Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Disposal Bags, Blue, 50 Pack

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Disposal Bags, Blue, 50 Pack

Dispensable diaper disposal bags with the odor protection of Arm and Hammer baking soda – because there is no limit to the number of places you might need to change a diaper. It’s the little things.Lavender scented bags have tie handles and dispense on at a time for your convenienceIdeal for your diaper bag, stroller, car and even at homeBaking soda provides safe, effective and natural odor elimination

Main features

  • Lavender scented bags have tie handles and dispense on at a time for your convenience
  • Ideal for your diaper bag, stroller, car and even at home
  • Baking soda provides safe, effective and natural odor elimination

Verified reviews


Dog Poo Bags

Wrote nice detailed review until I saw my entire name splashed across top of review title. Tried to change that but not allowed to by site. Quick review, I like bags a lot for above reason.

Cecelia Big Springs, NE

does the job

How could you mess this up! It holds the dirty diaper just fine and locks in most of the smell.

Lisa Kensington, MD

GREAT bags!

First, let me start off with.. I LOVE these bags. I buy a ton of them. We keep them by the changing table and just toss the dirty diaper and wipes into the bag, tie it, and throw it in the trash, and it keeps the smell away while it’s in the trash! I also keep these in our diaper bag, and they have been life savers for those on-the-go changings!

Lacy Basking Ridge, NJ

Good product, doesn’t eliminate all smell, and probably terrible for the environment. Oh well.

This is a GOOD product. I do like the idea of containing the odor of toddler feces. That stuff can be pretty rank. It does help eliminate some odor. And some grossness.As a former cloth diaper-er and a current fan of saving the environment as much as possible, I cringe at this whole process. Bag the poo, put the poo in another bag, ship it off to the landfill. I highly recommend flushing solid poos, and then using the bags to contain odor. Sigh. If only my son were not so sensitive to wetness, we’d still be using cloth. Anyway, that’s totally irrelevant. There is a biodegradable version of these bags — I ended up getting those instead. Makes me feel ever so slightly better. It’s still a total mess, all those diapers in landfills. I’m not hatin’, I’m just sayin’.

Nadine Buck Hill Falls, PA

Don’t buy a diaper pail…

These little bags are great. The diaper pail novelty wears off when you start having to buy replacement bags and fresheners. You will spend much less overall if you just go with these. They hold odor well and great in the diaper bag for dirty clothes as well. And no matter how great the diaper pail may be, none of them can mask the odor when you child starts eating solid foods!! So your diapers will have to go strait outside ASAP anyway. The round dispenser refills of these smell great but are more expensive, and come with less but if you want to spend more, splurge on those not a pail system!

Carolyn Blakely, GA

Great for on the go, only.

I bought these bags while waiting on my subscription for my genie refills to arrive. They are great little bags for on the go and they smell great. I actually used it 90% at home. I would put the used diaper in the bag, double tied it and throw it in my diaper genie. Once i went to empty the genie, it was the worst smell. I do not recommend it for using it as a replacement for diaper genie bags. But out on the go it is perfect, and taking a trip over familys house or something like that. It is perfect for that

Chris Bedminster, PA

Great for diapers and dogs…

We use these for all stinky diapers prior to placing into the containment chamber (diaper pail) they do a pretty good job of keeping things contained so that we don’t have to empty the pail every day. Without them we had to! They’re also good for when walking the dog. There are cheaper alternatives that work just as good but I was always happy with these.

Cristina Delaware Water Gap, PA

Great for the poopy diapers.

So far, so good. I use these on just the poopy disposable diapers and the smell immediately goes away. I was afraid having dirty diapers in my Cosco diaper pail would attract my dog, but not so far. I always empty my diaper pail out at the end of the day but have forgotten on one occasion and even overnight the bags did the trick of keeping the smell away, even from my nosy dog’s nose.

Patty Ohiowa, NE

awesome bags

These bags are great to use to dispose of diapers, but also to dispose of anything else that smells. They are essentially the same as the dog bags I used to buy for walking my dogs, so I often use them for that purpose. I use the bags to dispose of diapers when I change the baby downstairs, (because the Diaper Genie is upstairs) and when we are out in public. I also use them- and daycare uses them- to keep her clothes in when they are soiled. They are very handy and the 50 pack has lasted me for about 2 months now. The Arm and Hammer really works to mask the smell too.

Myrna Maquon, IL

Good product

We use these when we travel. They serve their purpose well and are easy to use. They seem to contain the smell if you close them tightly. However, I would accumulate a few wet diapers at a time in each bag but always disposed of the bag immediately with poopy diapers. They never sat around long enough for the smell to seep through. I assume it would smell after sitting for a few hours.

Deena Pocatello, ID