Munchkin Adjustable Back Seat Mirror

Munchkin Adjustable Back Seat Mirror

The Munchkin Adjustable Back Seat has an extra large mirror for viewing your rear facing baby. The mirror pivots to view baby at any angle. It has adjustable straps that easily attach to most headrests. You can see the baby and the baby can see you. It is available in neutral color.

Main features

  • Extra large mirror for viewing your rear facing baby
  • Mirror pivots to view baby at any angle
  • Adjustable straps easily attach to most headrests
  • You see baby and baby sees you
  • Available in neutral color

Verified reviews


sunlight is bad for retaining straps

Julia East Mansfield, MA

OK, be ready for the light rattling

I have had two large stationary mirrors and love them. Trying this now, but the light rattling is a little distracting/irritating when the car is quiet. Can see her well and doesn’t move the way I worried when I first installed. Keeping it but not sure that I would buy another.

Miriam Vinson, OK

Works Great

This does what it is made to do! I like how you can adjust the position fairly easily.nice and big.

Doris Bloomfield, NE

Fun house mirror

The mirror looks like one of those fun house mirrors that distorts your face. I would have better luck strapping a bathroom hand held mirror to my backseat.

Rosalyn Seville, FL

by far, best back seat mirror out there

This is the best back seat mirrors I have purchased (of 5). It clips and cinches on with a vertical and horizontal strap so it is very stable. It is mounted to a ball and socket type joint so it can be adjusted to any angle you need. We bought this so our little kid in a rear facing car seat could watch the video monitor above her head. Only down side is she sometimes will kick the mirror with her feet and then neither of us can see anything useful.

Debra Darien, CT

I love Munchkin products

It’s noisy for some reason. Because it’s mounted on a swivel so you can move it around, for some reason it rattles so much. Not sure if it’s just this one or what the problem is. It vibrates and shakes while driving. I love Munchkin products, and the mirror works just as it should. The vibrating noise is a little wearing though. Need to try to figure out how to "fix" the sound!

Brandi Holyrood, KS

Its okay

Before baby was here I had installed the mirror along with the carseat. It is easy to install the idea is great to be able to look in your rear view mirror to see baby. It is much larger than my backseat head rest which does block some of the view out of the back window. I was also very surprised when it started rattling when I drove over rough roads or pavement patches. I have to say the rattling is more annoying then anything else. I don’t know how long the mirror will last in the car because of the rattling.

Angelia Smethport, PA

Great picture

I bought this mirror for my husband’s car (Infiniti G35) hoping it would work better because he doesn’t have very good head rests for a mirror. I was able to use this in his car with some modification. The reflection, however, is the best I’ve seen from the carseat mirrors. Perfect view and easily adjustable. I turned mine vertical so that I could find the pacifier when she spits it out in the car. I recommend this mirror.

Reba Lometa, TX

Best mirror for the intended purpose.

We tried some other back seat mirrors, and they really just sucked. Either they wouldn’t stay on, stay straight, or were kind of curved (like a blind spot mirror) so it distorted baby’s face.This one stays put, stays straight, and has a flat, simple mirror on it with nice padded edges (so don’t have to worry about it falling, which it won’t). Very easy to see what baby is doing in the back seat with this thing.What is really nice about this one is that it has a pad on the back so it doesn’t scratch/mess up your headrest on that back seat. There are also vertical and horizontal straps so this thing will stay in place!Great buy — we now have one for each car and love them!

Kaitlyn Ballwin, MO

Only mirror for me

I have purchased 4 of these mirrors. One for each car in my household, one for my mom (who carts my son around) and one for my brother and his new baby.I like this mirror because it has great nylon straps that allow you to attach the mirror very securely to the head rest. The competitors out there do not offer such great straps. This is the only mirror I will buy now. And I think it’s worth it to pay extra $$ just for this feature. Believe me, I have purchased, or received the others as gifts.It also great swivel for adjusting the mirror in every direction.

Jan Tiff City, MO

Needs some modifications to be great…

It sounds like someone needs to go into the business of creating the perfect backseat mirror for a carseat because there isn’t currently a good one on the market! This was the best of the bunch that I tried, but like other reviewers it brought both a noisy rattle and very shaky view of our daughter along with the pros, not to mention completely blocking the view out the back window. Because it hangs off a boom arm, I found it much easier to adjust than other mirrors, and my favorite part is that my child does not appear to be miles away – I can see her up close and very clearly. with the more popular model i literally could not make out her features or even see if she was asleep or not. Now to deal with that awful rattle and shake. Because this came the closest to being my favorite mirror, I took the time to test out some modifications to make it work like I had hoped. With these modifications I LOVE IT.1/ unstitch the rather raggedy seam on the back to access the mirror. remove the boom arm (one screw) and remove the mirror from the plastic backing – it should slide out to the right. then put a paper towel or some other light fabric between the mirror and the plastic casing to help muffle the rattle. put the mirror back in.2/ glue the mirror to the plastic casing. it rattles in two places – hitting the back (which 1 fixes) and hitting the notches that hold it in place. if you glue it to the frame all the way around it eliminates the second rattle. i just ran a bead of household glue around the outside of the mirror where it meats the frame. reassemble the mirror once glue dries – i never sewed the seam back up – no one will ever see it.3/ take a piece of 1 or 1 1/2 inch foam and cut it to just smaller than the size of the mirror – cut a small hole where the boom arm is and put it on the back of the mirror between the piece that attaches to the headrest and the mirror. this will absorb the shake and it is much more staionary.4/ install the mirror on upside down in your car – this keeps it from sitting up quite so high in the back (blocking the back window if you use it in the center), but still provides a good view of baby. if you are using on right or left this is probably not necessary.pretty crazy for just a backseat mirror right? like i said, it’s needs work, but if you haven’t found a mirror you like yet and are willing to make some modifications – this one works well.

Caroline Julian, PA

Love it

I love, love, love these mirrors. I was worried about buying a mirror for the backseat because I had read about how kids have been injured in car accidents by mirrors and other items in the backseat. However, I was pleased to find that there is no way this thing is coming off in an accident if its installed correctly…which is very easy to do. The mirror is very clear, I can even see what baby is doing when its pretty dark outside.

Sarah Fairview, OR

Awesome mirror!

I love the size of this mirror! It’s big enough to actually see your child, what a concept! Great buy!

Joy Fort Lee, NJ

better than most other mirrors

This is the 3rd mirror we’ve bought and I like this one the most b/c it gives the clearest view– more like a real mirror. 2 other mirrors we had before had more of a distorted view. This one adjusts very easily on the head rest too. I would def. recommend.

Sallie Austin, TX