Munchkin A&H Disposable Multi-Use Pad – 20 Pack

Munchkin A&H Disposable Multi-Use Pad – 20 Pack

You can never have enough of these disposable multi-use pads. This has a quilted and absorbent with a leak-proof liner, so they are perfect for on the changing table, as a burp cloth, for feedings and more, anywhere you need a clean surface that won’t let liquids leak through. This soft material is comfortable for baby.

Main features

  • Use as a burp cloth, placemat, seat liner and mess catcher
  • Pads are infused with baking soda for safe, natural and effective odor protection
  • Ultra-absorbent layers keep moisture away from baby’s skin
  • Leak-proof liner prevents liquid from seeping through
  • Great for on-the-go or at home

Verified reviews


Nice idea…

These were a nice idea, but just didn’t work for us. We ended up using them for other things as they just didn’t work for our child.

Rosie Eutawville, SC

I love this!

I’m a new mom and I’ve realized how disgusting it is to put your newborn on one of those changing tables found in bathrooms, if the bathroom has one. These things are great for that! I don’t want my son touching that table and we use them for that type of stuff. We also have a few next to the changing table and one on the table in case he has an unexpected accident! I haven’t tried to use it as a burp cloth though. The pads are thin and light weight. They hold a lot of moisture and are great for a mom or dad on the go.

Jasmin Erbacon, WV

Munchkin Multi-Use Pad – 20 Pack

I use these as changing pad/table/wherever liners and they work great. For the price I’d actually recommend picking these up instead of the Munchkin disposable changing table liners (which come in a 10 pack) since they’re the same quality product, just smaller. I just stick the liner under the baby’s lower back so that his bum is well on the liner itself in case of “spillage/overflow”. These were a huge time/life saver with my newborns/infants.

Mae Crookston, MN


These pads are a lifesaver for the changing table, to avoid having to wash the changing pad cover all of the time. I also keep a few of these in the diaper bag, because the changing tables in restaurants can be pretty filthy sometimes. It is much more sanitary to be able to just throw this away afterwards…

Doris Great Bend, NY

Great pads for anywhere

Purchased these pads to use on top of the changing table as well as in the diaper bag. They have a good thickness to them, and they protect the changing table cover for those unexpected “showers” during diaper changes. Great product, and more economical and better quality than others I’ve tried. They also have a nice subtle scent to them.

Constance Underwood, WA

Disposable Multi-use pad

These come in handy for the minimalist parent. I usually carry around 2 of these and 2 diapers for my 2 year old boy. I try not to get his butt on there so I can reuse it again (3-4 times usually). Not sure if these would be helpful as burpcloths (like the image that comes with it) but they’re not as changing pads.Just an FYI, these are not huge, just enough to cover your kids head and butt for a quick change. If you want a bigger version of this you should go here: have fewer but are about double the size. Personally, I prefer the smaller ones.

Marianne Petersburg, NE

great liners

handy waterproof linersi use for cribchanging tablebouncy seatbasically anywhere you will put baby that might get spit up or pee or pooh onso much easier than having to wash covers and sheets over and over

Mallory Mears, VA

Great – Many Uses

I orignally bought these as a ‘liner’ on top of my changing pad. They are big enough to catch most daiper blow outs or mid-change piddles. They mean I have to change the plush cover much less often.I more recently started using them in my eldests car seat as she went through potty training. They work well to cover most of the seat and are long enough to pull up around the crotch strap and wide enough to keep big accidents contained…they’ve saved the seat LOADS of times!

Gina Harveyville, KS

Thick and durable

A little expensive compared to other pads but they are worh the money. They are made of a very good material.

Francesca Bartlett, TX

Like a big pretty paper towel

These were ok for a changing table I always used my pad anyway. Ended up being a waste of money and I still have them taking up space in his drawer.

Madge Pindall, AR

I love these things!

I use these with every dirty diaper change. If there’s any mess, it makes it so easy to just wrap it all up and toss it! I keep a box on his changing table for at home, and I always keep some in his diaper bag for travel, too. I don’t like to use public changing tables, so I change him in the car and just use one of these on the seat underneath him. They work like a charm!

Hazel Pittsville, MD

Works great

We got the Boppy cover, and the liner was too small. So we ordered the Muchkin’s pads. These work great.

Noelle Myra, TX