Munchkin 6 Count Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

Munchkin 6 Count Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

Munchkin’s Waterproof Changing Pad Liners provide extra protection for even the messiest diaper changes. These liners have a PVC-free waterproof backing to prevent leaks and protect your changing pad. This convenient 6 pack allows you to easily replace soiled liners rather than wash your entire changing pad cover after every messy change. The neutral styling blends in with most home decor and works beautifully with changing pad covers of all designs and colors. Also great for diaper changes on-the-go. Simply toss in your diaper bag and you’ll have a clean, hygienic surface for changing your baby. Makes a great gift for new parents! Machine washable. Each liner measures 22.75″ x 11.5″ and fits standard changing pads.

Main features

  • Fiber Content: 100% Polyester with Polyurethane coating
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Liner helps with messy diaper changes, providing extra protection
  • Ideal for use on changing pads, bassinets or on-the-go
  • Neutral design blends in with home decor
  • PVC-free waterproof backing
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Diaper tabs stick to the surface

I was really digging these changing pad liners, because they are so easy to throw through the wash and pop a new one on the diaper changer to avoid having to change the cover on it all the time. However, after a week of use, I started realizing how irritating it is that the surface of these is just exactly right to wear the tabs on my disposable diapers want to cling to it. There is nothing more annoying than having a crying, wiggling baby kicking and dislodging the diaper and then having it gets stuck on the changing pad liner. The changing pad liner is at its best when it is completely unobtrusive, and the other blankets and pieces of fabric I’ve used as changing pad covers don’t do this at all. Overall, for the price these are a great deal and they’re really good in a pinch or on the go. I love that I can keep one in my purse and a couple in my car for wherever I visit. However, I hope they go back to the drawing board and fix this one design flaw. The diaper tabs really should not stick to the changing pad liner.

Elnora Owatonna, MN

Small but satisfactory, lightweight and white

Made of 100% Polyester with Polyurethane coating, theMunchkin 6 Count Waterproof Changing Pad Linerswere received in two plastic packages, each containing 3 nicely rolled and displayed waterproof liners. They are described as having, “neutral design blends with home decors,” and they are indeed neutral – white with a well done narrow bias trim edging of black on white. They were made in China. Because their corners are quite rounded, the pads offer less protection than more square corners would, but they can be rolled into a more compact form with this shape. Since they are very lightweight, they are good for travel and they can also function as a bib or burp cloth when necessary. I am currently using one for my 12 pound dog to protect her new bed although it’s a little small for that purpose. These pads are not intended to be as protective as the pads we used for Mom for the past few years of her life, nor are they large enough for a typical adult’s bottom, but they can be used horizontally underneath the baby’s rear as they outgrow the space provided when she/he is positioned on the pad vertically. They are made very, very well, the packaging and presentation are well done, thereby making this a great item to include in a newborn baby’s gift ensemble. Their size is most suitable for a young infant and they are definitely gender non-specific. I like them but would prefer they be a few inches larger in all directions.

Clare Cuba City, WI

A must have for every nursery that not many moms know about

These should be on every mom’s baby registry as they will save you loads of time, energy and laundry. Put them on top of your changing pad and changing cover and for those little mishaps in every diaper change these are lifesavers. Put one underneath you in the early days home from the hospital or while side-laying breastfeeding in bed. Put one underneath the sheet in the bassinet for a waterproof barrier. Heck, put one under the pet bowl, these things are great just about anywhere and are very easy to wash again and again.

Noreen Welch, WV


The changing pad liners are very absorbent, washes well and fabric is soft and comfortable…much better than disposable pads. Highly recommend.

Lynda Basin, MT

Works great!

These liners are very nice. They are easy to carry around, very waterproof and seem like they would last through numerous washings. The cloth is soft to the touch and it cleans up easy. Like the other review says, they aren’t huge but they do the job and two would cover a decent sized infant. Highly recommend these for a standard baby changing kit.

Goldie Pulaski, IL

Fell apart during first wash/ dry.

These liners are not a good option if you want to wash and dry them with regular laundry loads. We are a cloth diapering family and I currently use waterproof changing pad linersCarters Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad, Ecruover my changing pad cover. The pads I currently use can be washed and dried right along with my cloth diapers and have held up wonderfully for over two years now.I thought these munchkin pads seemed like a great value so I picked up a batch to try. Unfortunately, they fell apart during the first washing/ drying. Turns out, they need to be hung to dry, but we live in humid south Florida and nothing really dries when “hung” or dried on “low”. I washed and dried these with a regular load of cloth diapers and the waterproof backing separated from the fabric making them very slippery and unusable. While I like the size and shape of the munchkin pads, I would not recommend them due to the fragile construction/components.Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Edith Wyanet, IL


We probably change these out every other day, which is a lot easier than cleaning the changing pad cover every time.

Yvonne Catharine, KS

This 6 pack won’t be a waste

These waterproof liners are convenient and easy to use. They have rounded corners, which makes for easy rolling to store in my diaper bag. That way I have one with me for public changing areas and even when on the go visiting family and friends homes. I never assume any product is going to protect from messes of all sizes. They are the perfect size for my bassinet. I didn’t buy a mattress protector for the bassinet, since my son will use it for such a short period of time. So to protect the pad, I actually lay one of these underneath the bassinet pad sheet and one on top. That way if there is a leak or accident the pad won’t get wet. I also use one on top of my changing pad sheets. Since I don’t have a cover sheet for the pack and play changing pad, I simply use one of these liners to protect the pad. It too is the perfect size. It is a little too short on my stand alone changing table. But I place it a little lower on the table to make sure it is under the bottom portion of my son. I simply throw the liners in the wash with the baby clothes.Update: It’s six months later and other than a few color stains from accidents while changing diapers, these still look great. The top is still soft and the bottom water proof pad is not torn up from use or washing. I have 2 friends with young babies that are really worried about germs. To the point that my one friend was really worried about using my changing table. I pointed out the pad liner on top & actually put down a new clean one for her. When I go to either of their houses, I use the liner I keep in my diaper bag. As I mentioned in the earlier review, they are a little short for the stand alone changing pad. There have been a couple of times changing my son’s diaper that he peed in the air getting the changing pad cover wet where the liner wasn’t there to protect it. That is to be expected, especially on the sides which are curved up. No way for the liner to protect that. Now that we aren’t using the bassinet I have the extra liners, so I put one higher on the pad and one lower (overlapping in the middle).

Essie Big Bear Lake, CA

Washable is the great thing, but dental bibs are cheap!

I am giving this one 3-stars overall for the perceived-VALUE of what it offers.I give 5 stars for the washability, construction and durability. I’d say 4-stars for the fact it could stand to be a couple inches wider on each side.Now back to the 3 stars, for the price, I don’t think anything can come close to the convenience and VALUE of various 17×18″ dental bibs you can buy (even here on Amazon). For a couple dollars more, you can get *500* waterproof dental bibs that are almost twice the size of these Munchkins. We haven’t found anything that comes close in value.There will be times when a diaper is so dirty you’re going to use half of the baby-wipes and the trashcan is already full, well, knowing that you have 500 of these, you can use the dental bib to “hold” all of the used-wipes and dirty diaper and like a disposable table cloth, just grab everything all at once and “clean the table” in one swipe, easy!I think 3 stars is fair here when you factor in washability, durability, and then add in actual value when compared to dental bibs.

Shelia Salix, IA

Three Stars

Works great protecting your changing pad, but I wish it did not move around so easily.

Concepcion Perry, TX

Wish they were larger

These liners are a must-have item for our 7 month old. It’s already made it more convenient so we don’t have to carry him so far to the right surface to change his diaper. It’s barely big enough to provide a safety margin for him, so I would recommend this for infants up to 6 months old. I wish it was larger as he continues to grow, these will quickly become too small.

Juana Hickory, PA

Too small to be useful, edges curl up

I love the concept of a pad that fits over a changing table. Only the waterproof pad has to be changed when baby pees or poos during a diaper change, or when a very messy diaper leads to baby’s dirty bottom leaving skid marks on the changing surface. In fact, starting about two weeks into having a baby, I had a contoured changing pad, covered with a pretty fabric cover, then a waterproof pad over that. A changing accident meant, I just swap out the waterproof pad. Because it’s flat and lies on top of the changing table, it’s much easier to change out than the fabric covers with elastic that pull completely over the changing pad. And, if I wanted to take photos in the room, I could remove the waterproof pad and just have the nice fabric cover showing.I usedCarters Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad, EcruandCarters 2 Pack Keep Me Dry Quilted Crib Pad, Whiteand some off brand quilted pads. All of those measured 18 inches by 27 inches.These pads from Munchkin measure 11 1/2 by 23 inches. But, really they are a little smaller than that. The corners are rounded, so there is less coverage. And the pad fabric is so light that the edges curl up. This not large enough to cover the spray range from my baby boy, even when centered under his bottom. Also, because it’s light weight material (terry cloth bonded to thin vinyl), it curls up and slides around. None of the other waterproof pads I use have problems with curling up or sliding around.My husband, who also does diaper duty, agrees that these are too small and are not useful.I see from other reviews that some people are using this as a portable changing pad. This is not large enough to protect your car upholstery. This is also not large enough to protect your baby from a dirty changing table in a public restroom. My 9 week old is too large to be protected by this tiny pad, and I think his arms and legs would have been off the pad even as a newborn. For carrying in the diaper bag, I use a receiving blanket, since I got several of those that fold small and wash with bleach. I had also used a lap pad, which is a small waterproof pad (still larger than these Munchkin ones). In the restroom changing tables, I just want a surface between baby and table to not get germs on him. I don’t care about protecting the table from baby, so I don’t need a waterproof pad. For a portable changing pad for your car, I recommend,Invacare Extra Reusable Bedpads-Size 24″ x 34″ Capacity Absorbs 1200 cc – Each 1. That is a huge 24 by 34 inch pad that can protect my car seat and the back of the seat. And since I just leave it in my car, I don’t have to worry that it’s huge.Overall, these changing table pads from Munchkin are the worst waterproof pads I have encountered. They are waterproof, but they are so small that it doesn’t matter. They won’t catch spills from your baby, and tend to slide around a lot. Every other waterproof pad or lap pad I have purchased is a better buy than these. Save your money and get anything else.

Anne Imperial, NE

Effective but best suited for small babies.

First of all, keep in mind these liners are designed for small babies. If you have a large baby and want full coverage, you will need to use two liners (and the rounded corners make it seem even smaller). But other than that limitation, this is a good product that will limit stains (it is 100% polyester). They fold up small and easily fit into our diaper bag. They are also easy to wash also.

Jeannette Bertrand, NE

Must have item!

An absolute must have. These are great to throw in the car, on the sofa, on your bed, and on the changing table. They can be used to clean up spills in a jam, or even as a burp rag. They are truly water proof and wash well in the washer and go in the dryer without any shrinking. A pack of 6 is fantastic as you will always have a protective layer where you need it most. The size is generous and the liners feel great to the touch. They stay in place and do not bunch or warp. Absolutely buy these!

Octavia Peshtigo, WI

Can’t wait to use them

My baby isn’t born yet, but I’m looking forward to using these liners. I plan to keep a couple downstairs, and always have at least one in the diaper bag when I’m out and about. I’ll update my review once I get a chance to use them for real!Edited to add: My son is now 4 weeks old, and I use these liners every day. I put them on top of my changing pad, because they’re much easier to wash than the cover on the pad. They are soft on one side, so they aren’t cold on his little bum.

Felicia Meshoppen, PA

Measures 22.75″ x 11.5″ in oval shape, good for newborn

Aside from all the good features like machine washable, waterproof etc. there is one big drawback and that is its size. These are really small and will be ideal for a newborn to 4-6 months baby only. And that also depends on baby’s size. Being oval shaped you also loose area from the corners and it kind of curls around as well. At roughly $4 a piece it may be ok for a one time purchase and keep as backup during travel, but we won’t recommend using them later as the baby grows up.

Amalia Clinton, SC

Worth it!

These hold up great wash after wash and save us from having to wash the changing pad cover when there are ultimately accidents and huge messes to clean up.

Michelle Hart, TX

Keep This With You!

These waterproof liners are great to keep with you–in your diaper bag, in your van, and even at Grandma’s house. This package has six waterproof liners that provide extra protection wherever you change your baby.The material is 100% polyester and it washes well.The only thing I didn’t like about this is that I felt it needs to be a bit bigger. The liner is 22.75in x 11.5in. Really, this size is perfect for a newborn, but for bigger babies you will probably want to use two pads at once or find some bigger pad. I don’t like any part of my baby touching the changing table at restaurants or parks or wherever I am. Though I wish they were a bit bigger, the smallness of the pads does make it easy to carry them with you without taking up too much space in your diaper bag.

Mina Murrieta, CA


Four out of six of these are defective. I washed them once and the plastic lining came out ruined. Its more like a plastic garbage bag

Donna Somerville, AL

Could have been made better.

I gave it 3 stars for ease of use. I would not recommend using these changing pads as your primary changing pads for the house. One thing that the designer didn’t think of when creating this product was that babies move and squirm…a lot! And these pads slip and slide all over the place. Every time I change baby’s diaper, the pad slides up with his pajamas and I have to constantly pull it down and straighten it out. It’s also a bit small. I would say that these are good for on the go, emergency changing pads for the car, etc…They are light and easy to take with you. They are also absorbent, which is a +.

Toni Flatonia, TX

Game Changer

The bottom line is, unless you want to be changing that changing table pad every day, you need a liner of some sort.I have newborn twins and so there are A LOT of diaper changes going on. And they would "get me" at least once a day if not more, EACH. Turn your back for a second and they pee, poop, barf on the changing table cover and into the wash it goes. I only had two!I bought two packs of these and they are very water proof and very absorbant. My now 3 month old girls will completely pee on one and it wont seem through and wont run off, and if I wait about 2 seconds, it completely absorbs and I can just lift up baby, throw liner in the wash, and throw down another liner and off you go!6 is probably enough if you have a singleton, for us, we have about 12 for the twins. We used every last one of them in the two days between washes for about the first 8 weeks, now we go through fewer as either the parents or the kids have gotten better about diaper changes! 🙂

Rhea Point Mugu Nawc, CA

love love love These.

This is a really great product, they wash well, go in the dryer and never looses its shape. They are great for those little accidents (especially in the middle of the night when you’re functioning on auto pilot), rather than having to change the entire changing pad cover you simply grab a clean one of the liners and you’re back in business. love it

Cristina Vanleer, TN

Good Waterproof Liner

Small, lightweight, portable, waterproof changing pad that you can use with newborns/small babies to either keep the surface clean, or to keep your baby clean. If you’re using these at home, then the size is not so much an issue because baby doesn’t have to be completely on it – just the butt/dirty parts of them need to be on it. If you’re using them while out on a public changing table, they are too small and there’s definitely a chance of baby getting into contact with the public surface. I would recommend having some of these small ones but to also have larger ones so you have a selection to fit every scenario. These are good enough for the job – but not the most luxurious. They are not the softest and don’t lay completely flat (edges tend to curl up). They do have a waterproof backing on one side that makes it a bit slip-proof and then the top side is material. I do wish the topside was a bit softer and nicer feeling. Right now it just feels "functional". Not soft and luxurious as many other baby items are.

Jaime Bigfork, MT

These should be in every diaper bag

The only reason why I am rating this 4 stars instead of 5 is I have not had a chance to test how it holds up to a mess! Other than that, I have been very happy with these change pad liners. They are easy to throw into a diaper bag, or any bag for that matter. Because it comes in a pack of 6, you can have one in every bag just to be sure you have one when you need one. They don’t have padding like the changing pad that came with my diaper bag but they don’t feel cheap and they are soft. I do wish they were bigger but to compensate, I have 2 in my diaper bag.

Lula Saint Charles, MN