.Who needs any gimmicks like suction cups – they don’t work anyway. A 4 month old could pull off the suction cup with ease.

Alicia New Germantown, PA


I would definitely recommend if you are looking for some durable, easy to use bowls for baby. They come in fun colors with very tight lids, in addition to 1 snack lid. The only problem that I had with this product is that it doesn’t mention if it is microwave safe. I’ve used it in the microwave plenty of times, but never for more than 20 seconds (it doens’t take that long to warm up a small portion of food), but I am not sure if the bowls would melt if kept in the microwave for a longer period of time. I will admit that it would perfectly on the top shelf of the diswasher.

Jayne Cut Off, LA

Why won’t the lid stay on?

I thought these bowls would be like the other Munchkin snack packs that received so many glowing reviews. The snack top will not stay on — it is too big! What happened Munchkin?

Petra Springbrook, WI

Good set of bowls!

Good set of bowls, they take next to no space on our cabinets, colors are nice, and the lids close tightly.

Olga East Norwich, NY

Funtional and easy to wash, but…

The lids are rather annoying… hard to tell for sure if they’re snapped on all the way. You can’t really feel or hear it lock when you put the lid on. Otherwise, they’re decent… but they’re just bowls, really. Soft plastic, fun colors.

Charmaine Carpenter, SD

The lids are nearly impossible to snap.

I like these bowls. They’re small and perfect for feeding my young son. Easy to wash. However, the lids are nearly impossible to snap on, and then when I finally get them snapped on, it’s nearly impossible to get them off! I have to use great force to get the lids off, and when the bowl is full of puréed baby food, you can imagine how messy than can get. I would not buy these again and will look for another product to expand my bowl collection. The lids are just a total deal breaker for these bowls.

Cornelia Bar Mills, ME

Love them!

They’re holding up well. We use them every day for breakfast lunch and dinner! We’ve been using them for almost 2 month now.

Dorothea Holyoke, MN

Good toddler bowls

This is a good set of plastic toddler bowls. Nothing fancy but quite functional and just the right size for yogurt, apple sauce, or oatmeal.

Phoebe Frankford, DE

Good for snacks & rice cereal!

The Munchin Stack A Bowls are cute and get the job done. Right now I pack my son’s dry cereal in these for daycare. I was hoping to be able to use these for homemade baby food as well (frozen in ice cube trays) but they are a little shallow and I can’t get the lid closed. Once they are defrosted, it won’t be a problem of course.I will probably just purchase different bowls for that purpose and use these for snacks instead!

Ann Cedar Lake, MI

Cheap Plastic, Tops Don’t Close

These bowls are horrible. They are a cheap plastic, akin to Ziploc containers…except the tops will not close on top of the bowls. I wanted to use these to keep baby food fresh in the refrigerator; however, they don’t work. I would not purchase these again.

Stefanie Lake Cormorant, MS