Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Refill, 36 Bags

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Refill, 36 Bags

Stinky diapers are no match for the odor eliminating power of the Arm and Hammer Bags. This refill pack includes 12 bags in each refill unit; 36 bags total. The bags are lavender scented and infused with baking soda for safe, effective, and natural odor elimination. The bags are durable and easy to separate and compatible with all Munchkin dispensers it’s the little things.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Bags are infused with baking soda for safe, effective and natural odor elimination
  • Bags have lavender scent
  • Bags are durable and easy to separate
  • Compatible with all munchkin dispensers
  • Includes 12 bags in each refill unit; 36 bags total

Verified reviews


Nice to have, but grocery bags are just as good.

I’ll admit, these are handy and the dispenser makes it even handier. But I probably won’t buy any refills because a plastic grocery bag works just as well, and is bigger (and free).

Chrystal Minnewaukan, ND

Not very useful

I bought these with the idea that I would use them for baby’s diapers–not useful at all and rather expensive. I still have most of them around. They are very small in size. Just think of the small bags people take with them to pick up dog poo while out walking–you get the idea, so how does this help if you have a baby??

Geneva Woolstock, IA

Works Fine Would Recommend SASSY Bags Instead

I got these as a gift for my baby shower works fine and all but when I went to buy replacements I realized I didn’t like them that much( the price changed my mind) I also found that they are not easy tie and I would recommend Sassy brand 100% smells great cheaper easy tie and just all around great!

Sandra Blacklick, OH


I agree with all the other reviewers that this seller is way overpriced. I made the mistake of thinking I was getting a bulk product but received only one package. What a rip off!

Dayna Onley, VA

Handy, Handy, Handy (who needs a diaper pail?)

We place dirty diapers in these and then throw out in the kitchen trash. Since the kitchen trash gets emptied frequently, there are no stinky diaper pails in the house. We pile several wet diapers into one bag and then toss when filled. Poopy diapers get bagged and knotted immediately. Handy to have in diaper bag and car. Same as dog waste bags except the scent does seem to help.

Juanita Lockwood, NY

Just as Described

Do the job as expected. Great to keep in the diaper bag or in the house. Really traps the smell.

Muriel Sullivan, KY

what smell?

these are great for on the go diaper changes – they hide the smell perfectly and are big enough to hold the biggest of diapers!

Julianne Eagle Bay, NY

I love these!

These little baggies are so awesome. They don’t leak and smell very nice. I use one daily. They are large enough that 3 dirty diapers can fit at once. So I send one everyday to my babysitter so she can put the dirty diapers my son uses and discard the bag with diapers at the end of the day. And best part is, she and I don’t have to worry about nasty odors. It’s much cheaper than buying those expensive "Diaper Genies"! What are you gonna do with those things afterward, but throw them away or give them away. And with the baggies, I don’t have to have that issue. I love it.

Olivia Good Hope, GA

Love these bags and Price

I use these every time we’re out of the house and they work awesome. Never have a guest complain about us putting a smelly diaper in their trash. These bags disguise the odor wonderfully.

Sadie Tendoy, ID

does the job

Scented dog bags would work as well. Will use those when I run out. Cheaper… Smell nice though…

Angelique Willard, OH

Other Uses – dog waste and cat waste

I love these bags – they are strong enough to hold litter refuse, smell good and have no fancy handles which sometimes cause a “miss” when I scoop litter into bags with holes in them (handles). I also use them for dog poo pick up for same and more reasons, I love that they have no fancy handles, which for me get all tangled up when picking-up causing poo on hands syndrom & they’re clear enough , but not too clear when carring to public trash.. so that I can *see* the dog matter in grass/leaves & am able to get all of it vs. feeling my way around and hoping I got all of it. As a professional pet care provider I like to have bags w/me that are compact, smell good, no handles and allow visibility to what I’m picking up.

Meredith Waverly, GA

Smell great!

I was worried about getting scented bags to carry in the diaper bag, but these smell really nice! And the smell isn’t overpowering at all. The bags are sturdy and do the job.

Serena Cherokee Village, AR

A diaper bag must

Perfect for on the go when you really cant dispose of that soiled diaper right on the spot or when you respect the small space in which you will be disposing.

Antionette Benwood, WV

great little bags

We are very happy with these bags. No strong odor. They take up little space.We keep coming back for more bags. We don’t use any of the carrying cases for the spool of bags as that just added a lot of bulk in our opinion.

Laurie Taiban, NM

Add on item gone right…

I used the add on feature to get a great price on these. I am using these with the Brica goPad which has a built in dispenser. They don’t fit exactly right, but it works well enough. These are just plastic bags, works, and a must have. No regrets!

Odessa Southlake, TX

One of my favorite baby products!

These bags are great, we bring our dispenser and bags everywhere with us. It is GREAT to have when you are at a friend’s house changing a stinky diaper…you aren’t just throwing a stinky mess in their trash. It helps to have the scented bag to mask the smell a bit. We have even used the bags for dog walking, definitely got our money’s worth!They are a bit more pricey than I would like to see, but in my mind, they are worth it!

Shana Turner, OR


I don’t know how I ever lived without these! I have a toddler and one on the way, I was just trying these first and they smell soo good. They seal in the smell of stinky diapers even cloth ones. I will be ordering more in bulk.

Chelsey Forest Hill, MD

Super Easy To Use!

These bags work with the Arm and Hammer diaper genie. It’s incredibly easy to use. They’re scented so they cover up and mask the odor. It’s lavender scented which is a smell most people like. These load and are easy to remove as well. They tend to be durable so you don’t need to worry about them splitting.

Iris Whaleyville, MD

Works well but don’t like the scent

These work well while you’re out and about to mask the odor of a stinky diper, but I hate lavender so I’d prefer another scent to use…

Tracie Cedar Hill, TN

love these bags

I use these bags with the dispenser (sold separately) almost every time I go out with my baby. I was expecting each bag to be small and maybe only hold 1-2 diapers but the bags are large and can fit multiple diapers and an entire outfit if necessary. The bags contain diaper odors and wetness very well. I wouldn’t go anywhere without these bags.

Francisca Centerville, IN

Nice Idea

Good size – could probably squeeze 10 (tightly rolled) used diapers into. Very strong, but pleasant, lavender scent. Dispenser is handy, but probably not necessary.

Lizzie Wenonah, NJ

If your kid poops and your taking them outside YOU NEED THESE

I love these bags not only do they have baking soda in the bags they have a lavender scent too. When I take my three month old outside of the house we never leave without these bags and the handy dispenser. LOVE it. I wish they came with more than 12 bags on a roll.

Cecelia Dexter, OR

great bags!

these bags are great! nice looking, easy to take and have a strong but acceptable smell that neutralizes any poo smell nicely. not a must-have but great to have. only thing is that they are big, it would be more efficient to make them smaller, that way one would get more bags per roll.

Keri Ivins, UT

Contains odors

These bags do an excellent job of keeping odors contained. I constantly keep them in my diaper bag and put dirty diapers in them when we’re out or on the first floor (the diaper dekor is upstairs.) I’m not a huge fan of the dispenser which these refills come with but it works

Denice Wilmot, AR

Can’t imagine my life without them!

I don’t know if my child is extra stinky or my nose is extra sensitive however….I put his dirty diapers in one of these bags and then into the “containment chamber” before doing so, the room would stink after one day! Some people may think that’s wasteful and redundant but this is one thing I don’t feel the least bad being judged about. It will also get a dirty diaper all the way home if needed w/o stinking up your bag and/or car! If you have a baby…you must have these! They’re also great for cleaning the cat box, I scoop mine everyday so these little bags are great for that.

Jessica East Meredith, NY

Mostly great!

I mostly love this Product!There is a slight lavender/powdery smell. I actually find that feature to be a good thing. Most people don’t like anything scented around their baby, but you shouldn’t have plastic bags near your baby anyway.I think they go in the dispenser well, but can get knocked out of place when turned for dispensing. They occasionally have a defect such as no perforation between two bags or the opening might be stuck, but those have easy fixes.I like the size a lot. Put a dirty diaper or clothes in the bag and put that in the diaper bag. His babysitter loves these bags because they are easy clean up!All in all, great bags to have handy.

Victoria Camp Crook, SD

Great for travel

This are great for when we’re out and about. But it’s not just for diapers! These are awesome for dirty clothes when we are out and can’t run home. Keeps the smell from spreading and everything else clean in the diaper bag!

Mai Oakdale, IL

Keeps the stink down

I keep these in the diaper bag for when we have a stinky diaper in public. I hate leaving a stink in public bathrooms and these work great. They also have a mild scent to them that is nice.

Leslie Alto, GA

very good

love these! used these on vacation at other peoples houses so i wasnt stinking up their trashcans. everyone agreed they were pretty cool. contains the stank. holds quite a few diapers. then you tie off the top and you dont have to worry about the stank escaping and wafting through the house.

Elisha Wilmington, DE

Multiple Uses

I love these little scented bags. I keep them in my diaper bag for disposing of the stinky diapers. They’re great if you’re over someones house or out and don’t want to throw away a smelly diaper in the trash – OR if you have no place for disposal and have to tote the diapers around with you for awhile. The unused roll keeps my diaper bag smelling fresh.I also started to use these for doggie pick ups.

Ruth Gilmore City, IA