Munchkin 5 Multi Plate, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 5 Multi Plate, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Multi Plates Munchkin Multi Plates make eating time fun for toddlers. These colorful and attractive plates with fascinating designs keep kids busy while eating. Dishwasher-safe. Why You’ll Love It: Munchkin Multi Plates are specially made to keep babies busy while eating with fun designs that help kids focus on their food. Age: 6 months and up Features Fascinating fish design plates Top-rack dishwasher-safe Helps kids focus on their meals Colorful and attractive with a fun design Made of durable high quality plastic

Main features

  • Fun design lets your child eat with the fishes
  • Great for mom to feed baby or child to use at mealtime
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • 12 ounce bowls

Verified reviews


Adorable, easy to clean, and substantial.

I have had this bowl set for over a year now and they still look like they did the day I bought them!Super cute, bright colors with a great subtle design.They must have some kind of coating on them because food NEVER gets stuck on them! Much easier to clean than my own bowls and plates!I also have the Munchkin Multi Bowl 5 pack and they are just as wonderful!I will continue to use them and probably buy more in the future when we have more kids.I purchased them at my local store and they were cheaper.

Sherrie Hillsboro, NM


These are great for my 1 year old. Colors are great and they won’t break. 😉 Has been through dishwasher many times and still look new :))

Annmarie Boone Grove, IN

Great for toddlers and older

I love these plates! I wish I had gotten them sooner. My kitchen cabinet is a death trap with falling toddler plates that don’t nest together. These are very colorful and most importantly, my 2 1/2 year old LOVES them. I’m planning on putting away the other dishes we have and using these plates. I also have the bowls and cups and again, LOVE THEM. I can see using these until my daughter is much older. Perfect size, sturdy and colorful. Not to mention cheap enough to replace if need be.

Tammi Rhododendron, OR


Great plates, great color, cute design, easy to clean. My daughter loves her "big girl plates" and they are just what we needed!

Georgette Rowena, SD

Great plates

These plates have been great! They have withstood many trips through the dishwasher. I love the bright colors and the fun but subtle fish design.

Sonja Round Mountain, NV

Munchkin 5 Pack Multi Plate, Colors May Vary

•Fun design lets your child eat with the fishes•Great for mom to feed baby or child to use at mealtime•Top rack dishwasher safe•BPA free•12 ounce bowls

Terry Assumption, IL

Love these plates!

I have the matching bowls and have been using them for many months – they hold up great in the dishwasher and elsewhere. I decided to get the plates as well. The design is cute and they are exactly as the picture shows. They work great for my twin toddlers and I haven’t had any trouble with them in the dishwasher or microwave.

Edna Tyner, NC

Hard to clean

These plates are very nice looking but after using them for couple of months they are just impossible to clean. Neither by hand wash (i.e. scrubbing) or dishwasher.I used them only for some basic toddler foods like mashed potatoes, quiche, pasta and the food residue just wouldn’t come off the plates.

Kelley Roanoke Rapids, NC

Not perfect but I like these.

I found that many of the toddler plates have a coating that comes off when you cut on them (like cutting up toast or a sandwich or a piece of fruit). I also wanted a plate that was flat and simple without sections. If I give my daughter too many choices at once she doesn’t eat well. So, I tried these and I do like them a lot. They do still scratch but there isn’t a coating that comes off in the food, it’s just scratches in the bpa free plastic. So, we’re using these. They are better than most of what is on the market. I don’t know why they can’t make a toddler plate that you can cut on without disturbing the finish.

Monika West Bridgewater, MA


We use these daily with my daughter and have been since she was eating solids at 6 months. They’ve held up well over the past 18 months and she LOVES the colors and fish design on them! 🙂

Alisha Bird In Hand, PA

Good Plates

These plates are good for babies. They don’t break!!! They wash off nicely in the dishwasher. They do slide all over the table because there is no grip on the bottom. These are fine plates and I would recommend them.

Leila Ceresco, MI

High Quality Product for your Picky Toddler

I bought these for my son when he was 15 months old. We transitioned him from the high chair to a booster seat at the table with us. I have been using these plates on a daily basis for 3 months and they still look brand new! My son is trying to learn to use silverware and stabs at these with his fork and there are no marks. I cut his daily omelet on them with a butter knife and there is no sign of anything. I have never handwashed them, only in the dishwasher, and there is no warping of any kind.Serving him his food on these toddler size plates gives me a much more realistic idea of his serving sizes. When I was putting food directly on the high chair I was giving him way too much. He would end the meal and I would feel like he didn’t eat very well, when in fact he was eating the right amount it just didn’t seem like it because I was giving him too much food. I regret not buying these sooner and just using them on the high chair tray.Also, when his cousins come over who range in age from 1-17 they all choose to use these plates. I was shocked when the older kids went in my cabinet and chose these plates for their pizza. These are a quality product that I will be able to get a ton of use out of.

Edith Manter, KS

I love Munchkin branded items! These plates are fantastic after long term, daily use with multiple children!

These plates are fantastic! We use them for our baby, toddlers, preschoolers and 1st/2nd graders, and after use with so many kids, they are still going strong! They are lovely colours, hold up VERY well in the dishwasher (we even put them in the bottom rack with no problems at all), microwave, freezer, fridge, etc. The only gripe is that you cannot use even a butter knife or even a child’s knife on the plate without completely scoring it to pieces. I tried for a long time to cut the food on a glass plate and then transfer to these, because I didn’t want to mar the surface, but finally decided that it was too much hassle to be worth it. So, now the plates are completely scratched up looking, but work just as well…just don’t look as pretty. I wish they would make them with a little stronger surface, so food could be cut up without ruining the surface…other than that, they’re perfect! Perfect size and have a slight lip to help keep food from sliding off. We serve everything on these and highly recommend them. I’ve never used a Munchkin brand product that I’ve been unhappy with. It’s a great brand for babies and kids! We also have the cups in this line and love them. We use them every day.

Carmen Unionville Center, OH


Just ordered more, these are colorful, easy to clean (dishwasher safe on top rack). Great for working on learning the colors and they don’t break the bank, plus we have had our first set for over a year and every one is perfect. Now that we have two kids at the stage of eating on plates I wanted to get some more.

Darcy Bagdad, FL

Great toddler set.

Awesome size. I microwaved pizza on one a little too long and the plastic bubbled a touch where the cheese hit it, but other than that we have this whole line of dishes, bowls and cups and love them all.

Elena Strathmere, NJ

Fun colors!

These plates are great for my toddler. He uses them daily. They are easy to clean, The bright colors make them fun to use.

Effie Audubon, PA

2nd time we bought this: great product

Very durable and love the bright colors you get. We have the mataching bowls as well. They are the perfect size for our toddler.

Twila Falcon, KY

perfect for toddlers

love these plates. use them daily for twin toddlers and sometimes for 6-year-old. Top rack of dishwasher gets them clean. No wear after 2 years. Stack nicely in a small space. BPA-free.

Anastasia Webster City, IA

Great but cheaper in stores

I love these plates but I regret ordering them from amazon as I would bought them cheaper 3$ in my target store.

Helga Elmhurst, NY

Just right for my kiddo

I am happy with these plates, not only are they affordable but they are just the right size for my toddler. He uses one of these instead of our heavy ceramic plates and I don’t have to worry about breaks and chips. These are bright colors, with a cute fish design and are easy to clean. The biggest perk to getting these is that there are 5! That is enough to make sure there is always a clean plate or two in the cabinet.

Luann Benton, KY

Great inexpensive plates

These are great inexpensive plates for young kids. I have these 4 years later and they gave held up well after many washes. They are nice even for my7 year old when she needs a quick snack.

Pauline New Weston, OH


I got these to match the cups and bowls sets. I love them. My child can easily carry her food to the table without the worry of dropping n breaking a heavy glass plate.

Pamela Annemanie, AL

Nice plates, tripled in price!!!

I purchased these last yr for my one year old, after cutting up all her food, they got worn (and lots of knife marks on them), so i wanted to replace them, now she is eating with forks much better and whole foods… but the price went from 4.39 to almost 10???? amazon, what’s up???? Needlese to say, I am not buying them again!!!

Effie Patriot, OH


I love these plates they are durable my daughter throws them everywhere and they don’t break. My daghter loves the bright colors and she loves eating from them she tends to plate with them as well.

Maryann Carmichaels, PA

cute and great quality!

I have been using these plates for 2 years and they are in perfect conditions, plus my son likes choosing the color of his dishes when it’s time to eat!

Arlene Kimberton, PA